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May Considerations - May your considerations be successful!

Raga - Wed, 01 May 2002 09:16:25 +0530

vikrIDitaM vraja-vadhUbhir idaM ca viSNoH
zraddhAnvito ’nuzRNuyAd atha varNayed yaH
bhaktiM parAM bhagavati pratilabhya kAmaM
hRd-rogam Azv apahinoty acireNa dhIraH
“Filled with faith, one who hears or describes the loving sports of Sri Krishna and the young maidens of Vraja will quickly drive away the heart-disease of lust, become sober, and attain supramundane devotion of the Lord.”

* * * * *

The often controversial verse -- to speak or not to speak. One who has no faith in this verse, one who does not believe that the heart-disease of lust will vanish upon such hearing, he is not qualified to hear about the love-sports of Sri Krishna and the damsels of Vraja. One who does not doubt these words of Sri Suka is qualified to hear. "Sraddhanvitah 'nusrnuyad".
anuraag - Mon, 13 May 2002 03:46:33 +0530
kiM brUmastvAM yazode kati kati sukRtakSetra vRMdAni pUrvam
gatvAkI dRgvidhAnaih kati kati sukRtAnyarjitAni tvayaiva,
na zakro na svayambhUr na ca madanaripur yasya lebhe prasAdam
tat pUrNaM bhUmau viluThati vilasat kroDa maroDhukAmam

O Blessed Mother Yasodaji!
I have no words to praise your fortune!
To tell you the truth,
I am perplexed because
there is NO Spiritual DESCIPLINE
enunciated in Vedas and other Scriptures,
by which one can attain the SPECIAL status of
Vatsalya Bhava, you have been BLESSED with,
by His Divine Grace.

Not even the lord of Heaven,
His brother like Indra,
or the first born cosmic creator,
His son like lord Brahma,
or the destroying enemy of cupid,
the supreme Vaishnava,
His perfect devotee,
Lord Siva have received such a
Divine favor from Lord Krishna.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead
is rolling on the ground in tantrums,
wanting to be carried in your arms,
and you scream at Him,
"I have no spare time from my housework now.
Are You a unique Child that
You always want to be carried around?
Go! Go, run out and play with Your other friends!"

(Prema Rasa Siddhant)

Happy Mother's Day!

Jaya Sri Radhey!
Raga - Tue, 21 May 2002 14:58:34 +0530
We know that the spiritual master of Srila Narottam was Lokanath Goswami. Then how did Narottam develope a taste to serve Sri Rupa directly?

Narottama explains this in his Prarthana. First, in song 17, he is praying for it:
4. prabhu lokanatha kabe sange lana jabe
sri-rupera pada-padme more samarpibe

When will my master, Lokanatha Gosvami, place me at the lotus feet of Srila Rupa Gosvami?
Then, in song 19, he attains the same:
1. sri-rupa pascate ami rahiba bhita hana
donhe punah kahibena ama pane cana

I timidly follow behind Sri Rupa-manjari. When will she say to me: "Fetch some water for the Divine Couple?

2. sadaya hrdaya donhe kahibena hasi
kothaya paile rupa ei naba dasi

When will the Divine Couple, compassionately smiling, say: "Where has Rupa-manjari gotten this young maidservant?"

3. sri-rupa-manjari tabe donha bakya suni
manjulali dila more ei dasi ani

Hearing these words, Sri Rupa-manjari will say: "Manjulali (Lokanath) gave this maidservant to me."

4. ati namra-citta ami haibe janila
seba-karya niya tabe hethaya rakhila

At that time I will feel very humble at heart, and I will diligently engage in the service of the Divine Couple.

5. hena tattwa konhakare saksate kahiya
narottame sebaya mijukta kariya

When will the Divine Couple directly speak in this way to Narottama dasa, engaging him in Their service?
anuraag - Wed, 22 May 2002 18:18:11 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey! Appearance day of Mother Janaki devi, Consort of Lord Ramacandra, was celebrated on May 21, 2002. This post is dedicated to Her.  wink.gif

ete lakSmaNa jAnakI-virahitaM mAM khedayanty ambudA
marmANIva ca ghattayanty alam amI krUrAM kadambAnilAH
itthaM vyAhRta-pUrva-janma-caritaM yo rAdhayA vIkSitaM
sseSyAn zaMkitayA sa nas sukhayatu svapnAyamAno hariH

(Sri Krishna Karnamritam 2. 69, Sri Lilasuka Bilvamangala)

'O Lakshmana, in the separation of My Janaki, these cool clouds are mere distress to me.
The cruel breeze scented with Kadamba flowers torments me deeply.'  sad.gif

Lord Hari was anxiously observed by Beloved Radhika with distrust and jealousy upon hearing these words of past incarnation uttered in His dream. [_/]

May that naughty Hari  [vV-V]   be the source of delight to us.

Jaya Sri Radhey!