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News And Editorials - A New Section

Madhava - Sat, 06 Mar 2004 09:06:08 +0530
As you may have noted, we have added a new section for News and Editorials. It is, unlike the rest of the forum, for stand-alone contributions. Publication guidelines will be outlined later on, but the general idea is visible in the statement of purpose of the forums. Submit your articles either to the moderators or to the appropriate e-mail address mentioned in the category.

We reserve the right to publish or to not publish contributions at our sole discretion. If you aim for writing relevant and thoughtful contributions, the chances are your stories will be frequently published. We obviously cannot publish every single bit of text we receive. So, do not write for the sake of writing something, but do write if you have something very meaningful to contribute.

We hope this will lay the foundation for the eventual news site that's been in the air but is yet to materialize.

Thoughts and comments on the articles may be contributed in the appropriate category under the Discussions-area.