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February Meditations part II - ... verses and poems of choice ...

Raga - Sat, 16 Feb 2002 16:57:19 +0530
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anuraag - Sat, 16 Feb 2002 22:10:25 +0530
Namaste all!

"mAra! mA vasa madIya mAnase
mAdhavaika nilaye yadRcchayA
zrIramApatir ihAgamed asau
kas saheta nijavezma laMghanam!"

(Sri Krishna Karnamritam- 3.91)

In the words of the Rasik Saint, Sri Bilva Mangala Thakur:

"O Cupid, the presiding male deity of mundane beauty and love!  
Don't ever come to reside in my heart whose exclusive Resident is Lord Madhava alone!  [vV-V]

(In other words, how can there be any room for yourself  tongue.gif   , as it has been fully occupied my Beloved?)

Even though being 'ananga' and  [-noTe:] having no 'physical body', you don't take up much room in my heart,
but how can my (  sad.gif  jealous?) Beloved tolerate any other  subtle form of 'male' presence in His exclusive abode other than His Own Blessed Self!"  biggrin.gif

(In other words the chaste Rasik Saint resists and renounces the presence of any trace of   worldly love and lust.)
Krishnam - Sun, 17 Feb 2002 16:29:51 +0530
jaya subha lilamrta rasa lila-
maya bhavad ali parijana palim
anugananayam aham api yayam
iti bhava pasa vrta matir asam
api racayeyam phalatu mameyam. natha

"O all-auspicious Krsna! May You be victorious! You perform all kinds of sweet pastimes! Let my name also be there when You count Sri Radha's associates - this is my prayer. Although I am covered by material consciousness I can still aspire for this. O Lord! May my prayer be fulfilled!"

-Sri-Sri Nikunja Keli Virudavali (67) by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura
Raga - Mon, 18 Feb 2002 03:39:37 +0530
Sri Radha-Vallabha Dasa, a Bengali mahatma, has described Srila Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami's painful feelings of separation.

radha krsna viyoge, chadilo sakala bhoge
sukha rukha anna matra sara
ganrangera viyoge, anna chadi dilo age
phala gavya korilo ahara

Srila Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami had given up all sense enjoyment out of separation from Radha and Krishna and ate only dry, tasteless food. Then, out of separation from Lord Gauranga, he gave uo eating that solid food and ate only fruits and milk.

sanatanera adarsane, taha chadi sei dine,
kevala koroye jala-pana
rupera viccheda yabe, jala chadi dilo tabe,
radha krsna boli rakhe prana

Then, when Sanatana Gosvami left this world, he gave that up also and drank only water. When Rupa Gosvami also left him, he even gave up drinking water and kept himself alive simply by saying the names of Radha and Krishna.

sri rupera adarsane na dekhi tahara gane,
virahe vyakula loiya kande
krsna katha alapana, na suniya sravana
uccasvare dake artanade

When he could not see Sri Rupa Gosvami and his devotees any longer, he began to cry, suffering from their separation, and when he could not hear them speaking about Krishna anymore, he loudly began to cry of grief.

ha ha radha krsna kotha, kotha visakha lalita,
krpa kori deho darasan!
ha caitanya mahaprabhu, ha svarupa mora prabhu,
ha ha prabhu rupa sanatana!

O Radha-Krishna! Where are you? Where are you, Visakha and Lalita? Please reveal yourself to me! O Caitanya Mahaprabhu! O my lord, Svarupa Damodara! O lords Rupa and Sanatana!

kande gosai ratri dine, pudi 'jay tanu mone,
ksane anga dhulaya dhusora
caksu andha anahara, apanara deha-bhara
virahe hoilo jara jara

Day and night Srila Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami was crying like this, while his body and mind were burning, and his limbs were greyed by dust (as he rolled on the ground). He had become blind from fasting and he considered his old and worn-out body to be a great burden out of these feelings of separation.

radhakunda tate padi, saghane nisvasa chadi,
mukhe vakya na hoy sphurana
manda manda jihva node, prema asru netre pade,
mone krsna koroye smarana

Falling on the bank of Radhakunda, he breathed out deeply, unable to say a word. His tongue moved slowly as tears of love fell from his eyes and he remembered Krishna.
anuraag - Mon, 18 Feb 2002 07:29:27 +0530

Happy Celebrations of 'Vasantha Panchami' to all devotees!

Many thousands of years ago, on the Special Day of "Vasantha Panchami", Lord Radha-Krishna had BROADCASTED in the world the Supreme Glory of Srimati Radharani, through this enlightening, Blissful Lila!

On the night of "Vasantha Pancami", the Divine Couple were playing ‘RAAS’ with the Gopis of Braj.

Suddenly Krishna longed to be alone with His Beloved, Radhika.
He conveyed His Message of Love through His eyes to Radha.
Naturally, His Soul Radha, understood His heart felt desire.
She left the place of 'RAAS' slowly and set out for the secret Tryst.

Sri Krishna also managed to leave the other Gopis behind and secretly entered a nearby Kunj (a small garden of flowering creepers and bushes), waiting for His Sweetheart, Radha.

Here Gopis were upset not finding Krishna and started looking for Him.
They searched and searched all of the familiar places in Brindavan and slowly approached the Kunj, where Krishna was awaiting for Radha.
As Krishna saw Gopis approaching, He wanted to leave for another Kunj. But there was not enough time to escape.

So, He decided to play this trick on Gopis.

He immediately assumed His all Blissful Almighty Godly form of Maha Vishnu at once, with FOUR ARMS holding Wheel, Lotus, Conchshell and Mace in respective hands.

Gopis came to see this Opulent, Radiant Form of LORD NARAYANA but the LONGING for Their Divine Beloved Krishna could NOT be satisfied.

Covering their heads and faces with veils, they bowed down to this Great God Maha Vishnu and offered prayers with RESPECT from a DISTANCE, requesting Him for the Blessing of the ASSOCIATION of Their BELOVED (Krishna) and LEFT that place with DISAPPOINTMENT.

The Sweethearts of Krishna could NOT find any charm in this "Almighty form of Lord Narayana".

The storehouses of the treasure of Krishna PREMA could not be attracted to His Godly powers and Opulence.

Soon Sri Radha, the Sweet Daughter of King Vrishabhanu, majestically approached the Kunj where Krishna was staying.

He WANTED to surprise Radha with His Four-Armed Opulent Godly Form of NARAYANA. So, He TRIED to remain in the SAME Form of Narayana while greeting Sri Radhika.

As Radhaji came CLOSER and CLOSER, Sri Krishna’s "Almighty form of Lord Vishnu" started DISAPPEARING, just as the butter losing its shape and form nearing a flame!

By the time Radha reached Krishna, He had completely ASSUMED His Original Beautiful Form, decorated with PEACOCK Feathered crown and holding FLUTE in His hand!

The Opulent Almighty Form of Lord Maha Vishnu TOTALLY DISAPPEARED!

ONLY the Beloved son of Nanda Maharaj,
ONLY the Beautiful Blue Boy of Braj,
ONLY the Stealer of Gopis’ hearts,
ONLY the Divine Flutist and
ONLY Radhika Raman (Enjoyment of Radhika)
WAS ABLE TO REMAIN in the PRESENCE of Srimati Radhika,


Sweet Image of Divine Couple is here

(Ref. Caitanya Caritamritam Adilila. 17. texts 277-293)
anuraag - Mon, 18 Feb 2002 21:46:29 +0530

Sri Radha-Stotram

(from "Brahmanda Purana")


1. "gRhe rAdhA vane rAdhA pRSThe puraH sthitA

yatra yatra sthitA rAdhA rAdhaiv ArAdhyate mayA "

MY Sweet Home is Sri RADHA, the Blissful, Sacred Vrindavana forest is My Radha!

She alone is present BOTH in front of Me and behind Me!


2. "jihvA rAdhA zrutau rAdhA netre hRdi stitA

sarvAGga vyApinI rAdhA rAdhaiv ArAdhyat mayA"

Darling Radhika's Holy Name is always on My tongue, Radhaji's Divine virtues are ever in My ears!

My Sweetheart Radharani's Transcendental Form eternally occupies My eyes and inside My HEART!

I fervently worship My Soul Radha, WHO PERVADES EVERY PORE OF MY DIVINE BODY!

3. "pUjA rAdhA japo rAdhA rAdhikA cA bhivandane

smRtau rAdhA ziro rAdhA rAdhaiv ArAdhyate mayA"

My Puja (Ritual offering) is only to please Sri Radha and the Blessed Name of Radharani alone is My JAPA (chanting)!

My humble Obeisance to Queen Radha and My contemplation is always upon My Beloved Radhika!

Keeping Her alone On Top of My Head, I pray and Worship My Soul Radha!

4. "gAne rAdhA guNe rAdhikA bhojane gatau

rAtri rAdhA divA rAdhA rAdhaiv ArAdhyat mayA"

I constantly sing Her Divine Names alone, I extol Her Blissful Virtues!

Whatever I do or eat, My sole existence is for the pleasure of My Queen Radha !

I joyfully worship contemplating upon the Transcendental Form of My Soul Radharani day and night !

5. "mAdhurye madhurA rAdhA mahattve rAdhikA guruH

saundarye sundarI rAdhA rAdhaiv ArAdhyate mayA"

Sri Radha alone is the QUINTESSENCE OF LOVE and BLISS within every thing which is LOVABLE and Enjoyble!


I worship My Soul Radhika, Who is the SUPREME BEAUTY among everything Sacredly beautiful!

6. "rAdhA rasa sudhA sindhu rAdhA saubhAgya manjarI,

rAdhA vrajAGganA mukhyA rAdhaiv ArAdhyate mayA"

My Beloved Radhaji is THE OCEAN of NECTAR of DIVINE BLISS, Rasa!


I fondly worship

My Eternal Sweetheart, Radharani, the CHIEFMOST COWHERDESS of Divine Vrindavana !

7. "rAdhA padmAnanA padmA padmodbhava su pUjitA

padme vivecitA rAdhA rAdhaiv ArAdhyate mayA"

Sri Radhaji's face is extremely beautiful like the Sacred Lotus Flower!

She Herself is PADMA, the Supreme Auspicious Goddess of Opulence and ever worshipped by Lord Brahma, the Creator of Cosmic universe!

Keeping Her Majesty in the Lotus of My Heart, I adore My Soul Radha!

8. "rAdhA kRSNAtmikA nityaM kRSNo rAdhAtmako dhRvam

vRndAvanezvarI rAdhA rAdhaiv ArAdhyate mayA"

The Eternal Truth is that

Srimati Radharani is the SOUL of Lord KRISHNA and Sri Krishna is certainly the SOUL BELOVED of Radhikaji!

I worship The Divine Queen of the Holy Land Vrindavana, Sri Radha!

9. "jihvAgre rAdhikA nAma netrAgre rAdhikA tanuH

karNe ca rAdhikA kIrtir manase rAdhikA sadA"

My Darling Radha's Holy Name is ever dancing on the tip of My tongue!

Her Enchanting Divine Form is always standing before My eyes!

The Transcendental

Glories of My Radhika are ever echoing in My ears and SHE ALONE IS ETERNALLY RESIDING IN MY HEART!

10. "kRSNena paThitaM stotraM rAdhikA prItaye param

yaH paThet prayato nityaM rAdhA kRSNAntigo bhavet"



will certainly receive the MOST LOVING SERVICE OF Lord RADHA-KRISHNA by THEIR GRACE.

11. "ArAdhita manaH kRSNo rAdhArAdhita mAnasaH

kRSNAkRSNa manA rAdhA kRSNeti yah paThet"

Srimati Radharani worships HER LORD BELOVED, Sri Krishna in HER HEART AND SOUL.


Whoever fortunate soul reads with faith and lovingly recites this EXALTED PRAYER,




Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Tue, 19 Feb 2002 22:52:10 +0530
Radhey, Radhey!
Namaste all.
This  'pada',  Bengali song of the Rasik-Saint, Sri
Candidasa, describing the Glory of Sri Radhika, through the
words of Lord Krishna, similar to the "Radha-Stotram" of Brahmanda Purana.

" uTite kishorI, basite kishorI, kishorI galAra hAra kishorI
bhajana, kishorI pUjana, kishorI caraNa sAra

sayine svapane gamane kishorI bhojana kishorI Age kare kare
bAMsI phiri divAnisi kishorIra anurAge

kishorI caraNe parANa saMpechI bhAve te hrdaya bharA dekha he
kishorI anugata jane karo na caraNa chAdA

kishorIdAsa AmI pItavAsa ihAte saMdeha jAra? kotiyuga yadi
AmAre bhajaye viphala bhjana tAra

kahite kahite rasika nAgara titala nayana jale 'caMdidAsa' kahe
navIna kishotI baMdhure karala kole

uTite kishorI, basite kishorI kishorI galAra hAra kishorI
bhajana, kishorI pUjana kishorI caraNa sAra"

Sri Krishna is saying - "When I get up or sit down or lie down,
for ever, I only see My Soul Radhika, the Youthful Beauty
Personfied! She alone gracefully adorns My neck in the Form of jewelled necklaces as well as My Vanamala-garland.
I constantly do worship to win Her Divine favors of Selfless
love and serve Her with all My Divine pranks.

Sri Radha-Kishori's lotus feet alone are My Essence.

When I am awake, Her Fond Memories haunt Me, even in sleep I cannot stop remembering Her Love and in dreams also, I am enchanted by Her Blessed Vision.

All day, while eating or drinking I feel only Her close
presence in front of Me. Day and night wandering in the bowers of Vrindavan, I am yearning for Her Love, sometimes I am calling out Her Names on My Flute, and othertimes I am chanting the 'mantra' of Her Name longing for Her association.

My heart is ever filled with Divine Love of Radhika and I
totally surrender Myself to Her lotus feet. I expect the same
from My loving devotees also, to follow only Her Divine Love
ecstacies in serving Me and never to leave the worship of Her
Blessed feet.

O My devotees on the path of Divine Love (Prema Bhakti)! Never doubt the fact that I am always under the control of My Sweetheart, Sri Radha. Listen to Your yellow-silken robed Lord, Blessed Me.

Leaving the Lotus Feet of My Soul, Radhika, even if you worship Me for millions of ages, your devotion will bear no fruit.
Always remember that My Power of Grace is Sri Radha Rani.

While Lord Krishna is recounting the Glories of His Beloved
Radha, His heart is overwhelmed with Divine Ecstasy and His
lotus eyes are filled with tears of Love.

The Rasik-Saint Candidasa concludes the pada saying that by the Power of HER Divine Grace, Sri Krishna is blessed with the Loving Embrace (Union) of His Soul Radha-Kishoriji.

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!
anuraag - Wed, 20 Feb 2002 21:57:22 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey!

Srimati Radhika says in this Bengali poem of the Rasik Saint Chandi daas:

shyaama sundara sharana amaara, shyaaama shyaama sadaa saara
shyaamase jeevana shyaama praanadhana, shyaamase galaara haara

shyaama se besara shyaama vesha mora, shyaamasaaDee pari sadaa
shyaama tanu-mana bhajana-poojana, shyaama-daasee hum lo raadhaa

shyaama dhana-bala shyaama jaati-kula, shyaama se sukhera nidhi
shyaama hena dhana amoolya ratana, bhaagye milaayala vidhi

kokila bhramara kare pamcha svara, bandhuyaa peyechhi kole
hiyaara maajhaare raakhiyaa shyaamere, dvija chandidaase bole


My exclusive shelter and eternal refuge is
Beloved Shyama Sundara!
Shyama alone is the essence of all My existence!

Shyama is My life and breath!
Shyama is the wealth of My soul!
Shyaama alone is ever hanging in My neck
as precious garland.

Shyaama Sundara has become My nose-ring to adorn Me.
Darling Shyaama has taken up the feminine Form as of Mine and
draped Me in Divine blue garments of His own enchanting complexion!
Shyaama has completely pervaded my body, mind and soul.
Shyaama alone is My worship and adoration,
upon Shyam only is My Divine Love contemplation, and
I am simply His hand-maid in unconditional surrender!

Sweetheart Shyaam alone is My wealth and strength.
Shyaam only is My caste and klan, My presige and status!
Shyam alone is the treasure-house of My happiness!
Due to My great fortune,
I have procured the priceless Jewel of Shyaama Sundara
through Divine destiny!

The song-birds (cuckoo) are singing
enchanting tunes of fifth notes
to excite My eternal Sweetheart and
the roaming bumble-bees are creating
moods of Divine Love intoxication!

The Rasik-Saint Sri Chandidas proclaims
in the concluding verse that
Srimati Radhika has securely installed
Her Divine Beloved in the core of Her heart.

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Thu, 21 Feb 2002 22:34:27 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey!

"prAsAde sA pathi pathi ca sA pRSTatas sA puras sA
paryaMke sA dizi dizi ca sA tad viyogAtur asyahaM ho!
cetaH prakRtiraparA nAstite kApi 'sA sA
sA sA sA sA jagati sakale ko 'yam advaita bhAvaH?"

('Krishna Bhajanam'- A Collection of Hymns and Prayers by Braja Rasik Saints)

Another Braja Rasik Saint says in the words of Lord Krishna-

"As I am burning in the fire of separation from My Beloved Radharani,
wherever I glance, I only visualize My Radhika!
When I look at My palacial home, Radhe is there!
Radhe is seen at each path and every trail of Vrindavana!
Radhika is blssfully present in front of Me and behind Me!
Even in My resting bed, Beloved Radhe is found before My eyes!
In all possible directions, I am seeing only My soul Radha!
My Radhe is seen wherever My looks fall upon and every object of the world is transformed into My beautiful Beloved Radhika!

What more can be said  about this SWEET state of NON-duality and total ONENESS!
The outside world as well as inner subtle mind along with My entire divine existence are pervaded by My eternal Beloved Radharani!"

Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu had also prefered 'vipralambha rasa' to 'sambhoga sringara rasa'.
Because -

"saGgama viraha vikalpe varamiha viraho na saGgamas tasmAt
saGge sa iha tathaikas tribhuvana mapi tanmayatvaM virahe"

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!

anuraag - Fri, 22 Feb 2002 22:03:36 +0530

(Mahaprabhu Sri Vallabha acharya)

kRSNa premamayI rAdhA - Radha is filled with Krishna's love,
rAdhaa premamayo hariH - Krishna is filled with Radha's love;
jIvanena dhane nityaM - In all life It is the only eternal wealth,
rAdhAkRSNa gatirmama .. Radha and Krishna-- They are my refuge. 1

kRSNasya draviNaM rAdhA - Radha is the wealth of Krishna,
rAdhAyAH draviNaM hariH -  Krishna is the wealth of Radha;
jIvanena dhane nityaM - In all life It is the only eternal wealth,
rAdhAkRSNa gatirmama ..  Radha and Krishna-- They are my refuge. 2

kRSNa prANamayI rAdhA- Radha is filled with Krishna's life,
rAdhA prANamayo hariH - Krishna is filled with Radha's life;
jIvanena dhane nityaM- In all life It is the only eternal wealth,
rAdhAkRSNa gatirmama ..  Radha and Krishna-- They are my refuge. 3

kRSNa dravAmayI rAdhA - Radha is filled with Krishna's essence,
rAdhA dravAmayo hariH - Krishna is filled with Radha's essence;
jIvanena dhane nityaM - In all life It is the only eternal wealth,
rAdhAkRSNa gatirmama ..  Radha and Krishna-- They are my refuge. 4

kRSNa gehe sthitAM rAdhA - Radha's abode is Krishna's home,
rAdhA gehe sthito hariH - Krishna's abode is Radha's home;
jIvanena dhane nityaM - In all life It is the only eternal wealth,
rAdhAkRSNa gatirmama .. Radha and Krishna-- They are my refuge. 5

kRSNachittA sthitAM rAdhA - Radha resides in the heart of Krishna,
rAdhAchitta sthito hariH - Krishna resides in the heart of Radha;
jIvanena dhane nityaM - In all life It is the only eternal wealth,
rAdhaakRSNa gatirmama ..  Radha and Krishna-- They are my refuge. 6

nIlaambarA dharA rAdhA - Radha is clad in silk garments of blue,
pItAmbarA dharo hariH - Krishna is clad in silk garments of yellow;
jIvanena dhane nityaM - In all life It is the only eternal wealth,
rAdhAkRSNa gatirmama .. Radha and Krishna-- They are my refuge. 7

vRndAvanezvarI rAdhau - Radha is the Queen of Brindavana,
kRSNo vRndAvanezvaraH - Krishna is the King of Brindavana;
jIvanena dhane nityaM - In all life It is the only eternal wealth,
rAdhAkRSNa gatirmama .. Radha and Krishna-- They are my refuge. 8

.. iti zrI vallabhAcAryakRtaM kRSNASTakaM saMpUrNaM.

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!

Raga - Mon, 25 Feb 2002 19:21:24 +0530
vande ’nantadbhutaisvaryam
sri-nityanandam isvaram
yasyecchaya tat-svarupam
ajnenapi nirupyate

Unlimited obeisances unto the mighty and astonishing master Sri Nityananda, by whose will even the fools can understand his intrinsic nature!

(Sri Caitanya Caritamrta, Adi-lila, 5.1)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
-- Pictures from Sri Nityananda's Birthday --[/url]
anuraag - Tue, 26 Feb 2002 01:04:45 +0530

Happy celebrations of Lord Nityananda-Balarama's appearance day!

Lord Nityananda Rama was Lord Baladeva Who was the elder brother of Lord Krishna, during His celebrated pastimes of Vraja dhama. The Rasik Saint Sri Jayadeva had glorified  the 'Balarama Incarnation' in his famous Dashavatara Stotra with these beautiful verses:

"vahasi vapuSi vizade vasanaM jaladAbhaM
hala hati bhIti milita yamunAbham
kezava! dhRta hala dhara rUpa
jaya jagadIza! hare!

(Gita Govindam 1. 12)

'O Lord Kesava! You have assumed the form of spotless body wearing a garment resembling the rain-cloud, reminding the bluish color of Yamuna river who came to you in surrender for fear of the blow of Your plough;

O Lord of the World! O my Beloved Hari! All glories to You Who bore the form of the Plough-holder, Balarama!'

The Plough-holder, Lord Balarama- traditionally noted for his exuberant, excessive drinking; His fair body is clothed with a garment that is dark (like a rain-cloud and like the River Yamuna) in contrast to Lord Krishna's dark, yellow-clad, body. The Plough-holder ordered the Yamuna to come to him and when it refused he dug a furrow with his plough to divert it to himself.

The Rasik-Saint Sri Bilva Mangala Thakur had also glorified  the Lord in his 'Govinda-Damodara Stotram':

 "zrI yAdavendr Adridhar AmbujAkSa!
go gopa gopI sukha dAna dakSa!
dharAbharottAraNa gopa veSa!
vihAra lIlA kRta bandhu zeSa!

jihve pibasvAmRtame tad eva
govinda! dAmodara! mAdhaveti."

Meaning -

"O my blessed tongue! Always enjoy only the delicious Nectar, the Names of my Beloved such as -

Govinda, transcendental Joy of all senses,
Maadhava, the Beloved Spouse of Radhika,
Daamodara, the Lord fastened by a chord of Divine Love around Him,
the Mighty King of Yadu dynasty (zrI yAdavendra),
the Lifter of Mount Govardhana (adridhara),
the Lotus-eyed Lord (ambujAkSa),
the expert Dispenser of Supreme Pleasure to His affectionate cows, to His cowherd friends and to His Sweetheart cowherdesses (go gopa gopI sukha dAna dakSa),
the Lord manifested on the earth in the Divine form of Cowherd-Boy to uplift the mankind (dharAbhrottAraNa gopa veSa),

Who is accompanied in His Blissful exploits by Mighty Lord Sesha as His Beloved Brother, to enhance the transcendental joy (vihAra lIlA kRta bandhu zeSa)!

All glories to Lord Nityananda - Balarama's Appearance day!

Jaya Sri Radhey!

Raga - Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:29:49 +0530

1 hari hari ara ki emana dasa
kabe brsabhanu-pure ahiri gopera ghare
tanaya haiya janamiba

When will I take birth as a gopi in the town of Maharaja Vrsabhanu, where many gopas and gopis live?  O Lord Hari, Lord Hari will I someday attain this condition of life?

2 jabate amara kabe     e prani-grahana habe
basati kariba kabe taya
sakhira parama srestha     je tahara haya prestha
sevana kariba tanra paya

When will I live in the city of Vrsabhanu and be accepted by its residents as one of their kin?  When will I serve the feet of the gopis' beloved master?

3 tenha krpaban haina     ratula carane lana
amare karibe samarpana
saphala haibe dasa     puribe manera asa
se dunhara jugala-carana

When Lord Krsna is merciful to me I will be able to attain His reddish lotus feet.  When I attain the lotus feet of the Divine couple, then my life will be successful, and all the desires of my mind will be fulfilled.

4 brndabana dui-jana     caturddike sakhi-gana
sebana kariba abasese
sakhi-gana caribhite     nana jantra laina hate
dekhiba manera abhilase

When will I be able to directly serve the Divine Couple, who are surrounded by Their gopi-friends?  When I directly serve the Divine Couple in the association of the gopis, all the desires of my heart will be fulfilled.

5 dunhu canda-mukha dekhi'     judabe tapita ankhi
nayane bahibe asru-dhara
brndara nidesa paba     donhara nikate jaba
hena dina haiba amara

When will I approach the Divine Couple?  When will streams of tears flow from my eyes by seeing Their moonlike faces?  When will I receive direct orders from Vrnda-devi?  When will that day be mine?

6 sri-rupa-manjari sakhi     more anathini dekhi
radhibe ratula duti paya
narottama dasa bhane     priya-narma-sakhi-gane
kabe dasi karibe amara

When will Sri Rupa-manjari, seeing me  helpless and without any shelter, protect me with her reddish feet?  Narottama dasa say:  When will I become one of the maidservants of the dear and playful gopis?
Jagat - Fri, 01 Mar 2002 00:10:38 +0530
Some nice saisava-lila verses from Gopala Campu, Purva 6.59-62.

hasta-tyAga-maye navye saMstavye gati-zikSaNe |
putre skhalati sA jIyAn mAtuH putrasya ca tvarA ||59||
dvitra-kramaM gataH kRSNaz calitaH skhalane rudan |
putra putreti cumbantIm ambAm Alolayan muhuH ||60||
kiJcid dUraM yad AnaJca svaka-tejaH-prapaJcakaH |
sthirIbhUya prasU-vaktraM sa-smitaM sa vyalokata ||61||
dUraM mAtur yadA yAti tadAsau mantharAyate |
samIpaM tu yadA tarhi smayamAno drutAyate ||62||

Yashoda praised Krishna's effort when he let go of her helping hand as he learned to walk. All glories to the rapidity of both mother and son when he fell.

After Krishna had walked two or three steps, he would fall and begin to cry, looking fixedly at his mother as she kissed him and repeated, "My child, my child!"

When he had managed to walk a little way, Krishna would stand still, showing off his great achievement, staring at his mother's face with a big smile.

As Krishna walked further away from his mother, he would begin to slow down. But as he came closer to her, he would break into a smile and quicken his pace.
Jagat - Fri, 01 Mar 2002 07:00:06 +0530
Let's finish February with another nice verse from Gopala Champu. This verse is in sragdharA metre, four lines of 21 syllables; the middle section of each line consists of six shorts and one long.

Kshemendra has observed that sragdhara metre is used for "the turmoil arising out of a windstorm." Notice the use of palatals representing the clacking sound of the whirlwind, which is effectively simulated by the changing speeds reproduced in the metre.


dhvAnas truTy-utkuTheSu
ardhayan vAyur AyuH |

goSThaM koSThaM ca bhindann
naTati bata hahA
hanta kiM tatra vRttaM

yatrAste nIla-paGke-
lAlitAGgaH sa bAlaH ||

The whirlwind’s speed has caused
pieces of gravel to be raised up,
      inflicting wounds;

it makes a roaring and whining sound
that pains the eyes and ears;

it is uprooting trees that make a crashing sound
      and cause distress to life itself.

It has broken through the cowpens and
penetrated the residential quarters
     where it is now dancing.

But, oh! what has it done there--
where sleeps the child
whose cherished limbs are softer
than the petal of a blue lotus flower?

Gopala Champu 7.6. (Trinavarta lila)
Raga - Fri, 01 Mar 2002 19:49:40 +0530
Moving over to March Meditations now. What an awkward name.  :p