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Hero -

Anand - Mon, 01 Mar 2004 00:57:02 +0530
The following verses are some pearls, alright, but wisdom? Where does this belong?

Reformulate now,
Rearrange the game you are in,
Let yourself again begin,
With confidence you’ll win,
That’s the reason you were born.

‘Cos jesus christ, man, will be coming back no more
He set up his own laws,
And you know well that he did
Just what he should have done.

As I was growing and my hair was getting longer
I was feeling ever stronger
I could carry my guitar
And I knew that I could sing:

But, hey!
How could I know
The wind would blow with the rain?

Hey! How could I see
What would they make out of me?

When I was little
I used to play that I was king
Of all that I surveyed
In a land of charity.
‘think I go almost everything
I could ever have asked for.

You’ve got your keyboard,
Your server and amplifier,
Searching for the lousy liers,
You will set this world on fire
Like Nero did to Rome
(or Hanuman to Lank)

But, hey!
How could I know
My eyes could see in the dark?

Don’t press on me,
I am not to blame, can’t you see?

…It’s been so long now,
Since the latest red-eyed is gone,
Who knows who will be the next
To go down in History…