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Wisdom Of Brihaspati - From Garuda-purana

Madhava - Mon, 15 Mar 2004 08:12:59 +0530
From Brihaspati-niti-sara of Garuda-purana, taken from the edition of Motilal Banarsidass.

1.114.18. He is the real scholar who pleases children with sweets, the good people with humility, the women with wealth, the deities with penance and people [by work] for their welfare.

1.114.23. A general confidence in all living beings is sattvika but the main characteristic of a saintly man is to keep his feelings a secret forever.

1.114.51. Meritorious persons bow down like the fruit-laden trees. Dry trees and fools would rather break than bend at all.

1.114.62. There is only one fault in men of forbearance and patience. There is no second fault. People take him to be powerless.

1.114.67. The man who robs someone though he uses the money to make a charitable gift goes to hell. The fruit of the meritorious deed goes to the original owner of the wealth.