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Who Is Advaita Acarya? - Who is Advaita Acarya?

Indradyumna das - Mon, 01 Mar 2004 01:23:10 +0530
maha-visnur jagat-karta
mayaya yah srjaty adah
tasyavatara evayam

Lord Advaita Acarya is the incarnation of Maha-Visnu, whose main function is to create the cosmic world through the actions of maya. (Cc. Adi 6.4)

apane purusa visvera 'nimitta'-karana
advaita-rupe 'upadana' hana narayana
'nimittamse' kare teoho mayate iksana
'upadana' advaita karena brahmanda-srjana

Lord Visnu is the efficient cause (nimitta) of the material world, and Narayana, in the form of Sri Advaita, is the material cause (upadana). Lord Visnu, in His efficient aspect glances over the material energy, and Sri Advaita as the material cause, creates the material world. (Cc. Adi 6.16,17)

maha-visnura amsa advaita guna-dhama
isvare abheda, teni 'advaita' purna nama

Sri Advaita, who is the reservoir of virtues, is the main limb of Mahavisnu. His full name is Advaita, for He is identical in all respects with the Lord. (Cc. Adi 6.26)

bhaktavatara acaryo 'dvaita yah sri sadasivah

He who was Sri Sadasiva is the bhakta-avatara, Sri Advaita Prabhu. (Gaura-Ganoddesadipika, 11)

Why is Advaita Acarya called as the incarnation of Maha-Visnu (main limb of Mahavisnu) and Sri Sadasiva simultaneously? Is He the TWO IN ONE or what? blink.gif
Madhava - Mon, 01 Mar 2004 03:32:11 +0530
To begin with, the two are in essence one. Aside that, many associates of Gaura are of the two-in-one kind, if you read the GGD any further.
Gaurasundara - Mon, 01 Mar 2004 05:57:54 +0530
Advaita-prakasa speaks of Hari and Hara "merging" into each other while embracing, in the first chapter. I only have the ISKCON edition.

Advaitadas can provide further details when he gets back, I guess.
dhaa - Mon, 01 Mar 2004 08:16:02 +0530
QUOTE(Madhava @ Feb 29 2004, 05:02 PM)
...the two are in essence one.
what does that mean, i see alot of 'oneness' stated in sastras about hari and hara but does it mean hara = hari/visnu tattva/parabrahma

from thread 'sadasiva as visnu tattva'
QUOTE(Madhava @ Aug 25 2003, 01:23 PM)
The most we can deduct out of the references we've seen is that he is an "anga" of Bhagavan. There is no further definite indication. One could interpret "anga" as "amsa" (as Krishnadas does in CC 1.3.71 while discussing the kRSNa-varNam verse), which would essenetially equate him with Caturvyuha Vishnu-tattva (not avataras, who are amsa-amsa). However, there is a context to the equation of anga and amsa in CC 1.3, and I am not confident to take it out of context and stretch it here

according to sha: "Here are some more excerpts, taken from Brahma Vaivarta Purana in relation to Lord Siva.

"Lord Siva is said to be a portion of Lord Krishna and arise out of the left side of Krshna's body.

"vAmarddhAGgo mahAdevo
dakSiNo gopikApatiH"

(Bkh,Pkh, KJkh of BVP)

'svapne jAgaraNe zazvath kRSNa dhyAna rataH zivaH
yathA kRSNA stathA zambhur na bhedo mAdhavezayoH"

(Brahma Vaivarta Purana-Prakriti khanda II.56.61)"

any1 have the sanskrit for shiva being called a portion or krsna in brahma vaivarta purana, does it say amsa
bvp is here in devanagiri

42- Lord Brahmā said: My dear Lord Śiva, I know that you are the controller of the entire material manifestation, the combination father and mother of the cosmic manifestation, and the Supreme Brahman beyond the cosmic manifestation as well. I know you in that way

43- My dear lord, you create this cosmic manifestation, maintain it, and annihilate it by expansion of your personality, exactly as a spider creates, maintains and winds up its web

46- My dear Lord, devotees who have fully dedicated their lives unto your lotus feet certainly observe your presence as Paramātmā in each and every being, and as such they do not differentiate between one living being and another. Such persons treat all living entities equally. They never become overwhelmed by anger like animals, who can see nothing without differentiation

sridhar svamis bhavarthabodhini commentary on above bhagavata sloks is in devanagiri here on page 72 of pdf

19-20- O King, when that uncontrollable poison was forcefully spreading up and down in all directions, all the demigods, along with the Lord Himself, approached Lord Śiva [Sadāśiva]. Feeling unsheltered and very much afraid, they sought shelter of him. The demigods observed Lord Śiva sitting on the summit of Kailāsa Hill with his wife, Bhavānī, for the auspicious development of the three worlds. He was being worshiped by great saintly persons desiring liberation. The demigods offered him their obeisances and prayers with great respect

page 68 of pdf his commentary to 8.7.19 & onwards

does he say anything about siva being parabrahma, one with hari and such