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Radhika-sahasra-nama - The thousand names of Radharani

Mina - Fri, 19 Apr 2002 00:35:26 +0530
I found this in a publication by Sri Kedarnath Dutt Bhaktivinode.  Authorship is attributed to Mahadeva (Lord Shiva).  If anyone knows the source (one of the Puranas perhaps?), please come forth and enlighten us.  Although it might have been written by Bhaktivinode, he quotes Lord Shiva, which would indicate that it came from some other source.

The transliteration and translation are my own.  May Sri Radhika bless us in remembering Her names, which are non-different from Herself.

I'll tackle the mahatmya after I finish the stotra.


zrI [goddess of fortune] rAdhA [the embodiment of worship]  rAdhikA [synomym for rAdhA] kRSNa-vallabhA [kRSNa's beloved] kRSNa-saMyutA [joined with kRSNa]

vRndAvanezvarI [goddess of the forest of vRndA] kRSNa-priyA [dear to kRSNa] madana-mohinI [enchantress of Cupid] zrImatI [fortunate] kRSNa-kAntA [kRSNa's spouse] ca [and] kRSNAnanda-pradAyinI [one who causes bliss for kRSNa]

... more to come ...
Mina - Sat, 20 Apr 2002 01:20:21 +0530
yazasvinI [famous] yazogamyA [attractive to kRSNa] yazodAnanda-vallabhA [lover of the son of yazodA]

dAmodara-priyA [dear to the One who is bound at the waist out of His love] gopI-gopAnandakarI tathA [creates bliss for the cowherd girls and boys]

kRSNanga-vAsinI [resides in kRSNa's embrace] hRdyA [charming] harikAntA [spouse of hari] haripriyA [dear to hari]

pradhAna-gopikA [queen of the cowherd girls] gopakanyA [daughter of a cowherd] trailokya-sundarI [the most beautiful in all the three worlds]

vRndAvana-viharI [roaming the forest of vRndAvana] ca [and] vikAzita-mukhAmbujA [with a face as beautiful as a fully bloomed lotus]

gokulAnanda-kartrI [agent of bliss in gokula] ca [and] gokulAnanda-dayinI [the bestower of that bliss]

gatipradA [bestower of the supreme destination] gItagamyA [splendid singer] gamanAgamana-priyA [dear to He who is the supreme lover]

viSNu-priyA [dear to viSNu] viSNu-kAntA [spouse of viSNu] viSNoraGga nivAsinI [resides in the embrace of viSNu]

yazodAnanda-patnI [wife of the son of yazoda] ca [and] yazodAnanda-gehinI [and His mistress]

kAmAri-kAntA [spouse of the enemy of Cupid (ziva)] kAmezI [controller of Cupid] kAma-lAlasa-vigrahA [embodiment of divine passion]
Mina - Sat, 27 Apr 2002 03:28:01 +0530
jaya-pradA [bestower of victory] jaya-jIvA [the life of victory] jIvAnanda-pradAyinI [bestower of bliss to the fallen souls]

nanda-nandana-patnI [spouse of the son of nanda mahArAja]  ca [and] vRSabhAnu-sutA [daugher of king vRSabhAnu] zivA [fortunate]

gaNAdhyakSA [queen of legions] gavAdhyakSA [cowherd] gavAM gatir-anuttamA [the supreme destination of the cows]

kACcanAbhA [shining like gold] hema-gAtrA [golden limbed] kAnCcanAGgada-dhAriNI [wearer of golden ornaments]

azokA [sorrowless] zoka-rahitA [free of sorrow] vizokA [happy]  zokanAzinI [destroyer of grief]

gAyatrI [the sacred hymn of the vedas personified] veda-mAtA [mother of the vedas] ca [and] vedAtItA [beyond the vedas] viduttamA [wisest]