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Devanagari Font - What's the best software for me to download

ananga - Sat, 01 May 2004 20:22:39 +0530
Hope someone can help me.

I want to write some devanagari on my W98 computer in a form that I can import into my DTP package. Its not something I need to do very often, just for the occasional song text. (I mainly type in bengali and I've got what I need to do that)

What is the best software to do this. From the resources page it looks like there are two bits of software to do this; either devawin or itranslator.

Which has the better typography? I'm quite fussy about that.
Which is easier to learn?

jai sri radhe

Ananga Manjari Das
Glastonbury UK
ananga - Sun, 09 May 2004 21:29:54 +0530

I downloaded the devanagari font Itrans thingy from the omkarananda ashram and it works okay but I'm not really happy with how it looks, I'm fussy you see.

Can anyone suggest a free font that will work on a w98 pc which looks better than what I've already done, see attached file.

The bengali looks really really tasty but the devanagari just looks a bit washed out and lame by comparison.

I don't care what the keyboard layout is orhow difficult it is to input the text cos I'm only doing a few lines as you can see, as long as it looks better than this, at least the font should have a proper bold face

Jai Sri Radhe

Attachment: nam_for_sadhus.PDF
Madhava - Sun, 09 May 2004 23:21:30 +0530
Now that I really think of it, I believe I have a huge selection of both Hindi and Bengali fonts somewhere in my CD archives, a CD I received several years ago. I'll try and dig them up and let you know what I've found.