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May Meditations - Sweeter than ever

Raga - Wed, 01 May 2002 09:07:46 +0530
The fourth month of meditations...

Sri Krishna Karnamrta, verse 68:

mAraH svayaM nu madhura-dyuti-maNDalaM nu
mAdhuryam eva nu mano-nayanAmRtaM nu
veNI-mRjo nu mama jIvita-vallabho nu
kRSNo 'yam abhyudayate mama locanAya

“My dear friends, where is that Krishna, Cupid personified, who has the effulgence of a kadamba flower, who is sweetness itself, the nectar for my eyes and mind, He who loosens the hair of the gopis, who is the supreme source of transcendental bliss, and my life and soul? Has He come before my eyes again?”
anuraag - Wed, 01 May 2002 20:30:36 +0530
citraM tad etac caraNAravindaM
citraM tad etan nayanAravindam |
citraM tad etad vadanAravindam
citraM tad etad vapuaramba citram ||

Those wondrous lotusfeet are here, biggrin.gif
those wondrous lotuseyes are here, wink.gif
the wondrous lotusface is here;  [-oo-]
the wonder's here again, O mother,  [/_/]
the wondrous body of His! [vV-V]

(Sri Krishna Karnamritam 1. 89)

Jaya Sri Radhey!    smile.gif

Raga - Fri, 03 May 2002 22:37:11 +0530
lokadvayAt svajanataH parataH svato vA
prANapriyAd api sumerusamA yadi syuH
klezAs tadapy atibalI  sahasA vijitya
premaiva tAn harir ibhAn iva puSTim eti

"As a strong lion defeats many elephants
and then becomes further nourished
and strengthened by feeding on them,
so too does sacred love, when exceedingly great,
conquer all obstacles before it,
whether they come from this world or the next,
from enemies or from family members,
from one's own body or the things connected to it,
or even from that dearest one
who is the object of the love itself.
Even if those obstacles are as vast
as the immeasurable Mount Meru,
sacred love will conquer them,
and having conquered,
will become more strong and vital."


sarvathA dhvaMsa-rahitaM
saty api dhvaMsa-kAraNe
yad bhAva-bandhanaM yUnoH
sa premA parikIrtitaH

"Even all the causes for perishing and forsaking do not cause its perishment;
this emotional bondage between the lovers is glorified as sacred love."

Malatilata - Mon, 13 May 2002 00:12:34 +0530

of Svarupa Damodara Gosvami

Text 1
sva-bhakti-yoga-lasinam sada vraje viharinam
hari-priya-ganagragam sacisuta-priyesvaram
saradha-krsna-sevana-prakasakam mahasayam
bhajamy aham gadadharam supanditam gurum prabhum

"I worship the greatly learned and exalted spiritual master, Srila Gadadhara Prabhu, who appears very splendid, engaged in the Lord's devotional service. He always performs pastimes in Vraja, where he is very prominent among the gopis, who are very dear to Lord Hari. Lord Caitanya, the Son of Saci is the dear Lord of Gadadhara Prabhu, who is preaching the service of Radha and Krsna."

Text 2
suraga-marga-darsakam vrajadi-vasa-dayakam
bhajamy aham gadadharam supanditam gurum prabhum

"I worship the greatly learned spiritual master, Srila Gadadhara Prabhu. He is expertly absorbed in meditation on the nine rasas of devotional service, beginning with ujjvala-rasa (conjugal love), and he dances in the waves of the amazing ocean of devotional service to Lord Caitanya. He preaches the path of raganuga-bhakti (spontaneous devotional service), and He is a fit person to attain residence in the transcendental land of Vraja."

Text 3
mukunda-gaura-rupinam svabhava-dharma-dayakam
bhajamy aham gadadharam supanditam gurum prabhum

"I worship the greatly learned spiritual master, Srila Gadadhara Prabhu. The best of those who are devoted to the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya, the Son of Saci-devi, offer respecful obeisances to him and treat him with great importance, and he is very dear to Lord Krsna, Who is seated in the middle of the lotus flower which is his heart, assuming His golden form of Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He preaches that Lord Mukunda has assumed the golden form of Lord Caitanya, and he returns the living entities to their constitutional position as servants of the Lord."

Text 4
sada sakhi-rati-pradam maha-rasa-svarupakam
sadacritagghri-pankajam sariri-sad-gurum varam
bhajamy aham gadadharam supanditam gurum prabhum

"I worship the greatly learned and exalted spiritual master, Srila Gadadhara Prabhu. It is only because of him that the truth of the exalted devotional service performed by the intimate associates of Krsna in the forests and groves of Vrndavana has been revealed. He is preaching the ecstatic love attained by the gopis, and he is indeed a personification of the mellows of devotional service. The saintly devotees take shelter of his lotus feet, and he teaches the truth of spiritual life to the living entities."

Text 5
mahaprabhor maha-rasa-prakasanagkuram priyam
sada maha-rasagkura-prakacanadi-vasanam
mahaprabhor vrajagganadi-bhava-moda-karakam
bhajamy aham gadadharam supanditam gurum prabhum

"I worship the greatly learned spiritual master, Srila Gadadhara Prabhu. He is very dear to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, and it is as if he had sprouted from the manifestation of the Lord`s ecstatic love. He is always adorned with the garments of ecstatic love of Godhead, and He delights Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu by arousing in the Lord the ecstatic emotional love experienced by the gopis of Vraja."

Text 6
nijesu radhikatmata-vapuh-prakacanagraham
bhajamy aham gadadharam supanditam gurum prabhum

"I worship the greatly learned spiritual master, Srila Gadadhara Prabhu, who expands the mellow

s of devotional service and whose lotus feet are worshipped by the kings of the brahmanas. Among his confidential associates, he reveals his actual form as Srimati Radharani. He distributes the nectar of the ecstatic mellow of the gopis conjugal love, strictly following the instructions of all the devotional scriptures."

Text 7
muda nija-priyadika-svapada-padma-sindhubhir
sadasta-sattvikanvitam nijesta-bhakti-dayakam
bhajamy aham gadadharam supanditam gurum prabhum

"I worship the greatly learned spiritual master, Srila Gadadhara Prabhu. With delight he is giving the devotional service of Lord Caitanya which reveals the nectarean ocean of the most exalted mellows of devotional service, along with the nectar flowing from the lotus feet of the gopis, headed by Srimati Radharani, who is most dear to Krsna. Gadadhara Prabhu is decorated with the eight transcendental ecstatic symptoms of sattvika-bhava,and he is distributing devotional service to his worshippable Lord Krsna."

Text 8
naro `api yati turnam eva narya-bhava-bhajanam
tam ujjvalakta-cittam etu citta-matta-catpado
bhajamy aham gadadharam supanditam guram prabhum

"I worship the greatly learned spiritual master, Srila Gadadhara Prabhu. Even a conditioned soul, whose mind becomes anointed by the colorful waves of spontaneous devotional service as delineated by Srila Gadadhara Prabhu, quickly attains the highest level of devotional service. He becomes like a maddened bumble bee whose mind is anointed with the mellow of ujjvala-rasa (conjugal love)."

Text 9
maha-rasamrta-pradam sada gadadhara-astakam
pathet tu yah subhaktito vrajaggana-ganotsavam
labheta radhika-gadadharagghri-padma-sevaya

"These eight verses glorifying Srila Gadadhara Prabhu distribute the nectat of the most exalted mellow of devotional service, and they are like a festival for the gopis of Vraja. If one regularly reads these verses and serves the lotus feet of Srila Gadadhara Prabhu, who is an incarnation of Srimati Radharani, then he will become qualified to attain the jewel of pure devotional service for the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya,the son of Sacidevi."
anuraag - Mon, 13 May 2002 04:12:18 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Namaste all. Happy Mother's Day!

kailAso navanItati kSitir ayaM prAgjagdha mRlloSati
kSIrodopi nipItadugdhati lasatsmere praphulle mukhe
mAtrA 'jIrNa dhiyA dRDhaM cakitayAnaSTAsmidRSTaHkayA
"thU thU vatsaka! jIva lIva ciram" ityukto 'vatAnno hariH"

(Sri Krishna Karnamritam- 2.61)

In the words of the Rasik Saint, Sri Bilva Mangala Thakura-

Mother Yashoda was fondling Baby Krishna on her lap and the adorable Child was smiling with joy opening wide His lotus mouth.

Mother could not help noticing the contents of His stomach!

She was startled to see the 'Kailasa Parvata' Mountain (the
snowcapped abode of Lord Shiva on top of the universe) but composed herself thinking that as the previously eaten butter by her Son.

At the sight of the earth planet, she thought that must be the lump of dirt her mischievous Boy was eating earlier.

When she visualized the Ocean of milk, she surely recognized the (undigested) milk drunk by her poor Baby during the day.

By now, mother Yashoda was firmly convinced herself that her precious Child must have been suffering from "indigestion" due to some envious, evil eyes around the neighborhood and by other wicked spells.

Being a very loving and caring mother, she innocently pronounced an auspicious incantation to drive out the effects of the evil spell and relieve the distress of her Child, and blessed Him -

"Long live, my Child, may You live long!"

Let my Saviour be the same adorable Lord Hari Who was thus protected by mother Yashoda.

Jaya Sri Radhey!
Jagat - Sat, 18 May 2002 06:00:24 +0530
Sorry that this is in French, and no original Brajbhasha, but the translation is very nice. Posted on

Ô, Mâdhava, retiens un peu cette vache !

Nuit et jour elle vagabonde sur de mauvais chemins et nul ne peut s'en saisir!
Très goulue, insatiable,
elle dévore les feuilles de l'Arbre du Veda !

Tout le jour, elle boit
mais jamais sa soif n'est étanchée !
Que je lui apporte maintes nourritures succulentes,
leur odeur lui déplaît,
Mais elle va se jeter sur d'autres fourrages
détestables, indigestes: on ne peut dire ses tours !
Ciel et terre, rivières, montagnes et forêts,
elle a tout brouté mais elle n'est pas satisfaite...

Avec ses sabots bleu-noir, ses yeux rouges,
ses cornes blanches, splendide,
Elle va piétinant les quatorze mondes !
Comment peut-on la retenir ?

Impudente, rebelle, elle ne craint personne:
armée des trois "Qualités", elle tient tête,
A force de ruses elle a dépouillé démons, dieux et hommes
et elle leur grimpe sur la tête !

Elle se compose un museau et des mines séduisantes,
elle leur vole leur âme et prend la fuite !
Nârada et Shuka et tous les grands ascètes et les grands sages
nul n'a pu la maîtriser !

Dis-moi, Océan de compassion:
comment le pauvre Sûr-dâs pourrait-il mener paître une
telle vache?

Ô, Mâdhava, retiens un peu cette vache..."

(La "vache" ici symbolise la soif inextinguible des plaisirs, le désir insatiable qui tourmente Sûr-dâs - et tous les êtres plongés dans l'Océan de l'Existence; elle est aussi une personnification de la Mâyâ.)
Raga - Sat, 18 May 2002 16:06:47 +0530
(La "vache" ici symbolise la soif inextinguible des plaisirs, le désir insatiable qui tourmente Sûr-dâs - et tous les êtres plongés dans l'Océan de l'Existence; elle est aussi une personnification de la Mâyâ.)

"The 'calf' here symbolizes the unquenching thirst for pleasures, the insatiable desires which tormet Surdas -- and all the essences found in the Ocean of Existence; she is also a personification of Maya."
Is this actually the idea of Surdas? I couldn't catch it from his original song above. Perhaps it is due to my having read French some seven years ago for the last time.
Jagat - Sat, 18 May 2002 21:43:34 +0530
As part of Harinama-chintamani, we will be including a fairly substantial appendix with many Maha Mantra vyakhyas. Here is one attributed to Jiva Goswami.


hare kRSNa hare kRSNa kRSNa kRSNa hare hare |
hare rAma hare rAma rAma rAma hare hare ||


sarva-ceta-haraH kRSNas tasya cittaM haraty asau |
vaidagdhI-sAra-vistArair ato rAdhA harA matA ||

Krishna steals everyone’s mind, but Radharani steals even His when She makes use of Her divine talents. Therefore She is known as HarA.
karSati svIya-lAvaNya-muralI-kala-niHsvanaiH |
zrI-rAdhAM mohana-guNAlaGkRtaH kRSNa Iryate ||

Because He forcibly pulls Radha from Her home with the sound of His flute filled with His loveliness, that Lord of all enchanting virtues is known as Krishna.

zrüyate nIyate rAse hariNA hariNekSaNA
ekAkinI rahaH-kuJje hareyaM tena kathyate ||

It is heard that doe-eyed Radha was taken by Krishna during the Rasa dance to spend time with Him alone in a secret grove in the forest. She is therefore known as HarA.

aGga-zyAmalima-stomaiH zyAmalIkRta-kAJcanaH |
ramate rAdhayA sArdhaM kRSNo nigadyate ||

The black effulgence of Krishna’s body turns even the gold of Radharani’s skin to black when He embraces Her. He is thus known as Krishna.

kRtvAraNye saraH-zreSThaM kAntayAnumatas tayA |
AkRSya sarva-tIrthAni taj-jJAnAt kRSNa Iryate  ||

When Radharani ordered Krishna to build the most beautiful water tank in the world (as a penance for killing Arishtasura), He called all the holy rivers and tanks to bring water to fill it. Thus He is known as Krishna.

kRSyate rAdhayA premNA yamunA-taTa-kAnanam |
lIlayA lalitaz cApi dhIraiH kRSNa udAhRtaH ||

Because He is forcibly attracted into the forests on the Yamuna’s banks by Radha’s ecstatic love, where He becomes Her playful lover, He is known by the wise as Krishna.

hRtavAn gokule tiSThann ariSTaM puSTa-puGgavam |
zrI-haris taM rasAd uccai rAyatIti harA matA ||

While living in Gokula, Krishna destroyed the powerful demon known as Arishta. At that time, Radha called out to Him with great emotion. Doing so, she stole His mind and so is known as HarA.

hy asphuTaM rAyati prIti-bhareNa hari-ceSTitam |
gAyatIti matA dhIrair harA rasa-vicakSaNaiH ||

Filled with sweet affection, Radha sometimes glorifies Krishna’s pastimes quietly, and sometimes She sings them aloud. Thus those who know the secrets of divine rasa call Her HarA.

rasAveza-parisrastAM jahAra muralIM hareH |
hareti kIrtitA devI vipine keli-lampaTA ||

Sometimes Krishna becomes so absorbed in Radha’s love that His beloved flute slips from His hand. Mad with the desire to enjoy pastimes in the forest bowers with Krishna, Radha steals Krishna’s flute. That goddess is thus known as HarA.

govardhana-darI-kuJje parirambha-vicakSaNaH |
zrI-rAdhAM ramayAmAsa rAmas tena mato hariH ||

When Krishna, the expert embracer, makes love with Radha in the forest bowers or the caves of Govardhan, He is known as Rama.

hanti duHkhAni bhaktAnAM rAti saukhyAni cAnvaham |
harA devI

nigaditA mahA-kAruNya-zAlinI ||

Radha most compassionately destroys the miseries of Her devotees and gives them great joy every single day. Therefore she is known as HarA.

ramate bhajato cetaH paramAnanda-vAridhau |
atreti kathito rAmaH zyAmasundara-vigrahaH ||

Krishna, with His beautiful blackish form, submerges the minds of those who worship Him in an ocean of supreme bliss. Therefore He is known by the name Rama.

ramayaty acyutaM premNA nikuJja-vana-mandire |
rAmA nigaditA rAdhA rAmo yutas tayA punaH ||

In a temple forest groves, Radharani brings the infallible Krishna to the pinnacle of joy with Her love. Therefore She is called RAmA. Since Krishna is always by Her side, He is known as Rama.

rodanair gokule dAvAnalam azayati hy asau |
vizoSayati tenokto rAmo bhakta-sukhAvahaH ||

When Krishna heard the cries of the Vrajavasis, who were afraid of the forest fire, He quickly swallowed it up, drying their tears. By giving them joy in this way, He is known as Rama.

nihantum asurAn yAto mathurA-puram ity asau |
tadAgamad rahaH-kAmo yasyAH sA’sau hareti ca ||

Krishna left Vraja for Mathura in order to slay the demons, but later returned, drawn by the desire to be alone with Radha. Because She attracted Him back to Vraja, She is known as HarA.

Agatya duHkha-hartA yo sarveSAM vraja-vAsinAm |
zrI-rAdhA-hAri-carito hariH zrI-nanda-nandanaH ||

When the son of Nanda returned to Vraja after many years in Mathura and Dvaraka, He took away all the distress of its residents. His every action steals the heart of Srimati Radharani, and so He is known as Hari.
Jagat - Sat, 18 May 2002 23:44:57 +0530
vepante duritAni moha-mahimA sammoham Alambate
sAtaGkaM nakha-rajanIM kalayati zrI-citraguptaH kRtI |
sAnandaM madhuparka-sambhRti-vidhau vedhAH karoty udyamaM
vaktuM nAmni tavezvarAbhilaSite brUmaH kim anyat param ||

Sins quake
and the illusion of worldly well-being
itself becomes bewildered;

Chitragupta, the scribe of Destiny,
fearfully picks up his scissors,
as Brahma prepares the ingredients
necessary to worship
that person
who simply desires to utter Your holy name, O Lord!

Need we say anything more than this
in its praise?
Raga - Tue, 21 May 2002 04:20:49 +0530
The following is a description of Salila Kamala, the kunja of Srimati Ananga Manjari,
as it appears in the Govinda Lilamrta of Krishnadas Kaviraja (7.100-101)

upari lahari tulyAkara citraiH sphuradbhir marakatacaya garbhaih puSparAgendu kAntaiH
ghaTitam itara loke toyavad bhAsamAnaM maNimaya kumudAmbhojAli haMsAdi yuktam
dhanapati dizi tAdRk setubandhAnuSaktaM SaD adhika daza patrAmbhojavat sannivezam
salila kamala sadmAnaGga yuG maJjarI zam pradam atula sulAvaNyollasal lAlasIti

"In the north of Radhakunda is the kunja of Sri Radha's younger sister Ananga Manjari, known as Salila Kamala. It appears to outsiders as radiant as water. It is shaped like a sixteen petaled lotus and is connected to the shore (being actually situated within the water) by a bridge.

This kunja is studded with emeralds, rubies and moonstones as well as jewelled lilies, lotuses and swans. Seeing this kunja, which gives matchless bliss to Krishna with its fine, natural beauty, it seems as if a garland of waves manifests above it."
Jagat - Tue, 21 May 2002 23:43:03 +0530
vedAntAH pratipAdayanti mukhato no cet tataH kiM mama
manyante bata zAstra-garta-patitA dustarkiNaH kiM tataH |
no ced bhAgavatAnubhUti-padavIM yAtas tataH kiM mama
svAtmA vajra-sahasra-biddha iva na spandeta vRndAvanAt ||

The Upanishads never directly mention it, so what?
What do I care for those quibblers who have fallen into the deep well of the scriptures?
What do I care for those who haven't entered into an understanding of the Bhagavata's secrets?
My mind will not be diverted from Vrindavan for an instant,
even if you throw a thousand thunderbolts at it!
(VMS 1.6)

kiM vA nas taiH suzAstraiH kim atha tad-uditair vartmabhiH sad-gRhItair
yatrAsti prema-mUrter nahi mahima-sudhä nApi bhAvas tadIyaH |
kiM vA vaikuNTha-lakSmyApy ahaha paramayA yatra me nAsti rädhä
kintv AzApy astu vRndävana-bhuvi madhurA koTi-janmAntare ||

What do we care for all these nice scriptures, or the brilliant paths described in them and followed by so many saintly persons? If there is no feeling nor nectarean glorification of Radha, the incarnation of love, what do we need them for? I don't even care for Lakshmi or Vaikuntha if there is no Radha, whereas I will stay here in Vrindavan for a million births, enlivened by the sweet hope of attaining her service.(RRSN 217)

tAvad brahma-kathA vimukta-padavI tAvan na tiktI-bhavet
tAvac cApi vizRGkhalatvam ayate no loka-veda-sthitiH |
tAvac chAstra-vidAM mithaH kala-kalo nAnA-bahir-vartmasu
zrI-caitanya-padAmbuja-priya-jano yAvan na dig-gocaraH  ||

Talk of Brahman and liberation will not taste bitter;
The world and Vedic social order will continue to look perfectly orderly,
And one will be caught up in arguments about the merits
of different superficial matters with followers of various scriptures,
As long as one has not come into contact with devotees
who hold dear the lotus of feet of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
(CC 19)
Jagat - Sun, 26 May 2002 08:35:37 +0530
mAlAM kaNThe’rpaya sulalita-candanaM sarva-gAtre
tAmbUlaà prAzaya kuru sukhaM sAdhu saMvIjanena |
vyatyAzleSAt sukha-zAyiyor lAlayann aGghrim itthaM
rAdhA-kRSNau paricara rahaH kuJja-zayyAm upetau ||2.56||

Serve Radha and Krishna in the secret kunj.:
place a garland around their necks,
smear their entire bodies with sweet sandalwood paste,
feed them tambul,
cool them by fanning them diligently in the heat,
and while they lie, locked in embrace,
cradle and massage their feet.
Jagat - Sun, 26 May 2002 19:05:58 +0530
prabho madana-mohana tvam aticAru-vRndATavI-
nikuJja-bhavane mayA dayati karhi seviSyate |
prasUna-zayanaM gataH sa-rabhasaM mamAtmezvarI-
sahAya uru-manmatha-kSubhita-mUrtir udyat-smitaH ||3.15||

O beloved Madana Mohan!
When will I serve you in this land of Vrindavan,
while you lie on a bed of flowers
in your most charming forest cottage
with the mistress of my soul, Radha,
ecstatically agitated by the forces of Cupid,
a brilliant smile rising on the horizon of your lips.
Jagat - Mon, 27 May 2002 21:13:28 +0530
kadA vRndAraNye mihira-duhituH saGga-mahite
muhur bhrAmaM bhrAmaM carita-laharIr gokula-pateH |
lapann uccair uccair nayana-payasAM veNibhir ahaM
kariSye sotkaNTho niviDam avasekaM viTapinAm ||10||

When will the day come when I wander anxiously in Vraja,
loudly prattling the wavelike pastimes of the Lord of Gokula,
tears falling from my eyes like braids,
intertwining with the Yamuna
and irrigating the flora of the Vrindavan forest?

Rupa Goswami, Chando'STAdazakam.
Raga - Tue, 28 May 2002 16:23:14 +0530
Sri Gaura Raya speaks to Sanatana (CC M 21.137-143):

Just contemplate the sweetness of the Lord!
A mellifluent sea of mead
For which my mind in lusty greed
Has come and sits in waiting by its shore.
And thinking it will quickly drink its fill
Is fated to know it never will.
Misfortune has come in doctor’s guise
and allows it not one drop despite its cries.

Pray tell, can sweetness be still more than sweet?
And then more sweet, a sweetness even more complete?
With just one drop, the entire cosmos fills
And drowns within those lovely honey swills;
In sweetness all directions merge and meet.
The smiling rays of camphor touch his lips,
The smile melts from his misty mouth and drips
Ent’ring by force the ears of all the skies
Beguiles, and ravishing it ties
The hearts of all, and most of all the girls.

Just hear about that dulcet flute’s disgrace!
It steals wives from their husbands’ sweet embrace,
Destroys their dharm and their chasteness vows.
And Laksmi too in heaven is aroused,
So what hope have we poor gopis to save face?

It looses the brides’ clothes before their grooms,
Makes them leave their chores unfinished in their rooms;
It makes them dance as if tied to a string
Forgetting fear, shame and every thing,
Then drags them to where the lotus lord’s smile blooms.

Sri Krsna’s arms like jewelled bars of steel
No, not arms but cobras black who steal
Between the furrows of the gopis’ breasts
To pierce their hearts and put their fangs to rest,
To leave a wound that only he can heal.

SanAtan! KRSNa-mAdhurya amRtera sindhu |
mora mana-sannipAti, sab pite kare mati
durdaiva-vaidya nA dey eka bindu ||
madhura haite sumadhur, tAhA haite sumadhur,
tAhA haite ati-sumadhur |
ApanAra eka kaNe, vyApe saba tribhuvane,
dazadik vyApe yAra pUr ||
smita kiraNa-sukarpUre, paize adhara-madhure,
se-i madhu mAtAy tri-bhuvane |
vaMzI chidra-AkAze, tAr guNa-zabde paize,
dhvani-rUpe pAiyA pariNAme ||
se dhvani caudike dhAy, aNDa bhedi vaikuNTha yAy,
bale paize jagatera kANe |
sabA mAtoyAla kari, balAtkAre Ane dhari,
vizeSataH yuvatIra gaNe ||
dhvani baRa uddhata, pativratAr bhAGge vrata,
pati kol haite TAni Ane |
vaikuNThera lakSmI gaNe, yei kare AkarSaNe,
tAra Age kebA gopI gaNe ||
nIvi khasAy pati-Age, gRha-karma karAy tyAge,
bale dhari Ane kRSNa sthAne |
loka-dharma-lajjA-bhay, sab jJAna lupta hay,
aiche nAcAy sab nArI-gaNe ||
subalita-dIrghArgal, kRSNa-bhuja-yugal,
bhuja nahe kRSNa sarpa-kAy |
dui zaila-chidre paize, nArIr hRdaya daMz,
mare nArI se viSa-jvAlAy ||

Jagat - Tue, 28 May 2002 19:53:13 +0530
supuSpaM zrI-vRndAvana tava sutuGga-druma-ziro-
gataM kAGkSanty Ahety anagha bhava nIco mama mude |
mayA nety ukto’pi prahasana-pareNaiva viTapI
yad uktaM preyasyA akRta mama tenAtimud abhUt ||

O Sri Vrindavan ! One day Radharani wanted to pick a beautiful flower from the upper branches of one of your trees. So she said, “O sinless one! Be kind and bend over for me.”

I (Krishna) laughed and jokingly said, “Don’t do it”, but the tree did not obey me and acted as my beloved had asked. This brought me the greatest pleasure.

Vrndavana-mahimamrita 11.23.
anuraag - Thu, 30 May 2002 22:39:18 +0530

dhArA vASpamayI na yAti viratiM lokasya nirmitsataH premAsmin niti
nandanandanarataM lobhAn mano mA kRthAH
itthaM bhUri nivAri topi tarale madvAci sAcI kRta bhrUdvandvA
nahi gauravaM tvamakaroH kiM nAdya rodiSyasi?

(VM 5.169)

Srimati Lalita Sakhi says to her Mistress, Radha Rani:

O my sweet, beautiful Lady!
I have warned You earlier that
whoever falls in the Love trap
of the Son of Nanda Maharaj,
there will not be an end to the
flow of her tears for ever!

Due to Your greedy Love for Him,
You haven't heed my advice,
though I have tried many times
to stop Your infatuation.

O tender-hearted naive Radhike!
You have doubted my good counsel
and never paid respect nor
listened to my wise words.

Now what else will You do
other than weeping bitterly
and crying loudly!

Jaya Sri Radhey!