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What Is The Meaning Of This Sloka? -

betal_nut - Wed, 21 Apr 2004 02:13:11 +0530
Any other takes on translating this?

SB 7.14.12

jahyad yad-arthe svan pranan
hanyad va pitaram gurum
tasyam svatvam stryam jahyad
yas tena hy ajito jitah

jahyat=one may give up yat-arthe= for whom
svan= one's own pranan=life hanyat=one may kill
va= or pitaram=the father
gurum= the teacher or spiritual master
tasyam= unto her
svatvam- ownership striyam- unto the wife
jahyati-one must give up
yah- one who(the Supreme Personality of Godhead)
tena- by him hi=indeed
ajitah= cannot be conquered jitah= conquered

translation by SP:

"One so seriously considers one's wife to be his own that he sometimes kills himself for her or kills others, including even his parents or his spiritual master or teacher. Therefore if one can give up his attachment to such a wife he conquers the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is never conquered by anyone."
Advaitadas - Wed, 21 Apr 2004 02:19:56 +0530
"The Lord (who is conquered by none) is veritably conquered by him who (inwardly) relinquishes his claim on that (his) wife for whose sake a man is prone to lay down his life or (even) to kill his (own) father and teacher (in the event of their being suspected to have illicit connections with her)."

C.L. Goswami, Gita Press
Jagat - Wed, 21 Apr 2004 03:59:26 +0530
This comes in the context of the discussion of Varnashram Dharma, specifically about sannyasa. So these instructions are meant to buttress the particular mentality of someone who is taking up the duties of renunciation, in order to strengthen his nishtha.

The following verse tells us that women are just bags of mucus, stool and blood, meant to be munched on by vultures, jackals and worms--just like men. So why get attached?

But if you are not a sannyasi, then that is not your dharma.