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In praise of the moods of Sri Radha and the gopis - Selected prayers

anuraag - Wed, 07 Aug 2002 00:46:59 +0530
The goddess of fortune is an example of this. Although she engaged in bhajana, still she did not attain the son of the king of Vraja in Vraja-dhama

Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.

Exalted Divine Lovers - Vraja Gopikas

Sri Sukadeva Paramahamsa has glorified the Selfless Divine Love of
Vraja Gopikas (Whose Mistress is Raseshvari Srimati Radharani)
through these words of the great Jnani saint Uddhava of Dwaraka puri
(Where Sri Lakshmi devi is Queen Rukmini):

yA vai zriyArchitam ajAdibhir AptakAmair
yogezvarair api yadAtmani rAsa goSThyAm
kRSNasya tad bhagavataH caraNAravindaM
nyastaM staneSu vijahuH parirabhya tApam

(Srimad Bhagavatam.10.47.62)

Even the great Divine Personalities like Goddess of opulence,
universal Mother Lakshmi Devi, the cosmic creator Lord Brahma, the
Yogi-Raj Bhagavan Shankar and many God-realized, liberated celestial
Sages can ONLY meditate upon the Lotus feet of Lord Krishna in the
core of their hearts.

But the exalted, Gopis of Vrindavana during the Ecstatic Divine
Dance, are blessed with the precious privilege of firmly placing the
SAME Lotus feet of the Lord on their sacred bosoms.
Thus They have mitigated their agony of separation by fondly
embracing their Soul Beloved.

vande nanda vraja strINAM pAdareNum abhIkSNazaH
yAsAM hari kathod gItaM punAti bhuvanatrayam

(Srimad Bhagavatam.10.47.63)

I repeatedly offer my sincere respects to the DUST Particles of the
Lotus Feet of the Gopi-Damsels of Nanda's Cowherd Village.
When these Gopi-Rasik-Saints loudly SING the Glories of Their eternal
Beloved, Hari, the Divine Vibrations purify the three worlds.

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!
anuraag - Sun, 11 Aug 2002 03:20:25 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey!

tan naH prasIda vRjinArdana te 'Gghri-mUlaM
prAptA visRjya vasatIs tvad-upAsanAzAH
taptAtmanAm puruSa-bhUSaNa dehi dAsyam

(Srimad Bhagavatam 10. 29. 38)

The blessed Gopis prayed to their
Divine Beloved, Lord Krishna:

"To approach Your lotus feet
we abandoned our families and homes,
and we have no desire other than to adore You.
Our hearts are burning with intense desires
generated by Your beautiful smiling glances.

Therefore, O Vanquisher of all distress,
please show us mercy.
O Jewel among men,
please make us Your maidservants."
anuraag - Tue, 13 Aug 2002 00:32:54 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.

Here is an excerpt from Srimad Bhagavatam by Swami Shantananda Puri:

"..There is an interesting episode of Venu Gita (The Song of the Flute) in the 21st chapter of 10th Skandha of Srimad Bhagavatam.

The Gopis (cowherd women) are all so intensely devoted to Lord
Krishna that, wherever they turn, they imagine all nature as
worshipping and lying ensnared by the bewitching charm of the Lord.

They feel envious of the flocks of does (female deer) accompanied by their black bucks, which have come to hear the sweet melodies of Krishna's flute, as if enchanted.

They could also see the cows and calves gathered around the Lord, the calves forgetting to drink the milk oozing from their mothers' udders, all with their ears attuned to listen to the strains of Krishna's flute.

They imagine the rivers and the streams hastening with their hand- like waves carrying gifts of lotus flowers to be offered at the Lord's lotus feet in a fervent embrace.

The birds sitting quietly on the boughs of trees, with their eyes closed, are sages who have assumed that form in order to enjoy the divine music emanating from the Lord's flute.

When the mellifluous notes of the Lord's flute blaze forth in the beautiful night, the Gopis whose hearts are full of love for the Lord run to him immediately, abandoning whatever worldly activities had engaged them at that moment.

Gopis who were feeding their husbands and children, those who were milking cows, those who were in the process of dressing themselves ---
all of them dropped those activities midway and ran to the Lord, their hair disheveled, their robes in disarray, totally unaware of their bodies.

How many of us will be prepared to drop our activities and turn to the Lord? His call is always sounding in our hearts, but few of us heed it at all!

Another beautiful aspect of this episode is that, on the one hand, only those Gopis who could run to Krishna on the Yamuna bank that night were able to enjoy His company;

on the other hand there were a few Gopis who were restrained from going by their husbands or other relatives and were locked up in dark windowless rooms. They also got instant liberation.

duhsaha preSTa viraha tIvratApa dhutAzubhAH
dhyAnaprAptA chyutA zleSa nirvrttyA khINamangalAH

(Srimad Bhagavatam 10.29.10)

Such liberation can only come when their stock of Punya (merit) and
Papa (sin) gets completely exhausted so that the soul does not have to get embodied any more as there is no stock of either Punya or Papa to be experienced.

In the case of the latter category of Gopis who were locked up in dark rooms with no exit, they were utterly miserable and their entire bodies were burning in the 'fire' of separation from their beloved Lord.

Experiencing such untold and extreme misery exhausted their stock of sin (Papa).

Likewise while meditating on the Lord, they found themselves, in their imagination, embracing the Lord and experiencing the utmost Bliss. This extreme joy exhausted their stock of Punya (merit).

Having thus exhausted all their Prarabdha of merit and sin, they were immediately relieved from the bondage of 'Samsara' (cycle of births and deaths), left their bodies and attained liberation.

This is the height of Sadhana, intense longing for the Lord alone is the key to salvation.

They were prepared to transgress all norms of morality and even face ostracism by society. In fact, they had no body sense at all, and they lived only in Krishna, going beyond the accepted norms of virtue and sin, morality and immorality (a-morality).

In his Bhakti Sutras, Narada cites these Gopis as ideal devotees of the highest order."
anuraag - Mon, 19 Aug 2002 21:57:32 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.
A love song by the Rasik Saint Vidyapati:

I wish water would wash away
this my day of shame.

As I climbed the steps
to the Jamuna bank,
My skin was glistening
through my thin, wet clothes
and all my Limbs
were open to view
when Krishna descended upon me.

I tried to cover
the curves of my thighs
with my hair by cowering down.
He fixed His gaze upon my breasts
but I turned my back on Him.
And Krishna, unyielding, smiled at me
as I helplessly struggled
to hide myself.

Vidyapati retorts: You SILLY girl,
Why didn't you RUSH to the river again?

(from 'Songs of Krishna'- Deben Bhattacarya)
anuraag - Fri, 30 Aug 2002 22:32:30 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.
Greetings for joyous celebrations of Sri Krishna Janmashtami to all devotees.

na pAraye 'haM niravadya-samyujAM
sva-sAdhu-kRtyaM vibudhAyuAapi va
yA mAbhajan durjara geha zRnkhalAH
saMvRzcya tad vaH pratiyAtu sAdhunA

(SB 10.32.22)

The Blessed Lord said to His beloved Gopis:

"I am never able to repay My debt
for your selfless Love, even within
a lifetime of the cosmic creator Brahma.
Your total dedication to Me is
beyond My ability of reciprocation.

You have sincerely loved Me alone, shattering
all your domestic shackles and worldly attachments
which are very difficult to overcome.
So, please let your own glorious Divine Love be
your cherished eternal compensation."

gopIjana vallabha zyAm! rAdhe ramaNa zyAm!
anuraag - Thu, 05 Sep 2002 21:46:40 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.
Here is a Love Song of Vidyapati:

'O lotus-like lady; hear a frieldly word!
Thou shalt practise love now,
having known a good man.

A good man's love is equal to gold,
(like) gold in burning it has double value.

In breaking, it breaks not (this) wonderful love:
it increases like the fibres of the lotus-stalk.

All elephants are not of equal breed:
not in every throat is the kol's voice:
not at all times is the spring season:
not all men and women are excellent:'

quoth Bidypati--"Listen, good lady,
now having pondered,
understand the ways of love."

anuraag - Tue, 17 Sep 2002 02:48:34 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.

Pada from

Prem Ras Madira - Viraha Madhuri

composer- Sri Kripaluji Maharaj

"Ari sakhi! priya sanga neend gayi....."

One Gopi Sakhi who is experiencing the pangs of seperation (Viraha Madhuri) from her Divine Beloved tells her intimate friend that along with Shyamsundar's departure to Madhura went her 'sleep' also which seems to have left the Gopi in anger.

O mygosh! What's happening?
Can somebody please ask this 'sleep' to comeback!
Who will now give the Gopi those sweet dreams
in which she could meet her Beloved?

'Sleep' in turn replied,
"Do you even remember that night
when I took you tenderly in my lap
making you slumber so restfully but
incidently at that time your Beloved
came to meet you and returned invain
seeing you sleep so well."

"Now sakhi recollect what you told me
subsequently, you cursed me in disgust,
you blamed me with the harsh words,
"OH temptress! Its because of you,
I lost the golden chance
of meeting my Divine Beloved."

"Mark my words now sakhi!
I have made a resolution that
I will not come as long as
you are possessed by your Beloved
Who stays in your heart day and night,"

said sleep very firmly making
herself stand clear on this.

In the concluding verse, the Saint-Poet Kripaluji Maharaj reminds us
of the well known saying of the world that states,
"The miserable are the ones who are getting
into newer and newer hurdles".

It is my understanding that along with
the wound of the seperation from her Beloved,
which is in itself a lot to handle, further more pain
is added here by the removal of sleep
in her life to make it worse.

When our luck itself is turned bad,
there is no surprise in the arrival of
more adverse effects.
anuraag - Thu, 03 Oct 2002 03:11:38 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.

Rdh herself breaks silence.

In the kadamba grove what man is (that) standing?
What sort of word coming is this:
the plough of whose meaning has penetrated
startlingly the path of hearing?

With a hint of union,
with its manner of penetrating
making one well-nigh mad:
My mind is agitated,
it cannot be still,
streams flow from my eyes:
I know not what manner of man
it is who utters such words:
I see him not, my heart is perturbed,
I cannot stay in the house:
My soul rests not, it flutters to and fro
in hope of seeing him:

When she sees him,
she will find her soul,
quoth Urdbab Ds


rAdhA kRSNAtmikA nityaM
kRSNo rAdhAtmiko dhRvam

(Sri Radha Stotram-Brahmanda Purana)

Sri Radha is the Soul of Lord Krishna.
Sri Krishna alone is the Soul of Sri Radhika.
This is the eternal Truth.
anuraag - Tue, 26 Nov 2002 02:42:47 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.

An excerpt from
'Gopis' Love for Sri Krishna' -
'The Blessed Flute of the Lord and His Rasa-Dance':

"In reality, Sri Krishna is always inseparable from Sri Radha. Sri Radha is Sri Krishna's own bliss aspect, which assumes a separate body in order to enjoy the transcendent love and beauty of the Lord and the Gopis, who are the eternal friends and associates of Sri Radha and who are none else than so many manifestations of a particular class of infinite energies (Shaktis), whose office is to help and supplement His bliss aspect. These Gopis, again, are subdivided into various groups or orders such as friends, associates, companions, messengers, and maids. Sri Krishna embodies supreme Beauty and supreme Love. Therefore, He is known as the Lord of Rasa (sweetness or joy), the Charmer of Cupid, one who puts to shame thousands of Cupids in loveliness of form, the original seed or progenitor of the god of love, the Divine and eternally fresh source of delight, solidified Knowledge and Bliss, and the Supreme Purusha (Person). And Sri Radha is Sri Krishna's transcendent Energy charmed by Sri Krishna's beauty and love, the embodiment of devotion to and attachment for Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna enjoys His own Beauty and sweetness through this, His own Energy. This is the basis of Love between Sri Krishna the Lord of Rasa, and Sri Radha, who enjoys that Rasa (sentiment of joy and sweetness). This is not earthly love; it is never revealed in the region of ordinary mortals.

That is why Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita says:

In the paramour-sentiment, Rasa (the feeling of joy and love) is strung to the highest pitch. Except in Vraja, it is nowhere revealed.

"Vraja" here means the Divine region of Goloka, which is sustained on the sentiment of Love for Sri Krishna. It is therefore that the Lord of Vraja and the Master of Rasa, Sri Krishna, never goes even a step beyond the boundary of this transcendent Brindaban.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna is pure Consciousness, pure Bliss, pure Iove, pure Rasa (enjoyment), and these Gopis, the beloved of Sri Krishna, are nothing but embodiments of consciousness, bliss, love and emotion in their purest forms. By Gopis are meant Sri Radha, or the bliss aspect of Sri Krishna, and Her companions, who are eternally engaged in bringing about the union of Radha and Krishna, and who through that effort enjoy happiness that is even more intense in experience than the bliss enjoyed by Sri Radha. The Gopis do not possess earthly bodies of the type we mortals possess, made of flesh and blood, conceived in Prakriti and created out of its elements, which take birth as a result of past Karma. They are eternal; although manifested in creation and sporting in the world of Death, they live in the state where death is transcended. Their Divine forms and their eternal Rasa-dance can be perceived only by Divine eyes through which overflows the purest sentiment of Love.

In the Padma-Purana the Lord Himself says to Sri Mahadeva with reference to Sri Radha and the Gopis:

Sri Radha is My beloved—know Her to be the supreme Goddess. Surrounding Her and behind Her are lakhs [millions] of Her female companions. Just as my own form is eternal, they too are eternal. My parents, friends, the cows and cowherds of Brindaban and Brindaban itself are eternal and made of the purest elements of Consciosness and Bliss. Know this Brindaban of Mine to the the very essence of Bliss.

In the Rasollasa Tantra Sri Shiva says to Devi Parvati [his consort] referring to the Rasa-dance:

Just as there are the gross, subtle, and causal bodies of men, even so there is a forth species known as the Bhava-Deha (body made of the purest Love); this body is attained through God's grace, and is easily obtained from birth to birth through His grace. This Bhava-Deha is generally possessed by liberated souls who have the privilege of eternally waiting upon the Lord, or by the Lord's own representatives whose function it is to carry out God's purpose on earth. Or occasionally, O supreme Goddess, this body may be attained by a soul even by spiritual discipline. This Bhava-Deha is neither subject to Gunas [forces of nature] nor is it beyond the Gunas [unmanifest], it is a body purely Divine in essence, which is found only in Brindaban and nowhere else. The Gopis attained their object through their union with Sri Krishna; this union was neither actuated by Iust, nor was it entirely free from desire. It was a union brought about by the instrumentality of the Bhava-Deha.

From these words of Sri Shiva it is quite evident that the love between Sri Krishna and the Gopis was purely Divine in its nature."
anuraag - Thu, 28 Nov 2002 22:54:50 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.

This song is from the 'Viraha Madhuri' of
"Prema-Ras-Madira" by Sri Kripaluji Maharaj.

One blessed Gopi in separation of Beloved Krishna tells
her plight (Effects of Bhakti) to one of her intimate Sakhis.

akhiyA, zyAma prema rasa mAtI,

O my dear friend! My eyes are drunk with the
'Syama-Prema-Rasa', Divine Love of Lord Krishna.

jaba te lakhI sakhi! nanda-nandana chavi, manda manda musukAtI,

I have been blessed with the enchanting vision of Nanda Nandana, the youthful, handsome Son of Nanda Maharaja.
From that very moment on wards,
His captivating smile has robbed me
of all wisdom and soberness!
Drowned in the intoxication of His passionate love,
my mind has lost all its propriety and reasoning!

tabate ika pala kaha nahi kala sakhi! talaphati haum dinrAtI,

Now, day and night only His beauty and charm invade my thoughts.
My heart deeply yearns for His eternal association.
I have no peace of mind, and my soul is restless.

kari kari surati, sAmvari hi surati, bhari amsuvana jhari lAtI,

My heart is remembering His dalliance over and
over again, my mind is lost in His loving exploits,
and my eyes are streaming down
the tears of Divine longing.

khArI laga vaikumTha vibhUti hu, muktihu nAhi suhAtI,

What can I say more about my madness!
Even the Supreme majesty and opulence of
the Lord of Vaikuntha doesn't attract me any more!
I have renounced even 'Mukti', (Liberation)
which is sought after by many great Sages.

I only long to become just a hand-maid
of My Divine Beloved, Sri Krishna.
Can anyone understand this craziness!

haum 'kRpAlu' aba hArigayI sakhI! tU hI kachu samujhAtI.

In the concluding verse the Poet-Saint sincerely requests the friend,

"Alas! I have been defeated in all my efforts to bring back
myself to senses and breaking the shackles of
'emotional attachment' to the Supreme Hypnotist!

My dear friend with vast intellectual and reasoning skill!
At least you can try to help my mind withdraw from this endless craving for My Divine Beloved! "

The Blessed Gopis of Vrindavan had asked Lord Krishna
the same question in Srimad Bhagavatam 10.29.34,
but even He could not undo His Hypnotic Spell!

cittaM sukhena bhavatApahRtaM gRheSu
yan nirvizaty uta karAv api gRhya-kRtye
pAdau padaM na calatas tava pAda-mUlAt
yAmaH kathaM vrajam atho karavAma kiM vA?

(Srimad Bhagavatam 10.29.34)

O Krishna! You've so easily stolen our hearts,
which up to now had been absorbed in our family lives,
and our hands, which were busy with our housework.

Now our feet are incapable of taking even
a single step away from Your lotus feet.
How can we go back to Vraja?
And even if we went,
what would we do there?


Excerpts in Hindi - Prema Rasa Madira
anuraag - Mon, 02 Dec 2002 23:22:36 +0530
Milkmaids of Vrindavana

Another milkmaid of Vrindawan says to Krishna:

O! Cowkeeper! Leave my saree, the robe around my skirt!
Don't you see people will put blame on me?
I know you do not know delicacy of love
And I know the reason:
You are master of cow-keeping!
How could one expect you be expert in the art of love?
You after all a cowkeeper! Keep on keeping cows!


user posted image
Queen Mirabai, the Gopi-saint confides:

"jhattkyo meri cheera ...."

Murari (Krishna) yanked
at my skirt (sari),
the clay pot of indigo bounced
from my head
my sari snagged on my
nose ring,
hair knot slipped loose,
earrings got tangled -
the Dark One makes love an art of enchantment -

I lower my head
to his feet.

(For Love of The Dark One - Songs of Mirabai)

user posted image
vikretu kAmAkhila gopakanyA
murAri pAdArpita citta vRittiH
dadhyAdhikaM moha vazAda vocad
govinda dAmodara mAdhaveti

user posted image

(Govinda-Damodara-Stotra. verse 3,
Gopibhava Rasik Saint Sri Lilasuka Bilvamangala)

Once the milkmaids of Vrindavan, were going with
the curd pots on their heads, trying to sell
their products. They were supposed to yell,

'Come quickly to buy my curds and milk,
someone please buy the curds and milk!'

But the Gopis were so engrossed in the
thoughts of their Beloved, Lord Krishna
and having been completely absorbed their
mental faculty in Krisna alone, they were
overpowered by the ecstasy of Divinelove.

They were simply shouting,

"Someone please buy my Govinda!
Someone please buy my Damodara!
Someone please buy my Madhava!"
anuraag - Sat, 07 Dec 2002 00:52:20 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.

An excerpt from:

The Nature of Gopis' Love

But in the Divine sphere, i.e., when the object of love is the Divine Himself, that type of love is not only worth cultivating but it is considered even superior to the love of the wedded wife. There is no grossness in this love, no craving for physical union or gratification of the senses.

The object of love in this case is no human being transgressing the moral code, but the soul of the Universe, God Himself, the Oversoul, who is the soul alike of the devotee's husband and children, and even of the devotee herself.

It is in this sense that the love of the Gopis is regarded as
belonging to the latter type, the love of the paramour.

Although a devoted wife surrenders her all- her personal and family names, her wealth, her life, nay, her very faith to her husband, and does everything for the sake of the husband, there are three points of exceptional merit in the love of a paramour.

These are:
(1) constant thought of the beloved,
(2) an insatiable longing to meet the beloved, and
(3) complete blindness to the faults of the beloved.

Since the wedded wife remains under the same roof with her husband all the twenty-four hours, none of these things is present in her. No doubt the Gopis used to see the Lord every day; yet since the sentiment of a paramour was predominant in their love, a moment's separation would appear unbearable to them. They would curse the Creator for covering their eyes with eyelids; for had there been no eyelids at all, the eyes could remain eternally open and drink the nectarean beauty of the Lord without any interruption. They said to their beloved Lord:

During the daytime when You go to the forest (to tend the cows), Your absence makes each moment appear to us as long as an aeon. And when You return from the forest in the evening and we see Your blessed
countenance adorned with the side-locks of curly hair, the Creator Brahma, who created the eyelids to cover the eyes with, appears to us no better than an awkward fool. That is to say, our failure to see You even for a moment makes us uneasy.

To have their minds constantly fixed on the Lord, to feel great agony on their failure to see Him even for a moment, and to have surrendered themselves completely to the Lord without the least grudge- these were the natural characteristics of the Gopis.

In comparison with the service of their dearest Lord, they attached no importance to any other duty. In their Love for Sri Krishna they had set at naught the restrictions imposed by society and the scriptures. Worldly enjoyments and salvation appeared to them as trivial and worthy of being rejected.

The Lord Himself said:

O Uddhava, the Gopis have dedicated their heart and soul to Me, snapping for My sake all their physical ties. I sustain those who renounce for My sake all worldly enjoyments and their means.

A devotee who has thus surrendered his whole being to Me covets not the position of Brahma, the position of lndra, the position of an Emperor, sovereignty over the nether regions, the eight Siddhis (mystic powers) of Yoga, nay, not even salvation, in which there is no return to this world, apart from Me.

Now mark what the Lord says with reference to devotees of this type:

To sanctify Myself with the dust of their feet, I constantly follow the footsteps of such devotees.

That is the reason why the author of the Gita-Govinda made the Lord appear as yearning for Sri Radha's sacred feet and utter the words:

"Give Me the privilege of touching Thy gentle feet."

It is on the basis of this very utterance that the renowned devotee Rasakhan, who had drunk deep of this sweet sentiment, wrote:

"I sought the Divine (Brahma) in the Puranas and songs and listened with still greater fervor to the hymns of the Vedas:
But nowhere did I perceive Him, or hear what His true Form is, and what His nature. I got tired through this search, yet no man or woman could furnish any clue to Him, says Rasakhan.

At last I found Him seated stealthily in a bower shampooing Sri Radha's feet."

- "Gopis' Love For Sri Krishna"

By Sri Hanumanprasad Poddar.
anuraag - Fri, 24 Jan 2003 20:54:51 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste.

user posted image
A few delicious verses from 'Govinda Lila amritam' - 8.3 to 8.8,
spoken by Vrishabhanu-nandini, Maha-bhava-Swarupini,
Sri Radha Thakurani:

saundaryAmRta sindhu bhanga lalanA cittAdri saMplAvakaH
karNAnandisa narma ramya vacanaH koTIndu zItAMgakaH
saurabhyAmRta saMplavAvRta jagat pIyUSa ramyAdharaH
zrI gopendra sutaH sa karSati balAt paJcendriyANyAli me

Hey Sakhi! Highly elevated, mountain-like hearts of
the stalwart Gopis are inundated by the tidal waves from
the ocean of Nectar of Krishna's beauty.

His sweet intimate talk of loving words bestows supreme joy
upon their ears and the blissful contact with His divine body
is cooler and more pleasing than the touch of million moons.

The intoxicating nectar of His lips and
the ambrosia of His fragrance overflood in
all directions encircling the entire universe.

My five senses are forcibly attracted by the tempting
Youth, the Son of Nanda Maharaja, Lord Krishna.

Sri Radhikaji enumerates all the Divine cravings
of Her five senses one after the other:

navAmbuda lasad dyutir nava taDin manojnAmbaraH
sucitra muralI sphuraccharada manda candrAnanaH
mayUradala bhUSitaH subhaga tAra hAra prabhaH
sa me madana mohanaH sakhi tanoti netra spRhAm

Hey dear Sakhi, Vishake!
The ardent desire of My thirsty eyes is constantly
increasing for the vision of the Enchanter of Cupid,
Whose bodily luster is of newly formed rain-cloud,
Whose graceful garments shine forth as lightning,

Whose benign countenance is like the autumnal full-moon
playing soft melodious heavenly tunes on divine flute,
Whose attractive ornament is the charming peacock feather,
and Who is adorned with dazzling chains of precious pearls!

Sri Radhika continued:

nadajjaladaniHsvanaH zravaNakarSisatsiJcitaH
sanarma rasa sUcakAkSara padArtha bhaGgyuktikaH
ramAdika varAGganA hRdaya hAri vaMzI kalaH
sa me madana mohanaH sakhi tanoti karNa spRhAm

Hey dear Sakhi!
My ears are increasingly craving for the Enchanter of Cupid,
Whose rumbling thunderous voice is very deep,
Whose precious adornments produce melodious jingling noice,

Whose nectarine love-chat awakens ecstatic amorous desires,
Whose divine notes of flute steal the hearts of chaste
celstial women including goddess of Vaikuntha, Maha Lakshmi!

kuraGgamadajidvapuH parimalormi kRSTAGganaH
svakAGganalinASTake zaziyutAbja gandha prathaH
madenduvara candanAguru sugandhi ca carcArcitaH
sa me madana mohanaH sakhi tanoti nAsA spRhAm

Hey dear Sakhi!
The Enchanter of Cupid, Madana Mohana, is increasing
the desire of My sense organ of smell constantly.
His body perfume surpassing the fragrant musk,
captivates the blessed minds of all damsels.

His divine body possesses eight lotuses and their
heavenly scent is complimented by the fragrance of camphor.

His sweet smelling body has been further applied with cool
sandalwood, black musk, sublime camphor, spicy aguru
and other aromatic perfumes!

harinmaNi kapAtikA pratata hari vakSaH sthalaH
smarArta taruNI manaH kaluSa hantRudorar galaH
sudhAzu haricandanotpala sitAbhra zItAGgakaH
sa me madana mohanaH sakhi tanoti vakSaH spRhAm

Oh Sakhi!
The Enchanter of Cupid is enhancing the passionate
craving of My bosom for His loving embrace.

His broad, inviting chest is like the door made of
sparkling sapphires and His two strong arms are bolts,
extinguishing the aches of Love among the young girls
distressed by amorous desires for Him.

His divine, attractive body is more pleasing and cooler
than the sublime camphor, delicate damp lotus,
soothing sandalwood, and cool rays of moon.

vrajAtula kulAGganetara rasAli tRSNAhara-
pradIvyad adharAmRtaH sukRti labhyaphelA lavaH
sudhAjdahi vallikA sudala vITikA carcitaH
sa me madana mohanaH sakhi tanoti jihvA spRhAm

Oh dear friend!
The Enchanter of Cupid, Lord Krishna is certainly
increasing the desire of My taste buds.

The matchless Nectar of His lips vanquishes the craving for all
other tastes from the hearts of blessed Gopis of Vrindavana,
who obtain that sacred gift after accumulating
the great fortune of selfless devotion.

The ambrosia of beteljuice from 'Tambula' (paan) chewed by Him
defeats even the greatness of immortalising celestial nectar.