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Trading Based On Jyotish -

Mina - Thu, 01 Apr 2004 06:34:15 +0530
Well, the IT consulting market has just been too slow, so I have returned to trading full time. My model uses Jyotish to get some forecasts on market direction, and I apply some other technical indicators as well. I am a licensed futures broker, but not a licensed stock broker (at least not yet), so I can only trade futures contracts for the public.

I will provide a link here to some promotional material in the near future. It needs to be properly done with full risk disclosure.
vamsidas - Sat, 03 Apr 2004 03:44:47 +0530
Can you tell us a little bit more about your technique? Not so much that you are divulging any "trade secrets" or jeopardizing your income, but enough to give us some sense of how your process works?

For example, do you give people different recommendations depending on their own natal charts? Would I receive a different recommendation as I approach the end of my Venus dasha, compared to another investor in the midst of a Saturn or Mercury dasha? Would my exalted Mercury and debilitated Venus affect my portfolio, or are all the investment factors "external" to the individual investor, focusing only on the markets themselves?
Mina - Sat, 03 Apr 2004 07:19:14 +0530
It is not really an issue of trade secrets, but one of regulatory requirements with the National Futures Association. I can't really post anything here. That is why I will create a link to a URL as soon as it is ready with all of the risk disclosure language included in the promotional material. Sorry Vamsidas Ji. You will just have to be patient.
Mina - Sat, 10 Apr 2004 20:12:48 +0530
I have stock trades to do as well, but I am not a licensed stock broker. Perhaps I can offer a newsletter with stock trade recommentations for those not interested in the highly leveraged markets like futures and other derivatives. I may not need a Series 7 for that. Eventually I will probably take the Series 7 exam, but I need to study for that one (its something like 13 tests, and covers more than just securities). I don't want the SEC coming after me, so I won't say anything more about this until I research it.

My brother-in-law (has been trading stocks on his home computer since he sold his business and retired a few years ago) subscribes to one monthly newsletter, which he thinks is good: Investor's World. I believe its $275 a year for the subscription.
Mina - Fri, 11 Jun 2004 23:00:49 +0530
OK. Thanks for your patience, but it took me some time to get all of the paperwork in order for the regulatory bodies and get set up with the overall trading and marketing strategies.

Looks like I won't be doing a fee based subscription service after all. What I will set up is a sixty day free trial on the site for my company, Moonbeam Trading: I hope to have that published in the next few days. I wil keep everyone posted. In the meantime, if I can find the time in the evenings, I will start posting the trade recommendations using the system here. Just a note on the best strategy (just my own opinion after trading those markets for the past twenty one years), rather than just jump in on the opening of the trading session with a long or short position, I think it is better to wait to see that it establishes some price movement in the anticipated direction first. That is because there is not 100% accuracy, and any risk management strategy that minimizes drawdown of trading equity is wise for obvious reasons. Those are markets that tend to become extremely volatile at a moment's notice. Any government or private sector report that comes out can have extreme impact on prices intraday.

I will start a new topic for the trade recommendations in the Miscellaneous Discussions forum.

For any interested parties, my prospectus and Commodity Trading Advisor disclosure document is available by email. Just send me a private message on this board and I will send you a Word or plain text version. If you prefer PDF, then I can produce one with Acrobat - I just don't have one ready to send right now. Just state your preference in your message.