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Guru And Initiation - An Answer For This Time - announcement

Kirshna_dasa_Adhikari - Sat, 06 Mar 2004 06:15:50 +0530
Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada, who so kindly risked everything to
bring us news of Lord Krishna, that we might be saved from this
material world.

My dear friend and online preaching partner, Rukmini-Devi dasi and I
are offering a page in answer to the bewilderment so many are
experiencing over the present PUSH to accept a guru and be initiated.

This is being very heavily promoted by some adherants of both ISKCON
and Rtvik viewpoints, and is negatively affecting many folks who are
new to the Krishna consicousness movement. Time and again, we come
up against this, and so the page, entitled Guru and Initiation.

While we realize the page will not make us popular - even with some
of our good friends, both in ISKCON and Rtvik - we feel it is our
duty to give answer to this situation.

We only ask that everyone in the Hare Krishna community read the page
with open mind and heart.

The page can be viewed at:

Thank you. Hare Krishna.

Krishna dasa Adhikari
Radhapada - Sun, 07 Mar 2004 20:48:34 +0530
Thanks for the advice Krishna Das Adhikari. It all makes sense to me now.
Govindaram - Sun, 07 Mar 2004 22:50:23 +0530
Hare Krishna

The verse and puport explain a lot, still trying to understand it.

or we could go simple and explain it in 3 words:

Krishna gives Guru. blush.gif unsure.gif rolleyes.gif ohmy.gif smile.gif crying.gif laugh.gif