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July Meditations - blissful verses

Madhava - Tue, 09 Jul 2002 21:30:57 +0530
zrI KRSNera daza dazA

Ten States of zrI KRSNa's Heart

Govinda Das Kaviraja

Song 20 (BAlA-rAga)

1. campaka dAma heri          mUrachi rahu mAdhaba
         locana jharu anurAga
tuyA guNa-mantara        japaye nirantara
         bhAle dhani tohAri sohAga

2. bRSabhAnu-nandinI          japaye rAti dini
         bharame nA bolaye Ana
lAkha lAkha dhanI        kaha-i madhura bANI
         swpaane nA pAta-i kAna

3. puruSa-ratana bara         dharaNi loTA-ota
         ko kahu Arati-ora
rA bali dhA bali         bala-i nA pAra-i
         dhArAdhAra bahe lora

4. gobinda dAsa tuyA          caraNe nibedala
         kAnuko aichana sambAda
nicaya jAnaha       tachu duHkha-khaNDaka
         kebala tuyA parasAda

1. When He saw Your campaka garland, KRSNa was overcome. Tears of love streamed from His eyes. Without stop He chants the mantra of Your glories. My dear beautiful friend, He loves You deeply.

2. O daughter of VRSabhAnu, He chants the mantras of Your glories day and night. He does not glorify any other girl. Millions and millions of girls praise Himw ith sweet words, but even in His dreams KRSNa does not love any girl but You.

3. He is the jewel of men, the best of lovers. Overcome with love for You, He rolls on the ground. Does He love another girl? He chants, "RA!" Then He chants, "DhA!" Then He is overcome and He has no power to say anything more. Then flooding streams of tears flow from His eyes.

4. Govinda dAsa falls at Your feet and makes this request. Please give to KRSNa a reply that will show mercy to Him, a reply that will break His sufferings into pieces.
anuraag - Tue, 09 Jul 2002 22:22:06 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey!

The Nectar of Viraha-Madhuri is relished by many Rasik Saints.
Sri Vidyapati, a thirteenth century poet wrote many devotional-padas glorifying Sri Radha-Krishna, and earned a title 'the new Jayadeva'.

Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu used to enjoy listening to Sri Vidypati's songs sung by Sri Swarupa Damodara and Sri Ramananda Raya during His Antya-lila.

I have selected a few translations from  'Love Songs of Vidyapati'  by Sri Deben Bhattacarya, to taste the 'Joy of Separation'.


Tell me what to do.
Even the bed of water-drenched lotuses
Dries up as He reclines.

The coolness of sandal paste
Is no remedy,
Nor the 'hostile' moon.

Be sure, O Beautiful One,
Krishna pines away
From wanting you.

Day by day His body grows thin.
His heart ignores all others.

The doctors have left Him
Without hope,

His only medicine
The Nectar of Your lips.

(The moon is hostile since its very beauty,
by reminding Krishna of Radha,
provokes 'memory and desire',
and thus inflames His fever.)



He is happy, waiting
Waiting the whole night.

He never goes to bed.
Whosever comes
Appears to be You.

The forests and the gardens
The groves and the huts
Are filled with Your presence.

Again and again He swoons
Without You.

Such is His Love.

O Malati,
Sweet is Your fate.

Lost with out You,
He roams the earth.

The Bee is possessed
'Jataki' and 'Ketaki'
There are so many flowers
Yet their honey tastes same.

Even in dreams He can look at none.
How can He devour their honey?

The heart returns to its snare.
Who can bind water
In its downward flow?

(Malati is a jasmine flower but also a synonym for Radha.
Jataki is an attractive wild flower, Ketaki, the scew pine)



I could not suffer the least delay from fear of missing You.
I could not live with out You.

I could not think Our bodies parted for even a moment.
When in delight the hair of Our bodies rose,
it seemed like a mountain wall between Us.

Day and night We lived that way.

How can I live now?

Radha is far away and I in Mathura.
And life goes on.

A lovely city, the new city-girls and
so much wealth around, yet
all are useless with out RADHA.

My eyes fill with tears.
In My startled heart,
I hear those girls there and
the ripples on the river Yamuna.

(Away in Mathura Lord Krishna recalls His Soul Radha and
Gopis and Their ardent encounters by the River Yamuna.)

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!
anuraag - Thu, 11 Jul 2002 00:37:25 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey!

This 'pada' was composed by the Rasik Saint Sura dasji (Sri Vallabhacarya Sampradaya) and translated into English by John S. Hawley in his book, 'Sur Das, Poet, Singer, Saint'.

Gopi friends say to sulking, withdrawn Radhaji, about the trials that Sri Krishna too has had to endure for the sake of Her Love.

"Ever since your name has entered Hari's ear

It's been 'Radha, oh Radha,' an infinite mantra,
a formula chanted to a secret string of beads.

Off by the Jamuna he sits, in a grove
far from his friends and happiness and home.

He yearns for you. He has turned into a yogi:
constantly wakeful, whatever the hour.

Sometimes he spreads himself a bed of tender leaves;
sometimes he recites your treasurehouse of fames;

Sometimes he pledges silence; he closes his eyes
and meditates on every feature of your frame -

His eyes the invocation, his heart the oblation,
and his mutterings the food to feed the priests
who tend the fire.

In all these ways Syam's body has wasted away.
Says Sur, let him see you. Fulfill his desire."

(S 3399)

Jaya Sri Radhey!
Madhava - Thu, 11 Jul 2002 00:48:24 +0530
In his Gaura-Govindarcana-Smarana-Paddhati (52), Dhyanacandra describes meditation on Sri Radha-avatara Gadadhara Pandit as follows:
kAruNyaika-maranda-padma-caraNaM caitanya-candra-dyutiM
tAmbUlArpaNa-bhaGgi-dakSiNa-karaM zvetAmbaraM sad-varam |
premAnanda-tanuM sudhA-smita-mukhaM zrI-gaura-candrekSaNaM
dhyAyec chrIla-gadAdharaM dvija-varaM mAdhurya-bhUSojjvalam ||52||

“Then Sri Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami’s dhyana: I meditate on Sri Gadadhara Pandita Gosvami, whose lotus feet are full of the nectar of compassion. He has a luster like that of Sri Caitanyacandra. With His outstretched right hand, He offers tambula to the mouth of Sri Caitanya. He dresses in fine white cloth, is the best of the sadhus, and is the very form of blissful love. He has a sweet, smiling face, and His eyes are addicted to gazing at the form of Sri Gaura. He is adorned with the mood of madhuryarasa, and is the best of the twice-born.”
Madhava - Fri, 12 Jul 2002 15:41:23 +0530
yaH kaumAra-haraH sa eva hi varas tA eva caitra-kSapAs
te conmIlita-mAlatI-surabhayaH prauDhAH kadambAnilAH
sA caivAsmi tathApi tatra surata-vyApAra-lIlA-vidhau
revA-rodhasi vetasI-taru-tale cetaH samutkaNThate

“That very person, the thief of my pristinity, is again my lover, and these are the same moonlit nights of the month of Caitra. We are surrounded by the same odors of blossoming malati flowers, the gentle breezes of the kadamba forest are blowing, and I am that same beloved again. My mind is very eager to return under the Vetasi tree on the banks of the Reva river -- to the place where we used to fulfill our pastimes of making love.”
(Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu recited this verse during the Ratha Yatra festival)
anuraag - Sat, 13 Jul 2002 04:09:35 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey!

This reminiscence reminds me of the sublime verse from the 'Gopika Gitam'.

prahasitaM priya! prema vIkSitaM
viharaNaM ca te dhyAna maGgalam,
rahasi saMvido yA hRdi spRzaH
kuhaka! no manaH kSobhayanti hi

(Bhagavatam 10.31.10)

The Rasik Saint Vidyapati said in:


As I near the bed,
He smiles and gazes.
Flower-arrows fill the world.
The Sport of Love,
Its glow and luxuries
Are indescribable, O friend,
And when I yield Myself,
His joy is endless.

Freeing My skirt,
He snatches at My garland.
My downcast mind
Is freed of frontiers,
Though My life is held
In the net of His Love.

He drinks My lips.
With heart so thrilled,
He takes My clothes away.

I lose My body
At His touch
And long to check  
But grant His Love.

Says Vidyapati:
Sweet as honey
Is the talk of a Girl in Love.

(Love Songs of Vidyapati
by Deben Bhattacarya)

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!
anuraag - Mon, 15 Jul 2002 03:13:39 +0530
rA bali dhA bali        bala-i nA pAra-i
        dhArAdhAra bahe lora

He chants, "RA!" Then He chants, "DhA!" Then He is overcome and He has no power to say anything more. Then flooding streams of tears flow from His eyes. 

Jaya Sri Radhey!
This verse from 'Sri Radha Madhuri' of 'Prema Rasa Madira' composed by Sri Kripaluji Maharaj, is melodiously glorifying Radharani and describing the deep sentiments of Sri Krishna:

jayati, jayati rAdhe ! jayati jaya ! (1)
khojata gahavara-galina viraha maha,
kala nahi pala Adhe  (4)

In the separation of Sri Radha, Sri Krishna becomes overwhelmingly restless,
and even for half a second, He cannot remain peaceful and composed.

He tirelessly goes around all the bushes and gardens of Vrindavan,
searching  for His Soul, Radhika!

'rA' kahi girata dharani pai muracita,
mukha kahi saka nA 'dhe'  (5)

Sri Krishna while calling out the Name of Sri Radha,
is overpowered by "aSTa sAtvica bhAva ", the eight devotional  ecstasies
and due to the transcendental bhava vikara taking over Him,
He can only utter the first syllable of  Radha's name, that is "rA".

Then He falls to the ground in an ecstatic trance!
Thus, He is unable to complete the full name of Radha,
by missing the latter syllable, "dhe".

The same reason is attributed to Sri Sukadeva for not mentioning Radha's Name loudly, in Bhagavatham, since the recital had to be finished  in sevendays for the salvation of Parkshit maharaj.

Sri Sukadeva Paramahamsa would go into trance for atleast sixmonths just by uttering the Divine Name of Radha!

radhA nAma mAtrena mUrcha SAnmAsi kI bhavet

jayati, jayati rAdhe ! jayati jaya !

Jaya Sri Radhey!
anuraag - Thu, 18 Jul 2002 22:21:59 +0530

veNuH karAn nipatitaH skhalitaM zikhaNDaM
bhraSTaM ca pIta-vasanaM vraja-rAja-sUnoH
yasyAH kaTakSa-zara-ghAta-vimUrcchitasya
taM rAdhikAm paricarAmi kadA rasena

Sri Radha Rasa Sudhanidhi. 38

Deeply wounded by the powerful arrows of Srimati Radhika's side-long glance
Lord Krsna, the Prince of Vrindavana, faints in Divine Love trance.
His constant companion, Priya Sakhi, His flute slides down from His trembling lotus hands in delight.
The peacock feathers from His diadem fall silently losing their honor in rapture.
And the yellow silken garment so elegantly covering His body slips away in blissful thrill.
When will I absorb myself in the sweet intoxicating mood of serving my Mistress, Srimati Radharani?

Jaya Sri Radhey!
Madhava - Sun, 21 Jul 2002 04:09:36 +0530
I just discovered a translation of Rupa Gosvami's second Kunja Vihary Astakam. Some verses:
kavalita iva rAdhApaGga-bhaGgI-taraGgaiH
mudita-vadana-candraz candrakApIDa-dhArI
mudira-madhura-kAntir bhAti kuJje-vihArI

“Always charming with amorous smiles, as if devoured by the waves of Radha's sidelong glances, His jubilant face like the moon, His head decorated with a peacock feather, and His complexion as charming as a monsoon cloud, the Lord shines with great splendor as He enjoys pastimes in the forest.”
Madhava - Sun, 21 Jul 2002 04:12:12 +0530
tata-suSira-ghanAnAM nAdam Anaddha-bhAjAM
janayati taruNInAM maNDale maNDitAnAm
taTa-bhuvi naTa-rAja-krIDayA bhAnu-putryA
vidadhad atula-cArIr bhAti kuJje-vihArI

Starting the orchestra of winds, strings, and drums, and gracefully moving as He plays king of the dance in the midst of the circle of beautifully decorated girls on the Yamuna's shore, the Lord shines with great splendor as He enjoys pastimes in the forest.
Madhava - Sun, 21 Jul 2002 04:14:24 +0530
zikhini kalita-SaDje kokile paJcamADhye
svayam api nava-vaMzyoddAmayan grAma-mukhyam
dhRta-mRgamada-gandhaH suSThu gAndhAra-saMjJaM
tri-bhuvana-dhRti-hArir bhAti kuJje-vihArI

When the peacock sings the first note and the cuckoo the fifth, He unleashes the most beautiful gandhara melody on His flute, and steals away the peaceful composure of the three worlds. In this way the Lord, fragrant with musk, shines with great splendor as He enjoys pastimes in the forest.
anuraag - Tue, 23 Jul 2002 10:57:15 +0530
He unleashes the most beautiful gandhara melody on His flute, and steals away the peaceful composure of the three worlds.

gAvata rAdhe nAma murali maha, rUpadhyAn sAthe

(Verse 3, pada- 'Jayati, Jayati Radhe..' , 'Prema Rasa Madira',- Sri Kripaluji Maharaj)

Sri Krishna is always singing the Names of Radhika, calling on His Flute,

'rAdhe ! rAdhe !'

and meditating on the beautiful, divine form of His eternal Consort, Radharani.

nAma sametaM kRta saGketam
vAdayate mRdu veNuM,
bahumanute nanu te tanu saGgata
pavana calita mapi reNuM

(Gita Govindam 5.11.2 , Sri Jayadeva Kaviraja raja)

Taking the Names of Sri Radha,
Lord Krisna is playing on His Flute,
calling Her for the Secret Tryst.

When the wind blows,
He feels so happy and blessed
to receive the accidental
reward of the dust particle
touching the Divine body of
His Beloved, Radhika.
anuraag - Thu, 25 Jul 2002 02:42:18 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Sri Gurave Namah!


Happy Guru Purnima Celebrations to all of you.

Sri Veda Vyaasa Muni being the original teacher of all and compiler of Vedas, this festival is also known as Vyaasa Purnima.

On this auspicious day let us glorify the importance of Saintly personalities who descend on earth for the highest spiritual welfare of mankind.

Lord Krishna Himself discloses this to His eternal friend Arjuna in Padma Purana -

sahAyA guravaH ziSyA bhujiSyA bAndhavAH striyaH,
satyaM vadAmi te pArtha! gopyah kiM me bhavanti na? 
man mahAtmyaM matsaparyo macchiddhAM manmanogatam,
jAnanti gopikAH pArtha! nAnye jAnanti tattvataH.

'O My dear friend, Arjuna!
The Gopis are My helping Associates of the Blissful Pastimes of Vrindavan,
they are My Gurus (wise preceptors), they are My sishyas (dedicated students),
they are My enjoyers, they are My dearest realtives and intimate Consorts.

I am telling you this confidential Truth,
always remember and keep it in your heart
that Gopis are  My All in All, My everything,
there is no other relation that I can think of
that Gopis are not to Me!

O Dear Arjuna! Gopis alone know My true Opulence and glories,
They alone know how to serve Me with selfless Divine Love,
and They alone are aware of My profound truths.
The Blessed Gopis alone know My intimate desires and deep
seated ecstasies of My Loving Heart.

There is no one else in the entire Spiritual world or in My whole creation,
Who can be equal to My eternal Sweethearts, Vraja Gopikas!'

Caitanya Caritamrtam, Adilila, 4.124 -

Lord Krishna Himself declares -

rAdhikAra prema guru Ami ziSya nAta
sadA AmA nAnA nRtya nAcAya udbhuta

"Srimati Radha Rani Herself is My Guru,
My Teacher of madhura Prema Rasa,
and I am Her dancing Pupil.
Her Divine Love, Ujjvala Prema Rasa, makes Me
dance various wonderful novel dances."

Jaya Sri Radhey!
Malatilata - Fri, 26 Jul 2002 02:05:57 +0530
nava campaka gaura kAntibhiH
kRta vRndAvana hema rUpatAm
bhaja kAm api vizva mohinIM
madhura prema rasAdhidevatAm

"Worship this inconceivable world-enchanting presiding goddess of sweet prema rasa, who turns the blue enviroment of Vrindavana into a golden Vrindavana with Her own golden luster, which shines like a fresh Campaka flower."

Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati's Sangita Madhava 1.2
anuraag - Fri, 26 Jul 2002 02:44:04 +0530
rAdhikAra prema guru Ami ziSya nAta
sadA AmA nAnA nRtya nAcAya udbhuta

hari pada nakha koTI pRSTha paryanta sImA
taTam api kalayantIM prANa koTer abhISTam
pramudita madirAkSI vRnda vaidagdhya dIkSA
gurum ati guru kIrtiM rAdhikAm arcayAmi

Verse. 7- 'Radhikashtakam' by Sri Roopa Goswami

I fondly worship my great Preceptor, Radhika,
to Whom even the farthest area surrounding Beloved Lord Krishna's moon like toes,
is millions of times more sacred and dearer than Her very own life and soul.

My eternal Guru, Srimati Radharani,
INITIATES and perfectly coaches
the groups of beautiful Maidens with
Love intoxicated eyes and ecstasy filled
hearts into the arts of passionate
Amorous Sports with Sri Krishna.

Thus She alone attains immense fame as the universal Prema Rasa Acarya.
anuraag - Sun, 04 Aug 2002 03:53:07 +0530
sad.gif  Can we have 'August Meditations' now!  biggrin.gif
Madhava - Sun, 04 Aug 2002 11:35:06 +0530
Sure...  :cool: