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Offerings of the Uninitiated - Does Krishna accept offerings made by...

Nilamadhava dasa - Fri, 08 Feb 2002 07:11:41 +0530
Koti koti dandavat pranams!

Does Krishna accept offerings made by the uninitiated?  If so, how should such beginners make such an offering?  

For example:
My wife and I are uninitiated. We do not have an alter. Should we make an alter with pictures to offer the food, ghee lamp, etc? or should we just offer the items in our minds?

How should the uninitiated make offerings in such a way that they will be accepted?

I apologize if my questions are rudimentary. We are of very little devotion and of even less knowledge. It is only by the mercy of the assembled Vaisnavas that we maintain our very lives.
Advaitadas - Sat, 09 Feb 2002 00:07:22 +0530
Dear Nilamadhava. It is important to receive diksa as soon as possible. In the meantime Krishna will surely accept all your offerings if they are prepared with love and purity. One should not remain uninitiated for an unnecessary period of time. One can meanwhile simply offer everything by praying to Krishna in one's own language to accept the offering. Advaitadas