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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

Prabhu Caitanya's Maha-prakasa Pastimes - Caitanya-bhagavata Madhya 9-10, Gaura Purnima 2004

Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 07:06:34 +0530
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Prabhu Caitanya's Maha-prakasa Pastimes

1. All glories to Gaura, the lord of the entire universe, who disguised himself in the dress of a sannyasi!

2. All glories to Caitanya, the son of Jagannatha and Saci! All glories to Gaurasundara, who bestowed the wealth of sankirtana!

3. All glories to He who is the life of Nityananda and Gadadhara! All glories to He who is the life and wealth of Advaita and Srivasa!

4. All glories to He who is the life of Jagadananda and Haridasa! All glories to the Lord who is the abode of Vakresvara's and Pundarika's love!

5. All glories to the dear Lord of Vasudeva and Srigarbha! O Lord, please glance auspiciously on the innumerable jivas!

6. All glories to Gauranga along with His devotees! By listening to Caitanya-katha one obtains bhakti!

7. O brothers, please listen with one-pointed attention to the topics of Madhya-khanda, regarding how Mahaprabhu Gauracandra enjoyed His play!

8. Now hear about Caitanya's maha-prakasa, during which all the Vaisnavas obtained fulfillment of their desires!

9. This pastime is known throughout the world as 'sata-prahariya-bhava' [21-hour ecstasy]. In this period Prabhu manifested His various avataras.

10. In this pastime He ate wonderfully, manifested wonderful forms, and awarded the wealth of Visnu-bhakti to one and all.

11. On that day, the devotees performed abhiseka for Prabhu as the King of all Kings.

12. One day, Mahaprabhu Sri Gaurasundara came to the house of Srivasa Pandita.

13. He was accompanied by the most restless Nityananda-candra. Little by little, all the devotees gathered there.

14. The heart of Mahaprabhu Gaura-raya was absorbed in ecstasy. Manifesting His opulences He looked in the four directions.

15. Understanding the indication of Prabhu, the devotees began loud kirtana from all sides.

16. On other days Prabhu would dance in the mood of a servant and would only momentarily manifest His opulences before withdrawing them.

17-19. While dancing on this day, however, Prabhu made all the devotees fortunate by going up and sitting on the throne of Visnu. On other days when Prabhu manifested his prakasa-bhava and sat on Visnu's throne, He acted like He was unaware of His actions. But during this sata-prahariya-bhava, Prabhu gave up all pretension and revealed His glories for twenty-one hours.

20. All the devotees happily stood before the Lord feeling great happiness.

21. How wodnerful were their feelings of happiness! Everyone felt like they were enjoying in Vaikuntha.

22. Prabhu also sat like the Lord of Vaikuntha. Not even a tinge of illusion was present there.

23. The Lord ordered: "Recite the prayers for My abhiseka." Hearing this, the devotees happily obliged.

24. Hearing the abhiseka prayers, Prabhu rolled His head and without exception glanced mercifully on all.

25. The devotees understood Prabhu's indication and decided to perform the abhiseka ceremony.

26. All of them brought Ganga-jala and strained it with fine and clean cloth.

27. Thereafter they joyfully prepared for the abhiseka by mixing camphor and four other ingredients in water.

28. The tumultous sound of "Jaya Jaya" was heard in the four directions as everyone began to recite the abhiseka mantras.

29. First, Sri Nityananda chanted "Jaya Jaya" as He happily poured water on the head of the Lord.

30. Exalted devotees headed by Advaita and Srivasa bathed the Lord while reciting the Purusa-sukta mantras.

31. Gauranga's devotees were expert in chanting mantras. As they recited them, they joyfully poured water on the Lord.
Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 07:42:01 +0530
32. Headed by Mukunda, they sang highly-auspicious abhiseka songs as some cried, some danced, and some became overwhelmed with bliss.

33. The chaste women made auspicious sounds as everyone's hearts filled with bliss.

34. The Primeval Lord of Vaikuntha sat on the throne as all the devotees continued pouring water on His head.

35. There were supposed to be one hundred and eight pots of water, but thousands of pots could not hold all that water!

36. All the fortunate devatas assumed the form of humans and secretly took part in the abhiseka.

37-38. If one offers even a drop of water at the lotus feet of the Lord in meditation, what to speak of directly, he is never subjected to the punishment of Yamaraja. That Prabhu was not directly accepting water from everyone.

39. The servants and maidservants of Srivasa brought water and also bathed Prabhu. This is the fruit of serving the devotees.

40. One most fortunate maidservant named Dukhi brought some water for Thakura, who encouraged her by saying: "Bring, bring!"

41. On seeing the strength of her bhakti, Thakura changed her name from Dukhi to Sukhi.*

42. All the devotees bathed the Lord while chanting various Vedic mantras and then they dried His body.

43. Thereafter they dressed Him in new cloth and applied fragrant candana-paste on His auspicious limbs.

44. They cleaned the throne of Visnu and then Prabhu sat down on it.

45. Nityananda Raya held an umbrella over the Lord's head while some fortunate devotee fanned Him with a camara.

46. Then all the devotees began to offer various items of worship at the feet of their Lord.

47. Water for foot-washing, auspicious ingredients for the hand, water for mouth-washing, candana-paste, flowers, incense, lamps, food, and cloth were offered.

48. According to their capacity they offered the brahmana-thread, clothes, and ornaments. In this way they worshipped the Lord with sixteen ingredients.

49. Tulasi-manjaris were dipped in candana-paste and offered to the lotus feet of the Lord again and again.

50. After worshipping the Lord according to the rules for the ten-syllable Gopala-mantra, they offered prayers.

51. All the principle parsadas headed by Advaita fell at the Lord's feet and offered salutations.

52. Tears of love fell from the eyes of the devotees while Prabhu listened as they offerent the following prayers:

53. "All glories to the Lord of all the universes! Kindly bestow Your auspicious glance on the souls who are burned by the three types of miseries.

54. "All glories to the Original Cause and father of everyone! All glories to the Lord who has incarnated in order to inaugurate sankirtana!

55. "All glories to the protector of Veda-dharma and sadhus! All glories to the Lord who gives life to everyone from Brahma to the inert jivas!

56. "All glories to the ocean of good qualities and the deliverer of the fallen! All glories to the supreme shelter and the friend of the poor!

57. "All glories to the cowherd boy who lives in the ocean of milk! All glories to the Lord who manifests His pastimes for the sake of His devotees!

58-59. "All glories to the Lord who is the inconceivable, unfathomable, and original truth! All glories to the Lord who is the most gentle form of pure goodness! All glories to the Lord who is the ornament and the deliverer of the brahmanas! All glories to the Lord who is the life and soul of all, including the principles of the Veda!

60. "All glories to He who daved the fallen Ajamila! All glories to He who liberated Putana of her sins!

61. "All glories to He who does not see the fualts of other and who is the beloved Lord of Laksmi!" In this way the exalted devotees offered their prayers.

62. Seeing the supreme manifestation of the Lord's prakata-form, all His servants merged in an ocean of supreme bliss.

* Dukhi means 'one who is unhappy' whereas Sukhi means 'one who is happy.'
Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 08:13:57 +0530
63. Prabhu Gaurasundara spontaneously extended His auspicious lotus feet, which were worshipped by all the devotees.

64. Someone brought fragrant sandalwood-paste to smear on those auspicious feet. Another offered tulasi-manjaris in worship.

65. Yet another offered ornaments made of gold, silver, and gems at His lotus feet and then offered obeisances.

66. Everyone offered obeisances while white, blue, and yellow silk cloth were offered at the Lord's lotus feet.

67. They offered various types of metal containers. No one knew how many people fell at His lotus feet.

68-69. The lotus feet that all beginning with Brahma, Laksmi, and Siva desire to worship were now being worshipped by the servants and maidservants of the Vaisnavas. This is the fruit of serving the Vaisnavas.

70. They fearlessly offered fresh grass, paddy, and tulasi at the lotus feet of the Lord.

71. Some of them brought various kinds of fruits that were offered at His lotus feet, while others offered sandalwood-paste and flowers at the Lords' lotus feet.

72. Someone was inspired to worship with sixteen ingredients whereas another was inspired to worship with six ingredients.

73. Everyone joyfully offered musk, kunkuma, camphor, and vermillion at the Lord's auspicious feet.

74. Those lotus feet and toenails were decorated with various flowers such as campaka, mallika, kunda, kadamba, and malati.

75. As the crest-jewel of Vaikuntha manifested His opulences, He said: "Give Me something to eat."

76. The devotees saw the Lord extend His palm. Whatever they offered, He ate.

77. Someone offered bananas, someone offered soaked mung dahl, and others offered yogurt, condensed milk, butter, and milk.

78. The devotees offered these things directly into the hands of Mahaprabhu, who sincerely ate everything.

79. Everyone ran from street to street and brought the finest items, which they quickly brought back to the Lord.

80. Someone mixed coconut pulp with sugar and placed it directly into the Lord's hand.

81. They brought an abundance of various sweets, which the Lord took in His hands and ate.

82. Some offered sweets made of fused rice, rose apple, and cucumbers. Some offered sugar cane, and others offered Ganga-jala.

83. On seeing the Lord's blissful manifestation, some servants offered five or ten times.

84. Hundred and hundreds of people offered water, all of which was drunk by the Master of Mahayogis.

85. They offered thousands and thousands of pots of yogurt, condensed milk, and milk, as well as thousands and thousands of bunches of bananas and a large quantity of soaked mung dahl.

86. They offered large quantities of sweetmeats, fruits, and roots, and thousands of containers filled with betel nuts and camphor.

87. Such was the unprecedented power manifested by Gauracandra! The devotees could not understand how He ate everything.

88. Prabhu happily ate the foods offered by His devotees and then began to describe their birth and activites.

89. As a result, each devotee remembered his previous activites and joyfully fell to the ground crying.

90. Prabhu said to Srivasa: "O Srivasa, do you remember when you once heard Bhagavata from Devananda Pandita?

91. "Each and every line of Bhagavata is full of prema-rasa, and your heart melted upon hearing that narration.

92. "You began to cry loudly and fell to the ground, overwhelmed by ecstasy.

93. "Not understanding your devotion, the foolish students could not understand your behaviour.
Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 08:36:01 +0530
94. "You lost consciousness of the outside world while exhibiting prema-vikara, and the students carried you outside.

95. "Devananda did not stop them. As the guru was without intelligence, so were his disciples.

96. "When they left you outside the door, you returned home greatly distressed.

97. "Feeling unhappy at heart, you sat down in a solitary place and again began to read Bhagavata.

98. "Seeing your distress, I left Sri Vaikuntha and appeared in your body.

99. "Then I sat in your heart and made you cry by awarding you prema.

100. "You became blissful by hearing the Bhagavata, and the entire place became wet as if by rain.

101. Realizing the words of the Lord, Srivasa became overwhelmed and rolled on the ground crying and sighing deeply.

102. In this way the Lord reminded all the Vaisnavas headed by Advaita about their previous experiences.

103. All the devotees merged in an ocean of bliss as the Lord sat down and ate betel nuts.

104. Some devotees danced, some engaged in sankirtana. Others joined in with chants of "Jaya Jaya Sri Sacinandana!"

105. If by chance a devotee was absent, the Lord personally ordered that he should be brought there.

106. Extending His palm, the Lord said: "Give Me something to eat." He then ate whatever they gave.

107. After eating, Prabhu said: "Do you remember the night when I was sitting by your side?

108. "In the form of a doctor, I cured your fever." On hearing this, the servant became overwhelmed and fell to the ground.

109. Seeing Gangadasa, Prabhu said: "Do you remember how one night you were running away in fear of the king?

110. "You came to the boat ghat with your entire family, but you feared calamity when no boat could be found.

111. "When you could not get a boat throughout the entire night, you became distressed and started to cry.

112. "Fearing that the Yavanas would mistreat your family, you resolved to enter into the Ganga.

113. "At that time I crossed the Ganga and came before you as a boatman in a ferry.

114. "You were greatly pleased to see the boat and began to speak with great love.

115. "'O brother, please save me this time. My caste, life, wealth, and body all belong to You.

116. "Protect me. Take Me and my family across the river. I will pay You the once coin and give You two coins as a donation.'

117. "Thereafter I took you and your family across the river and then returned to Vaikuntha."

118. Hearing these words, Gangadasa floated in an ocean of bliss. Such are the pastimes of Prabhu Gauranga-sundara!

119. "While crossing the Ganga, you remembered Me. Do you remember now that it was I who took you across?"

120. Hearing this, Gangadasa swooned and fell to the ground. In this way Prabhu honestly narrated the activities of His devotees.

121. The Lord of Vaikuntha sat down. His body was covered with sandalwood-paste and flower garlands.

122. On of His dear devotees fanned Him, while another dear devotee combed His hair.

123. Another beloved servant offered Him betel nuts whereas another danced on His left and some danced in front of Him.

124. In this way the whole day passed. As evening arrived, everyone became most jubilant.
Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 08:37:17 +0530
125. All the devotees worshipped the Lord's auspicious feet with incense and lamps.

126. The sound of conchshells, bells, cymbals, whompers, and mrdangas produced an enchanting atmosphere.

127. As Gauracandra sat in His full glory, He did not say anything about the activities of the devotees.

128. They offered various flowers at His lotus feet and then offered obeisances while saying: "O Prabhu, please protect us."

129. Someone spoke with humility, and another offered praises. Only the sound of blissful crying was heard in the four directions.

130. What wondrous happiness arose as night fell! Whoever came there felt like they were entering Vaikuntha!

131. In this way Prabhu manifested His supreme opulences as all His servants stood before Him with folded hands.

132. The lion-like Gaura happily enjoyed His pastimes while extending His lotus feet and touching the bodies of His devotees.

133. As Sri Gaurasundara was about to grant benedictions, all His followers stood before Him with folded hands.

134. During this sata-prahariya-bhava, Prabhu bestowed mercy on everyone with sincerity.

135. He ordered: "Quickly go and bring Sridhara. Let him come and behold My opulences

136. "As he constantly thinks of Me, he feels great unhappiness. Bring him at once so that he may see My glories

137. Go to the edge of town and wait there. Bring that person who is calling out My name."

138. Carrying out Prabhu's instructions, some Vaisnavas hurried to the house of Sridhara.

139. Now hear some topics about this Sridhara. He maintained his life by selling banana leaves.

140. He would buy one banana tree, cut it into pieces and then sell those pieces.

141. He offered half of whatever he earned in a day in worship of Ganga.

142. With the other half he maintained his life. This is the test of a devotee of Visnu.

143. He was a great believer in truth just like Yudhistira, and he never deviated from the price that he fixed.

144. From time to time, those who knew the truth about him would buy his goods without bargaining.

145. In this way he resided in Navadvipa. No one recognized him for everyone thought he was simply a seller of banana leaves.

146. He chanted the name of Krsna throughout the four periods of the night wihout sleeping. Every night he chanted the name of Hari for a very lengthy time.

147-148. The atheists complained: "Due to Sridhara's loud cries, we cannot sleep at night and our ears are torn. He is a low-class fellow who cannot fill his stomach. Burning with hunger he stays up all night."

149. In this way the atheists continued their blasphemy as Sridhara happily engaged in his own activities.

150. Sridhara continued to loudly call out the name of Hari with prema throughout the night.

151. As soon as the devotees got half-way there, they heard the loud cries of Sridhara.

152. Following that sound, they quickly found Sridhara.

153. "O Mahasaya, come! Come and see Prabhu! Let us become glorious by your touch!"

154. On hearing Prabhu's name, Sridhara became overwhelmed with bliss and fell unconcsious to the ground.

155. The devotees quickly picked him up and carefully brought him before Visvambhara.
Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 20:26:59 +0530
156. On seeing Sridhara, Prabhu was pleased and called him: "Come, come."

157. "You have worshipped Me for so long, and you have passed so many births to obtain My prema.

158. "In this life you have also served Me so much. I always eat my rice from your banana leaves.

159. "I have eaten many things obtained from you; you have forgotten your conversations with Me."

160-161. When Prabhu manifested His pastimes as a scholar, He acted as a most arrogant person. Keeping His identity a secret He enjoyed various pastimes with Sridhara on the pretext of buying banana leaves.

162. He visited Sridhara's shop every day and bought banana leaves, bananas and banana stems.

163. Every day He would quarrel with Sridhara for two hours and then buy his goods at half the price.

164. Although the truthful Sridhara quoted a most reasonable price, Prabhu would take the goods at half that price.

165. Sridhara would then get up, grab hold of the goods, and a tug-of-war would ensue between Sridhara and Thakura who shoved each other.

166. Prabhu would say: "Oh brother Sridhara, why do you live like a tapasvi when you have so much of wealth?

167. "Why are you taking the goods from My hands? Don't you yet know who I am?"

168. The most brahminical Sridhara did not become angry. Seeing the Lord's face, he gave Him all the goods.

169. The form of Gauranga-sundara is more enchanting than that of Madana's [Cupid's]. His forehead was beautifully decorated with tilaka.

170. He was dressed in a dhoti tucked in at three places. His hair was curly, and both His nature and eyes were very restless.

171. In a subtle form, Anantadeva resided in the white brahmana-thread that adorned His body.

172. The Lord chewed betel nuts as He looked at Sridhara. Then He again picked up the banana leaves with His own hands.

173. Sridhara said: "Listen, O respected brahmana. Please forgive me, for I am Your dog."

174. Prabhu said: "I know you are very smart. You have accumulated so much wealth by selling banana leaves."

175. "Are there no other shops?" Sridhara asked. "Go there and buy leaves cheaper."

176. Prabhu replied: "I will not give up My supplier. Take My money and give me stems and bananas."

177. On seeing the Lord's beauty, Sridhara would become overwhelmed and smile. Then Visvambhara would jubilantly speak harsh words to him.

178. "You buy ingredients that you regularly offer to the Ganges, so what is wrong if you give Me a discount?"

179. "I am the father of this Ganga whom you worship. This is the truth, I am telling you."

180. Sridhara then covered his ears with his hands exclaiming: "Visnu! Visnu!" Seeing the Lord so arrogant, Sridhara then gave Him the leaves and stems.

181. In this way they both quarreled with each other from day to day. Sridhara thought: "This brahmana is so restless!"

182. Sridhara said: "I am defeated by You. Please leave me alone, and I will give You something free.

183. "I will give You a piece of stem, a few bananas, and a few leaves. Am I still at fault?"

184. Prabhu said: "Good, good. I have no more complaints." Prabhu regularly ate rice off Sridhara's leaf-plates.

185. In this way Prabhu enjoys the gifts of His devotees and does not glance at millions of gifts offered by those who are not devotees.

186 Caitanya had a desire to perform these pastimes, that is why he had Sridhara sell banana leaves.
Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 21:49:40 +0530
187. In order to perform such pastimes, He made Sridhara sell banana leaves. Who can understand the lila of Visnu and the Vaisnavas?

188. Without Prabhu's permission, no one can know these things. Prabhu reminded everyone of this principle.

189. Prabhu said: O Sridhara, look at My form. Today I will award unto you the asta-siddhis."

190. Mahapurusa Sridhara raised his head and saw that Visvambhara was blackish like a tamala tree.

191. He held an enchanting flute in His hands, and Balarama stood at His right side. Sridhara saw the entire place was filled with a great effulgence.

192. He saw Kamala [Laksmi] offer betel nuts into the hand of the Lord, as well as the four-headed Brahma and the five-headed Siva offering prayers.

193. He saw Ananta hold His thousand hoods as an umbrella over the head of the Lord, as well as Sanaka, Narada, and Sukadeva chanting His glories.

194. In the four directions greatly-beautiful women were glorifying the Lord with folded hands.

195. Seeing this, Sridhara was struck with wonder. He reeled and fell to the ground.

196. "Get up, get up, Sridhara!" ordered Prabhu. Sridhara then regained consciousness by Prabhu's words.

197. "Prabhu said: "Sridhara, offer prayers unto Me." Sridhara replied, "O Prabhu! I am most foolish!

198. "I have no ability to offer any prayers." Prabhu then said: "Your words alone are prayers to Me."

199. On Prabhu's order, Sarasvati, the mother of the universe, appeared on Sridhara's tongue and he began to offer prayers.

200. "All glories to Mahaprabhu! All glories to Visvambhara! All glories to the Lord of Navadvipa!

201. "All glories tot he Lord of innumerable universes! All glories to He who was born from the womb of the pious Saci!

202. "All glories to the Lord who is hidden in the Vedas! All glories to the king of brahmanas! In every yuga you assume various forms to protect dharma!

203. "You wandered throughout the city, unknown to all. Who can know You unless You reveal Yourself?

204. "You are dharma, You are karma, You are bhakti and You are jnana. You are the sastras, You are the Vedas, and You are the object of all types of meditation.

205. "You are the siddhis, You are prosperity, You are enjoyment as well as yoga. You are faith, You are compassion, and You are illusion as well as greed.

206. "You are Indra, You are Candra, You are Agni as well as Varuna. You are Surya, You are Vayu, You are wealth as well as strength.

207. "You are bhakti, You are liberation, You are Brahma as well as Siva. But why consider Your to be them? They are all subordinate to You.

208. "Previously You personally told me, 'The water of the Ganga has emanated from My feet.'

209. "Yet neither did my sinful heart recognize You nor did I understand the glories of Your invaluable lotus feet.

210. "It was You who made the town of Gokula glorious, and now You have appeared as the King of Navadvipa.

211. "You conceal bhakti within Your body, but you have brought it out everywhere in Navadvipa.

212. "It was through bhakti that Bhisma conquered You on the battlefield, and it was through bhakti that Yasoda bound You.

213. "It was through bhakti that Satyabhama sold You. Being controlled by such bhakti, You carried a cowherd damsel of Vraja on Your shoulders.

214. "You who are carried in the minds of the inhabitants of innmerable universes personally carried the cowherd boy Sridhama.

215. "You are conquered by bhakti, therefore it is a great secret. The people of the world do not understand this.

216. "You are always conquered by bhakti, and thus You therefore hid bhakti and wander around like a conqueror.

217. "This illusion of Yours is now shattered and inactive. Just see, the entire creation hankers for bhakti.
Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 22:25:15 +0530
218. "At that time You were defeated by only two or four persons, but now You will be bound by one and all."

219. After hearing Sridhara's prayers under the influence of Maha-suddha Sarasvati, all the exalted Vaisnavas were struck with wonder.

220. Prabhu said: "O Sridhara, choose and ask for a benediction. Today I will give you the asta-siddhis."

221. Sridhara replied: "O Prabhu, will you again deceive me? Stay peaceful for this will not be possible again."

222. Prabhu said: "Seeing Me cannot be fruitless. You must take some benediction according to your heart's desire."

223. "Ask, Ask!" Visvambhara repeatedly said, to which Sridhara replied: "O Prabhu, then grant me this."

224. "That brahmana who forcibly took away my banana leaves, let that brahmana be my Lord birth after birth.

225. "That brahmana who always quarreled with me, let Him be my Lord so I can serve his two feet."

226. Speaking in this way, Sridhara's prema for the Lord increased and he begab crying koudly with his arms raised.

227. Seeing Sridhara's tears of bhakti, all the Vaisnavas became overwhelmed and also cried.

228. Visvambhara smiled and said: "Listen, O Sridhara, I want to make you the king of a great kingdom."

229. Sridhara replied: "I do not want anything. Just make some arrangements so that I may chant Your names."

230. Prabhu said: "O Sridhara, you are My servant. That is why you are able to see My opulences.

231. "That is why your mind does not deviate from Me. Thus I am giving you that bhakti that is secret from the Vedas."

232. All the Vaisnava-mandala chanted, "Jaya! Jaya!" as they heard the benediction given to Sridhara.

233. He had no wealth, no followers, and no education. Who can recognize such servants of Caitanya?

234. What is the value of education, wealth, beauty, fame, and high birth? They only increase one's egoism and bring about one's downfall.

235. In millions of kalpas Brahma will never see that which Sridhara received simply by selling bananas and banana stems.

236. One who is full of egoism and hatred of the goal of life will fall to an unknown destination.

237. One who ridicules a poor and uneducated saintly person will go to the hell known as Kumbhipaka as a result of his karma.

238. Who has the power to recognize a Vaisnava? Although a Vaisnava possesses all siddhis, he appears to be afflicted with miseries.

239. The story of Sridhara - the banana seller - is proof of this, for he accepted only bhakti and rejected the asta-siddhis.

240. Know for certain that whatever disease and misery is seen in a Vaisnava is actually blissful and spiritual happiness.

241. People blinded with pride over poisonous material enjoyment do not know anything. Because of pride in their education and wealth, they cannot recognise a Vaisnava.

242. Even after studying the Bhagavata one's intelligence may be ruined, for anyone who blasphemes Nityananda is certainly vanquished.

243. Anyone who hears the prayers of Sridhara and the benediction he received from the Lord will obtain the wealth of prema.

244. One who does not blaspheme the Vaisnavas attains Krsna by developing prema-bhakti at Prabhu's lotus feet.

245. There is no gain in the act of blasphemy; one simply incurs sin. Therefore the most fortunate persons do not engage in blasphemy.

246. Krsna will deliver anyone who chants His names with offense or blasphemy.

247. I offer my respectful obeisances at the feet of the Vaisnavas . Let Sri Caitanya and Nityananda be my life and soul.

248. Accepting Sri Caitanya and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrndavana das, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.
Gaurasundara - Fri, 05 Mar 2004 22:26:42 +0530
Conclusion of Prabhu Caitanya's Maha-prakasa Pastimes

Caitanya-bhagavata Madhya 10.

1. All glories to Mahaprabhu Sri Gaurasundara! All glories to Nityananda, the beginningless Lord!

2. In this way Prabhu awarded benediction to Sridhara and then began to roll His head while saying: “Nada, Nada, Nada.”

3. Prabhu said: “O Acharya, ask for what You desire.” Advaita Acharya replied: “I already received what I asked for.”

4. The son of Jagannatha roared loudly. No one had the ability to speak before Him.

5. As Visvambhara Raya manifested His maha-prakasa pastimes, Gadadhara offered betel nuts which the Lord ate.

6. Nityananda, who holds the universes on His head, held an umbrella over the Lord’s head. Exalted personalities headed by Advaita stood in front.

7. Prabhu ordered Murari: “Behold My form!” Murari saw the Lord as Raghunatha.

8. He saw Visvambhara was dark like fresh grass, and He sat in the virasana posture as a powerful archer.

9. He saw Sita and Laksmana on the Lord’s left and right. The leaders of the vanaras were offering prayers from the four directions.

10-11. Murari realized that he was also one of the vanaras. Seeing the Lord face-to-face, the best of doctors lost consciousness. As he swooned, he fell to the ground in Caitanya’s lap.

12. Visvambhara loudly exclaimed: “O vanara, you forgot how Ravana, who stole Sita, burned you.

13. “You burned his entire city and subdued his dynasty. I tell you, I am that Lord.

14. “Get up, O Murari, get up. You are My life. I am that Raghavendra and you are Hanuman.

15. “See your life and soul, the son of Sumitra. You brought Gandhamadana Hill to revive His life.

16. “Offer your salutations to the feet of Sita, whose distress made you cry profusely.”

17. Hearing the words of Caitanya, Gupta regained consciousness. Seeing that manifestation, he began to cry tears of love.

18. Upon hearing the cries of Gupta, even dry wood melted, and especially the hearts of the devotees especially melted.

19. Visvambhara again said to Murari: “Ask for any benediction you desire.”

20. Murari said: “Prabhu, I do not want anything, Simply allow me to sing Your glories.

21. “O Prabhu, I may take birth anywhere, but wherever I take birth let me always remember you.

22. “Birth after birth let me be your servant, O Prabhu, and let me reside in the company of Your associates.

23-24. “O Prabhu, do not put me in a condition in which You are not my master and I am not Your servant. May I remain Your servant wherever You and Your associates incarnate.”

25. Prabhu said: “I certainly grant you this benediction!” A tumultuous vibration of “Jaya! Jaya!” immediately arose.

26. All the Vaisnavas had great affection for Murari, who was merciful to all entities by nature.

27. If Murari was associated with any place, that place became known as Vaikuntha.

28. Who can describe the glories of Murari? In every incarnation Prabhu was the dear friend of Murari.

29-30. Thakura Caitanya said: “Listen everyone! Anyone who blasphemes Murari will not be delivered even if he takes millions of baths in the Ganga. Neither the Ganga nor hari-nama will nullify his sins.
Gaurasundara - Sat, 06 Mar 2004 06:16:47 +0530
31. “Murari [Krsna] resides secretly [gupte] in his heart, therefore the his name ‘Murari Gupta’ is appropriate.”

32. Seeing the Lord’s mercy on Murari, all the exalted devotees cried tears of love while chanting the names of Krsna.

33. Anyone who hears the narration of Sri Caitanya bestowing mercy on Murari attains prema-bhakti.

34. Prabhu roared and ate betel nuts as Murari and Sridhara cried in front of Him.

35. Thereafter the Lord mercifully called Haridasa and said: “O Haridasa, behold My form!”

36. “You are more dear to Me than My own body. I certainly belong to the same caste as you.

37. “When I remember how much distress the Yavanas gave you, My heart breaks.

38-39. “Listen, Listen O Haridasa! When the Yavanas beat you in village after village, I saw your distress and descended from Vaikuntha with the cakra in My hand in order to cut everyone to pieces.

40. “Yet you desired the well-being of those who almost tortured you to death.

41. “You ignored how severely you were beaten and desired their happiness.

42-44. “When you desired their happiness I was unable to use My power against them. My cakra became powerless because of you. Due to your resolve I could not sever their heads. Upon seeing how severely they were beating you, I covered your back. I then took the beating on My own body. Here are the marks, I am not telling a lie.

45. “Besides the other indirect reasons for My appearance, I came quickly because I could not tolerate your distress.

46. "My Nada properly recognized you, for Advaita has completely bound Me with His love.”

47. Thakura is expert in the glorification of His devotees. What is there that He does not say or do for their sakes?

48. For their sakes Prabhu eats blazing fire, and out of His sweet will He becomes their servant.

49. Krsna does not know anything other than His devotees. In all the universes there is nothing He considers equal to them

50. Anyone who is not happy upon hearing the names of such devotees of Krsna is sinful and is cursed by the divine laws of providence.

51. O brothers, behold the glories of the devotees to the full satisfaction of your eyes, and hear what Gaurahari said to Haridasa.

52-55. After hearing these most compassionate words from Prabhu’s mouth, Haridasa immediately fell to the ground. As he lost consciousness and merged in the ocean of bliss, his breathing completely stopped. Prabhu then said: “Get up, get up My dear Haridasa! See My manifestation to the satisfaction of your heart.” Haridasa regained consciousness by the Prabhu’s words, yet he cried so much that he could not see the Lord’s form.

56. He rolled about the entire courtyard. One moment he breathed heavily, and the next he lost consciousness.

57. Haridasa’s body was overwhelmed with ecstasy. He could not remain calm despite the pacifying of Caitanya.

58. “My dear Prabhu Visvambhara, Lord of the universe, please be merciful to this sinful person as I fall at Your feet.

59. “I have no good qualities and am a fallen outcaste. How can I possibly describe Your glories?

60. “If one sees me he becomes sinful. If one touches me he should take a bath. How then can I glorify your topics?
Gaurasundara - Sat, 06 Mar 2004 06:21:50 +0530
61-62. “You have personally declared that You will never forsake anyone who remembers Your lotus feet even if he is as insignificant as an insect. But you forsake the greatest of kings if they do not remember your lotus feet.

63. “These words do not apply to me, for I do not remember You. You protect even a fallen soul if he simply remembers You.

64-65. “Once the sinful brothers Duryodhana and Duhsasana brought Draupadi to disrobe her in the royal assembly. Finding herself in that dangerous condition, she remembered You. By the influence of her remembrance, You entered into her cloth.

66. “As a result of her remembrance her cloth became unlimited, yet those demons did not understand why.

67. “One time when Parvati was surrounded by witches, she remembered You as they were about to devour her.

68. “By the influence of her remembrance You appeared to chastise those witches and deliver that great Vaisnavi.

69. “But I am so sinful that I cannot remember You. Therefore O Lord, please give me refuge at Your lotus feet.

70-72. “Although the sinful Hiranyakasipu tortured Prahlada by giving him poison, throwing him to the snakes, throwing him into the fire, and throwing him bound to a rock into the water, Prahlada just remembered Your lotus feet and was delivered from all those calamities by the influence of Your remembrance. Some lost their teeth and some lost their prowess when You manifested by the influence of his remembrance.

73-77. “In fear of Durvasa, the sons of Pandu remembered You in the forest and You appeared before them out of compassion. You then said: ‘Yudhistira, do not worry for I am here. I will give alms to the sages. You just sit and watch.’ In order to protect Your servants, You happily ate the last piece of vegetable from the pot. As a result, the sages’ stomachs became filled as they took bath, so they immediately ran away out of fear. The sons of Pandu were thereby delivered by the influence of remembering You. All these wonderful incidents were the result of remembering You.

78. “The characteristic of these persons was to endlessly remember You, therefore it is not at all wonderful that they were delivered.

79-81. “The glories of Ajamila’s remembrance are unlimited, even though he did not perform any dharmic duties. In fear of the Yamadutas, he affectionately looked at the face of his son and remembered the form of Narayana while calling out the name of his son. By that remembrance all of his sins were vanquished. Therefore remembrance of You is the wealth of Your devotees.

82. “I am fully devoid of the remembrance of Your lotus feet; nevertheless, dear Prabhu, do not forsake me.

83. “What qualifications do I have to see You? O Prabhu, I will ask You for only one thing, nothing else.

84. “ Prabhu said: “Speak, speak. Everything is yours. There is nothing that I will not give you.”

85. Haridasa folded his hands and said: “O Prabhu, although I am less-fortunate I have a great desire.

86. “All of those servants who worship your lotus feet, let their remnants be my food.

87. “Let this be my bhajana from birth to birth. Let this honouring of remnants be my only occupation and religious duty.

88. “My birth is sinful because I am devoid of Your remembrance. Please make my life successful by allowing me to eat those remnants of Your servants.

89. “This is an offense of my heart, for I have no qualification to ask for such a high position.

90. “O Prabhu! My Lord! My dear Visvambhara! I am like a dead person, please forgive my offense.
Gaurasundara - Sun, 07 Mar 2004 07:40:54 +0530
91. “O son of Saci, O Lord, please be merciful to me. Kindly keep me in the house of a devotee as a dog.

92. Haridasa became filled with prema-bhakti for Prabhu. Although he repeatedly petitioned the Lord with humility, his desires remained unsatiated.

93-94. Prabhu said: “Listen, listen My dear Haridasa! Anyone who has your company for even a day or speaks with you for even a moment will certainly achieve Me. There is no doubt.

95. “One who has faith in you also has faith in Me, for I constantly reside within your body.

96. “My glories are increased by a sevaka such as you, and you have bound me within your heart for all time.

97. “You have not committed any aparadhas towards Me or any Vaisnavas, therefore I am awarding you bhakti.”

98. As the Lord awarded this benediction on Haridasa, a tumultuous sound of “Jaya! Jaya!” arose.

99. Birth, family, pious activities, and material wealth cannot award one the treasure of prema. Only with intense desire can one achieve Krsna.

100. All the scriptures declare that a Vaisnava may be born in any family, but he is still the best of the best [sarvottama].

101. Yavana Haridasa is the best example of this, for he saw the Lord’s manifestation that is rare even for Brahma.

102. A sinful person who considers the Vaisnavas as belonging to a particular caste suffers in the lower species of life birth after birth.

103. Anyone who hears the prayers of Haridasa and the benediction he received will certainly obtain the treasure of krsna-prema.

104. This is not my statement, but of all sastras. By hearing topics about the bhaktas one develops bhakti for Krsna.

105. All glories to the maha-bhakta Haridasa Thakura! By remembering Haridasa all one’s sins are vanquished!

106. Someone said: “Haridasa is like four-headed Brahma.” Another said: “He is the manifestation of Prahlada.”

107. Haridasa is certainly a maha-bhagavata, enjoying his pastimes amongst the associates of Caitanya.

108. Brahma and Siva constantly desire in their hearts to associate with devotees like Haridasa.

109. Haridasa’s touch is desired by the devas, and Ganga awaits Haridasa’s birth in her waters.

110. What to speak of his touch, just the very sight of Haridasa all of one’s bondage from time immemorial is cut to pieces!

111. Prahlada was born in a demon-family and Hanuman was born in a monkey-family. In this way Haridasa was born into a ‘low-class’ family.

112. As Haridasa, Murari and Sridhara cried, Prabhu Visvambhara smiled and ate betel nuts.

113. As the most effulgent Lord sat on the throne, the most effulgent Nityananda held an umbrella over His head.

114. The Lord smiled and looked at Advaita as He revealed Advaita’s internal thoughts.

115. “Listen, listen O Acarya, do you remember how I made You eat one night?

116. “Before I had taken an avatara, You greatly endeavoured to bring Me.

117. “As you taught Gita, You would explain it in reference to bhakti. But who was the suitable person to understand Your commentary?

118. “If you did not find the devotional meaning of a verse, You would give up all types of enjoyment instead of finding fault with the verse.

119. “Being miserable, You went to sleep without eating. I then manifested Myself before You.

120. “Your fasting is also My fasting. Whatever You offer Me, this is what I eat.”
Gaurasundara - Sun, 07 Mar 2004 07:49:58 +0530
121. “I cannot tolerate it when You feel even slightly miserable. Thus I appeared in Your dream and spoke to You.

122. “’Get up, get up O Acarya! Listen to the meaning of the verse. Know for certain that this is the real meaning.

123. “’Get up and eat, do not fast. Because of You I will incarnate.’

124. You got up and ate in satisfaction. Although I spoke to You directly, You thought it was merely a dream.”

125. In this way whenever some doubt arose during His recitations, Prabhu would directly speak to Him in His dream.

126. The Lord reminded Advaita about all those dreams, days, moments, and verses.

127. The glories of Advaita’s devotion are wonderfully wonderful! How can I describe the extent of His bhakti?

128. Prabhu said: “Although I explained all the verses I did not explain one, which I will now explain to You.

129. “People give wrong interpretations due to the influence of their respective sampradayas. The actual reading of the verse is not ‘sarvatah pani-padam tat.’

130. “Today I will tell You truthfully the actual reading of this verse is ‘sarvatra pani-padam tat.’

131. “’Everywhere are His hands and legs, His eyes, heads and faces, and He has ears everywhere. In this way He pervades everything.’

132. “I have thus explained to you the secret meaning of this verse. Other than You, who can understand it?”

133. Acarya Gosani was a secret disciple of Caitanya. He understood all of Caitanya’s explanations.

134. After hearing the Lord’s explanation, He began to cry tears of love. Hearing that which He desired to hear, He forgot Himself in great bliss.

135. Advaita said: “What else can I say? I am glorious to have You as My Lord.”

136. Acarya Gosani became overwhelmed in bliss and completely forgot Himself on seeing the Lord’s manifestation.

137. Know for certain that anyone who does not believe these topics will go to hell.

138. A maha-bhagavata can understand the explanations of Advaita, who was personally taught by Caitanya.

139. As the Vedas have various opinions, the statements of Acarya are very difficult to understand.

140. Who can understand the statements of Advaita? Know this, there is no difference between Him and Isvara.

141. The autumn clouds do not rain everywhere; they rain on some fortunate places.

142. “During this season the mountains sometimes released their pure water and sometimes did not, just as those who are expert in tattva-jnana sometimes give the nectar of knowledge and sometimes do not.” [SB 10.20.36]

143. In this way, Advaita has no fault. People understood His explanations according to their own good or bad fortune.

144. The only seva of Advaita is to serve the feet of Caitanya; the proof of this are the activities of the Vaisnava-samaja.

145. If one disregards the statements of the bhagavatas while serving Advaita, his service will not be pleasing.

146. Whosoever with intelligence accepts Caitanya as ‘maha-mahesvara’ is an actual devotee of Advaita, and Advaita belongs to him.

147. ‘Gauracandra is the Lord of all’ – whosoever does not accept this, the inexhaustible seva of Advaita is useless for him.

148. The ten-headed Ravana worshipped Siva with devotion and disrespected Raghunatha – as a result his heads were severed.

149. He did not know that Siva rejected him from his heart. Thus, Ravana’s seva was fruitless and he was burned to death along with his family.

150. Siva does not reveal what is good and bad for everyone, but one who has intelligence can understand.
Gaurasundara - Sun, 07 Mar 2004 09:02:52 +0530
151. In this way without understanding Advaita’s heart, people claim to be ‘Advaita’s devotees’ and blaspheme Caitanya.

152. Advaita does not say anything due to His svabhava, but those who do not accept the statements of the Vaisnavas is certainly vanquished.

153. Such a person does not know the glories of Caitanya, by whose mercy Advaita has all perfections.

154. By saying this, people rush to beat us! Alas, how strong maya is! What can we say to them?

155. They do not know that Advaita is the ornament and king of the devotees, and they do not accept Gauracandra as the Lord of Advaita.

156. What I have described so far is the truth. Anyone who does not believe these statements is vanquished.

157. Whatever great glories you hear about the devotees are all due to their service to Caitanya.

158. Nityananda and Mahaprabhu award mercy according to one’s fortune, then one engages in bhakti with faith.

159. Day and night Thakura Nityananda instructed everyone: “O brothers, say ‘my Prabhu is Gauracandra.’”

160. Remembering Caitanya, Acarya Gosani constantly cried and forgot everything else.

161. One’s piety diminishes by speaking with someone who does not develop devotion for Caitanya even after seeing this.

162. One who glorifies Advaita as the supermost Vaisnava is a real Vaisnava. In every birth he attains Krsna.

163. Such a person is uniquely dear to Advaita. His fallen servants do not know this fact.

164. Gauranga-sundara is the Lord of everyone. This statement is very dear to Advaita.

165. All these statements emanated from Advaita’s own auspicious mouth, so one should never have any doubt in this regard.

166. After explaining the true meaning of the Gita-verse, Visvambhara hid the door of bhakti.

167-169. Prabhu Visvambhara raised His arms and said: “All of you look to Me and ask for any benediction you desire.” Hearing Prabhu’s words, everyone became blissful and asked according to their desires. Advaita said: “O Prabhu, my desire is that You bestow mercy on those who are foolish, wretched, and fallen.”

170. Someone said: “My father does not allow me to come. Please grant me the benediction that his heart may change.”

171-172. According to their attachment various devotees requested benedictions for their disciple, son, wife, or servant. Someone said: “May I develop guru-bhakti.” In this way they all requested benedictions according to their reasoning.

173. Prabhu Visvambhara, who makes the words of His devotees true, smiled as He granted benedictions to everyone.

174. Mukunda was sitting behind a curtain. He had no power to come before the Lord.

175. Mukunda was a great mahanta and was dear to everyone. He was well-conversant with the background of everyone.

176. Prabhu always listened whenever he sang kirtana. No one knew or understood why he was being punished.

177. Thakura did not call him so he could not come. Everyone felt miserable on seeing this.

178. Srivasa said: “O Lord of the universe, please listen. How has Mukunda offended You?

179. “Mukunda is dear to You and he is the life of us all. Whose heart does not melt on hearing Mukunda sing?

180. “He is attached to bhakti and is always careful. Without seeing any offense in him, You dishonor him.
Gaurasundara - Sun, 07 Mar 2004 09:06:24 +0530
181. “If he has committed an offense then punish him. But why should You neglect Your servant?

182. “He cannot come before You unless You call him. Therefore, O Prabhu, please call him so he can see You.”

183. Prabhu replied: “Do not speak such words again. Don’t ever speak to me on that fellow’s behalf.

184. “You have heard the saying, ‘Sometimes he takes a straw in his hands and sometimes he takes a stick.’ This applies to this fellow, yet none of you have recognized him.

185. “Sometimes he takes a straw in his teeth, and sometimes he beats Me with a stick. Therefore this straw-stick holder cannot see Me.”

186. The great-speaker Srivasa again spoke to the Lord: “Who has the qualification to understand your power?

187. “We do not find any fault in Mukunda. Your lotus feet, which awards fearlessness, are witness to this fact.”

188. Prabhu said: “Wherever this fellow goes, he mingles with the people there and speaks like one of them.

189. “When he studies Yoga-vasistha in Advaita’s company, he takes a straw in his teeth and sings and dances in a devotional mood.

190. “When he mingles with another sampradaya he constantly beats Me with a stick by not accepting bhakti.

191. “Anyone who explains, ‘There is something superior to bhakti,’ constantly beats Me with a stick.

192. “He has committed an offense against bhakti, therefore he cannot see Me.”

193. Mukunda heard everything from outside. He also heard that he would not get the Lord’s darsana.

194. “Mahaprabhu knew that I did not respect bhakti due to the advice of some guru. This is the power of Caitanya.”

195. The exalted bhagavata Mukunda thought within his mind thus: “There is no need to continue my life.”

196. “Today I will give up this offensive body, for I do not know when I will see Him again.”

197-198. Mukunda said: “Listen, O Thakura Srivasa, ask Prabhu when I will be able to see Him.” Mukunda then shed incessant tears, and all the devotees also began to cry on seeing Mukunda’s misery.

199. Prabhu said: “After taking millions of births he will certainly get My darsana.”

200-201. As soon as Mukunda heard from Prabhu that he would certainly attain Him, he became immersed in great spiritual happiness. He began to dance wildly while exclaiming, “I will attain Him! I will attain Him!” In this way Caitanya’s servant became overwhelmed with prema.

202. On hearing the statement, “He will see Me,” Mukunda began to dance there in great bliss.

203. On seeing Mukunda, Prabhu Visvambhara smiled and ordered: “Bring Mukunda at once.”

204. All the Vaisnavas called: “Come, O Mukunda,” but Mukunda was so happy that he did not know what was happening.

205. Prabhu said: “O Mukunda, you are freed from your offenses. Come, see Me and take My prasada.”

206. By Prabhu’s order all the devotees brought Mukunda, who fell to the ground on seeing the Lord.

207. Prabhu said: “Get up, get up My Mukunda! You do not have even a fraction of offense.

208. “The faults of your bad association are vanquished. I have been defeated by you.

209. “I declared that you would achieve Me after millions of births, but you have been freed from them within a moment.

210. “You were confident that My words are infallible. Thus you have captured Me in your heart forever.
Gaurasundara - Sun, 07 Mar 2004 09:07:36 +0530
211. “You are My singer, and you always reside with Me. I was joking with you because you are a suitable candidate.

212. “If you actually committed millions of offenses, they would not be considered offenses because You are so dear to me.

213. “You are My servant, and your body is suffused with bhakti. I reside forever on your tongue.”

214. On hearing Prabhu’s solacing words, Mukunda cried profusely as he lamented and condemned himself.

215. “I am so foolish that I have not accepted bhakti! Since I am devoid of bhakti, how will I become happy by seeing You?

216. “Duryodhana say Your visvarupa, which some search throughout the Vedas to see.

217. “Yet even after seeing such a thing, Duryodhana along with his family were all killed. He did not attain any happiness due to his being devoid of bhakti.

218-222. “I am so foolish that I have not accepted bhakti. Since I am devoid of bhakti, how will I achieve prema by seeing You? When You went to kidnap Rukmini, all the kings saw You riding on the back of Garuda. During the Raja-rajesvara abhiseka, all the kings saw Your effulgent form. In the city of Vidarbha You manifested Your form that personalities like Brahma hanker to see. In spite of seeing Your form, all these kings were killed. They could not attain any happiness on account of their being devoid of bhakti.

223-225. “In your boar form, as the personification of sacrifice, You once entered into the water and held the vast earth on Your tusks. The devas desire to see that form of Yours. Although Hiranyaksa saw that wonderful form, he did not attain any happiness on account of his being devoid of bhakti.

226-227. “His brother, Hiranyakasipu, also saw a wonderful and most secret manifestation of the Lord who resides in the heart of Sri Kamala [Laksmi]. This wonderful form is renowned throughout the three worlds as Nrsimha, yet even after seeing that form Hiranyakasipu was killed because he was devoid of bhakti.

228. “I did not care for such bhakti, yet my head did not fall off. This is astonishing!

229. “Kubja, the wives of the brahmanas, the ladies of Mathura, and the florist, how were they all able to see Your form?

230. “They were able to see You because of their bhakti, yet Kamsa was destroyed at that same place despite seeing Your opulence.

231. “I disrespected such glorious bhakti with my mouth. It is Your great mercy that I am still alive.

232. “By the power of this bhakti the most powerful Sri Ananta holds innumerable universes effortlessly.

233. “He is so intoxicated by glorifying You, O Prabhu, that He does not notice the universes that are resting like a drop on one of His thousands of hoods.

234. “Ananta is the independent refuge of all. This is possible due to His bhakti.

235. “I am so sinful that I did not accept this glorious bhakti, and thus I will not achieve the goal even after millions of births.

236. “On the strength of bhakti Sankara became the husband of Gauri, and on the strength of bhakti Narada became the greatest of munis.

237-239. “After compiling many sastras dealing with Veda-dharma and yoga, Vyasa did not feel satisfied in his heart. The cause of his dissatisfaction was due to the fault of describing bhakti too briefly in the course of presenting of the most secret knowledge. On the instructions of Narada he elaborately described bhakti, and thus his distress was vanquished and he delivered the entire world.

240. “I am insignificant because I have not accepted bhakti, so what power do I have to see You?”
Gaurasundara - Mon, 08 Mar 2004 07:56:59 +0530
241. The great servant Mukunda raised both his arms and cried, breathing so heavily that his body began to shake.

242. Mukunda’s nature was that of a ekanta bhakta, how can I describe his glories? He is counted amongst the dear devotees of Caitanya.

243. On seeing Mukunda’s lamentation, Prabhu Visvambhara became a little embarrassed and spoke to him as follows:

244. “O Mukunda, your bhakti is very pleasing to Me. I manifest wherever you sing.

245. “Whatever you have said is the complete truth, for without bhakti one cannot attain anything even by seeing Me directly.

246-248. “I tell you the truth; you are very dear to Me. Who has the power to nullify the various duties and their results that I have written in the Vedas? It is I alone who can change these, for My authority is beyond any rules.

249. “I have established the truth that no activity is fruitful without bhakti.

250. “If one does not accept bhakti I feel greatly miserable, and because of causing Misery to Me such a person cannot get the happiness of My darsana.

251. “Even though the washerman saw Me, when I asked him for something he was deceived because he had no bhakti.

252-254. “That washerman underwent great tapasya for millions of lives in order to see Me. Even though out of great fortune he got My darsana, he did not attain any happiness on account of his being devoid of bhakti. To those who are bereft of bhakti, I do not show my compassion, thus they are bereft of the happiness derived from My darsana.

255. “If one commits an offense to bhakti, his bhakti itself is vanquished. And one who is bereft of bhakti attains no benefit from My darsana.

256. “All that you said was spoken by Me, else how could those statements come from your mouth?

257. “I tell you that I will distribute bhakti, and I have already imparted prema-bhakti into your voice.

258. “The hearts of the Vaisnava-mandala melt while hearing your singing.

259. “As you are extremely dear to Me, may you become similarly dear to all the mahantas.

260. “Wherever I take an avatara, you will accompany Me as My singer.”

261. “When the Lord awarded this benediction to Mukunda, the greatly tumultuous sound of “Jaya! Jaya!” was heard everywhere.

262. Everyone folded their hands as they chanted: “Hari bol! Hari bol! Jaya Jagannatha!”

263. Anyone who hears Mukunda’s prayers and the bendiction awarded to him will become a singer with him.

264. These topics of Caitanya are secret in the Vedas. Those with good intelligence accept them whereas fools do not.

265. One who hears these topics will attain happiness and will certainly see the face of Caitanya.

266. In this way the entire bhakta-mandala offered prayers and received benedictions.

267. Srivasa Pandita was most magnanimous, therefore these pastimes took place in his house.

268. The devotees each saw Prabhu Visvambhara in whichever avatara they most adored.

269. These wonderful pastimes of Gauracandra are known as His maha-maha-prakasa.

270. In this way all of Caitanya’s servants and their wives saw Prabhu reveal Himself day after day.
Gaurasundara - Mon, 08 Mar 2004 08:00:15 +0530
271. Anyone who renders service to the Lord with his body and mind is able to see these pastimes of the Lord.

272-273. In this Navadvipa there lived many ascetics, sannyasis, jnanis and yogis. They studied or taught Gita and Bhagavata for their whole lives, yet they did not change their dharma.

274. Some of them vowed not to accept any alms in charity, while others shrivelled up their bodies by uselessly observing celibacy.

275. Not one of those useless and proud persons could see that the happiness of Vaikuntha had manifested there.

276. Even though the servants and maidservants of Srivasa saw the Lord, He could not be known by those persons despite their study of sastra.

277-278. The gift received by the servants of Murari Gupta could not be seen by shaving one’s head. One cannot attain Caitanya by wealth, birth, and scholarship, for Caitanya Gosain is controlled only by bhakti.

279. By great fame one cannot attain Caitanya, for the four Vedas declare: “Prabhu is controlled only by bhakti.”

280. Such revelations too place in Navadvipa, yet not one of the Bhattacaryas knew about this.

281. There can never be any water in the demons’ reservoir, otherwise how can a jiva be cheated out of seeing such revelations?

282. Although there is no end to His pastimes, the Vedas describe the Lord’s “appearance” and “disappearance.”

283-284. Caitanya performs these pastimes even today. Only when He gives one the qualification to see these pastimes can one see them. Others have no power to see these eternal plays of Caitanya Gosain.

285. A devotee sees Thakura Visvambhara according to the mantra he invokes while meditating on his chosen Lord.

286. In this way He manifests Himself and teaches all His devotees, and they in turn teach these topics unto others.

287. “You will have my company birth after birth. Even all of your servants will see My pastimes.”

288. Thereafter the Lord gave his garland and betel remnants to everyone.

289. After receiving these remnants from the mouth of the Lord, whose face resembled millions of autumn moons, all the devotees ate them in great bliss.

290. The fortunate Narayani received the remnants left after the Lord had finished eating.

291. The young Narayani was the daughter of Srivasa’s brother. Prabhu gave her His remnants.

292. All the Vaisnavas blessed her as she ate Prabhu’s prasada in supreme bliss.

293. She is greatly glorified on account of her service to Narayana. Although she was just a child, her life became glorious.

294. After she ate Prabhu’s remnants, He ordered her: “O Narayani, let me hear you cry in supreme bliss for Krsna.”

295. Prabhu Caitanya’s order has such power that the innocent young girl began to cry while calling out ‘Krsna.’

296. Even today it is well known in the Vaisnava-mandala that “Narayani was the recipient of Gauranga’s remnants.”

297. Whoever was called by Thakura Caitanya immediately came before Him.

298. Know for certain that one who does not believe these topics will inevitably fall down.

299. Prabhu Caitanya is the dear Lord of Advaita, and this greatly increases the glories of Advaita.

300. Thakura Nitai is very dear to Caitanya, and thus the four Vedas sing His glories.
Gaurasundara - Mon, 08 Mar 2004 08:01:46 +0530
301. If a person is not recognised as a ‘Caitanya bhakta,’ then even if he is exalted he is no better than a straw.

302. Nityananda declares: “I am Caitanya’s servant.” Day or night He did not say anything to the contrary.

303. By His kripa one attains rati for Caitanya. By worshipping Nityananda one will not face danger anywhere.

304. Gauranga-sundara is the Prabhu of my Prabhu. I always keep this conviction in my heart.

305. O Prabhu Gauracandra, please allow me to surrender to the feet of Nityananda, who as Ananta Sesa holds all the universes on His heads.

306. I sing the glories of Caitanya for the happiness of Balarama. Prabhu Balarama is always engaged in looking after the entire universe.

307. Nitai does not know anything than the service of Caitanya, and He always gives the service of Caitanya to others.

308. With Nityananda’s kripa one can know Gauracandra. By Nityananda’s prasada one can know the truths of bhakti.

309. Nityananda Raya is dear to all the Vaisnavas, for they achieve bhakti by His mercy.

310. If a person somehow or other disrespects Nityananda, then Caitanya declares: “He is ruined.”

311. Even the primeval Lord, the great yogi, the great Isvara and the greatest Vaisnava does not know the limit of Nityananda’s glories.

312. Whosoever chants ‘Krsna Krsna’ without any offense will easily conquer the unconquerable Caitanya.

313. All the sastras declare: “Nothing is achieved through blasphemy.” To offer respects to all others is the teaching of Bhagavata-dharma.

314. The topics of Madhya-khanda are just like amrta, yet the heretics consider them as bitter as nimba.

315-316. If someone considers the taste of sugar candy to be bitter as nimba, that is his misfortune for sugar candy never loses its sweetness. In this way one does not feel happy hearing the blissful glories of Caitanya due to his misfortune.

317. Know that if even a sannyasi does not accept Gauracandra then that crooked person remains blind birth after birth.

318. If even a bird chants Caitanya’s name it will truly attain the abode of Caitanya!

319. All glories to Gauracandra, the life of Nityananda! May Your Nityananda be my life and wealth!

320. I offer my pranams to each and all those in whose company You enjoyed pastimes.

321. Accepting Sri Krsna Caitanya and Nityananda as my life and soul, I, Vrndavana dasa, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.
Gaurasundara - Mon, 08 Mar 2004 08:05:56 +0530
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Hope you all had a Happy and Holy Gaura Purnima 2004!
Gaurasundara - Fri, 25 Mar 2005 06:22:29 +0530
Gaura Purnima Mahotsava ki JAI!

Gauranga Maha-prakasa Lila ki JAI!

Humbly I offer this little token for the pleasure of the Vaishnavas.
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