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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

Prabhu Nityananda's Vyasa-puja Ceremony - Caitanya Bhagavata Madhya-khanda 5

Gaurasundara - Tue, 03 Feb 2004 08:05:30 +0530
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Prabhu Nityananda's Vyasa-puja Ceremony

1. All glories to Caitanyacandra who is nondifferent from Lord Murari, who is the new lamp of Navadvipa, who is like an unparalleled lion in subduing the non-believing elephants, and who holds a japa-string for counting His own names.

2. All glories to Visvambhara, the life and soul of all! All glories to the Lord of Nityananda and Gadadhara!

3. All glories to the Lord who is controlled by the devotees headed by Advaita! O Lord, please grant the gift of bhakti unto the fallen souls and deliver them.

4. In this way all the devotees became overwhelmed while joyfully discussing Krsna-katha in the association of Nityananda.

5. All the devotees were supremely magnanimous maha-bhagavatas, and they all roared loudly while absorbing their minds in the sweetness of Krsna-bhakti.

6. Prabhu Nityananda smiled as He looked around. From everyone's eyes, tears of bliss flowed freely.

7. When Mahaprabhu Visvambhara saw this blissful scene, He spoke something to Nityananda.

8. "Listen, O Nityananda! Where shall we hold your Vyasa-puja?"

9. "Tomorrow is the full moon day when Vyasa is worshipped, so consider what to do and inform us of the same."

10. Nityananda understood the Lord's hint and brought Srivasa Pandita by the hand.

11. Smiling, Nityananda said, "Listen, O Visvambhara. I will celebrate My Vyasa-puja in the house of this brahmana."

12. Prabhu Visvambhara said to Srivasa, "A great responsibility has been entrusted unto you."

13. Srivasa Pandita replied, "O Lord, this is not a great burden. By Your mercy, everything is available in my home."

14. "Clothes, mung dal, brahmana threads, ghee, betel, pan, and whatever else is needed are all there."

15. "I only need to acquire a book explaining the ceremonies. Tomorrow I will become fortunate as I will observe this Vyasa-puja."

16. Mahaprabhu was greatly pleased by the words of Srivasa, and all the Vaisnavas began to chant "Hari, Hari."

17. Visvambhara said, "Listen, O Sripada Gosain. With your blessings we will all go to the house of Srivasa Pandita."

18. Nityananda became blissful upon hearing the Lord's words. Taking the Lord's instruction, they all immediately departed.

19. Walking along with Their associates, Nityananda and Visvambhara resembled Balarama and Krsna surrounded by the residents of Gokula.

20. As soon as they entered the house of Srivasa, everyone was filled with ecstatic love for Krsna.

21. The door was closed upon the Lord's order, so that no one else could enter.

22. Kirtana began upon the Lord's instruction, and as the sound of that kirtana arose everyone lost external consciousness.

23. In that blissful Adhivasa kirtana before the Vyasa-puja, the two Lords danced as the devotees surrounding Them sang.

24. Caitanya and Nitai are bound by eternal love. As They danced together, They meditated on each other.

25. Someone roared loudly, and someone else cried out. Yet another fell unconscious while someone else wept.

26. I am unable to describe the Lord's ecstatic feelings such as shivering, perspiring, hairs standing on end, weeping, and falling unconscious.

27. Whilst dancing in Their own ecstasy, the two Lords sometimes embraced each other and wept.

28. They both tried to cath the other's feet, but They both cleverly avoided being caught.

29. In great ecstasy they both rolled on the ground and forgot Themselves while absorbed in Their own pastimes.

30. They lost Their external consciousness and Their clothes were scattered, and although the Vaisnavas attempted to calm Them, they were unable.

31. For He who holds the three worlds, who can hold Him? Thus, the two Lords greatly absorbed Themselves in the happiness of kirtana.

32. "Chant! Chant!", called Sri Gaurasundara. His entire body was soaked in tears of bliss.

33. Having obtained fulfillment of His long-cherished desire for the association of Nityananda, the Lord forgot the outside world and floated in an ocean of bliss.

34. Visvambhara's dancing was most enchanting as His feet would touch His own head.

35. The earth trembled under the feet of Nityananda, and all the Vaisnavas though there was an earthquake.

36. In this way the two Lords danced blissfully. Who has the power to describe Their jubilation?

37. In order to reveal the glories of Nityananda, Prabhu Visvambhara became absorbed in the mood of Balarama and sat on the throne.

38. The Lord became fully intoxicated by the mood of Balarama and repeatedly demanded, "Bring wine. Bring wine."

39. Sri Gaurasundara said to Nityananda, "Quickly give me your plow and club."

40. Being so instructed by the Lord, Nityananda Prabhu put those items in the hands of Gauracandra, who accepted them.

41. Some persons saw nothing other than Their hands, while others directly saw the plow and club.

42. One who has received the mercy of the Lord may know Him. Others, if they happen to see, do not have the power to explain.

43. This story is most confidential and is known only to those few persons who know the glories of Nityananda.
Gaurasundara - Tue, 03 Feb 2004 08:56:23 +0530
44-45. After accepting the plow and club from Nityananda, the Lord was overwhelmed and called for Varuni. Everyone became confused and speechless as they looked at each other.

46. After carefully thinking, they offered the Lord a pitcher of Ganga-jala.

47. All the devotees offered water which the Lord drank. Truly, it appeared as if Lord Balarama Himself was drinking.

48. The devotees on all sides offered glorifications of Balarama as the Lord constantly called, "Nada, Nada."

49. The Lord vigorously shook His head while calling, "Nada, Nada," but no one understood the actual meaning of the word 'Nada.'

50. Everyone inquired, "Prabhu, who is this Nada You are calling?" The Lord replied, "He by whose loud cries I came."

51. "This avatara of Mine was called by Nada, whom you all call 'Advaita Acharya.'"

52. "Nada has brought Me from Vaikuntha, but now He is living free from all cares with Haridasa."

53. "I have descended to inaugurate sankirtana, by which I will preach kirtana in each and every home."

54-55. "Persons who are proud of their education, wealth, birth, knowledge, and austerities, such persons have caused offences to My devotees. They are fallen and I will not award prema to them, otherwise I will give everyone that which persons like Brahma enjoy."

56. Hearing the Lord, all the devotees floated in bliss. After a while Sri Sacinandana became pacified.

57. "Have I been restless?", enquired the Lord. The devotees replied, "Not particularly."

58. Prabhu lovingly embraced everyone and said, "Please do not ever be offended by My behavior."

59. All the devotees smiled upon hearing the Lord's words. Then Nityananda and Mahaprabhu rolled about on the ground.

60. Nityananda, being nondifferent from Sesa, could not control His ecstatic mood and became overwhelmed in prema-rasa.

61. One moment He laughed, the next moment He wept, and the next moment He was naked. His entire body was completely filled with the mood of a child.

62. Where was His danda, and where was His waterpot? And where was His clothes? Nothing remained with Him.

63. The supremely grave Nityananda became restless, but the Lord quickly pacified Him.

64. The maddened lionlike Nityananda was controlled by the iron rodlike words of Lord Caitanya. He did not care for anything else.

65. "Be calm, for tomorrow You must worship Vyasadeva." Speaking in this way, the Lord returned home.

66. All the devotees returned to their own homes, while Nityananda remained in the house of Srivasa.

67. Later in the dead of night, Nityananda suddenly roared loudly and broke his danda and kamandalu.

68. Who can understand the endless pastimes of the Lord? Why did He break His danda and kamandalu?

69. When Ramai Pandita rose early next morning, he was astonised to see the broken danda and kamandalu.

70. He immediately informed Srivasa Pandita, who told him: "Go and inform the Lord."

71. Being informed by Ramai, the Lord arrived there to find Nityananda profusely laughing and unaware of the external world.

72. Prabhu picked up the broken danda with His own hands and went with Nityananda to take bath in the Ganga.

73. Accompanied by the devotees headed by Srivasa, Prabhu went to the Ganga and immersed the broken danda within the water.

74. The restless Nityananda did not listen to anyone, that is why the Lord sometimes admonished Him.

75. When Nityananda saw a crocodile, He attempted to catch it. Gadadhara and Srivasa exclaimed, "Hai Hai!"

76. He fearlessly swam through the waters of the Ganga, but He was somewhat pacified by Caitanya's words.

77. Visvambhara called to Nityananda: "Come quickly and celebrate Vyasa-puja."

78. Hearing the Lord's words, Nityananda completed His bath and returned to the house with the Lord.

79. All the devotees gradually assembled together and began to incessantly chant the names of Krsna.

80. Srivasa Pandita was appointed the head priest, and he completed all the formalities on Lord Caitanya's instructions.

81. Everyone chanted so sweetly that the house of Srivasa was verily transformed into Vaikuntha.

82. Srivasa Pandita was conversant with all scriptures; He performed all the activities according to the rules.

83. He placed an attractive garland of forest flowers in the hand of Nityananda and spoke to Him.

84. "Listen, O Nityananda. Offer this garland and your obeisances to Vyasadeva after reciting the appropriate mantras.

85. "It is the rule of the scriptures that one should personally offer a garland to Vyasadeva, for if Vyasadeva is pleased all Your desires shall be fulfilled."

86. After listening, Nityananda replied, "Yes. Yes." But He did not know which mantras He should recite.
Gaurasundara - Tue, 03 Feb 2004 09:42:07 +0530
87. He murmured something that none could understand, and while holding the garland in His hands He looked around.

88. Thereafter the magnanimous Srivasa informed the Lord: "Your Sripada is not worshipping Vyasa."

89. On hearing Srivasa's words, Lord Visvambhara quickly came before Nityananda.

90. Prabhu said, "O Nityananda, please hear me. Quickly offer the garland and then worship Vyasadeva."

91. As Nityananda saw Prabhu Visvambhara standing before Him, He quickly offered the garland to Him.

92. The garland looked most enchanting upon the curly hair of the Lord. At that time Visvambhara manifested His six-armed form.

93. On seeing the conch, disc, club, lotus, plow, and musala, Nitai was overwhelmed and fell unconscious.

94. As soon as Nitai saw the six-armed form, He fell unconscious to the ground with no symptoms of life.

95. All the Vaisnavas became frightened and prayed, "O Krsna, please protect Him! O Krsna, please protect Him!"

96. The son of Jagannatha roared loudly and repeatedly slapped His sides.

97-98. When Nityananda fell unconscious on seeing the six-armed form, Lord Caitanya personally picked Him up with His own hands and said, "O Nityananda, get up and steady your mind. Listen to th sankirtana that You have started."

99. The kirtana for which You have incarnated to inaugurate is going on before You. What more do You want?

100. "Prema-bhakti belongs to You, for You are the totality of prema. Unless you distribute this bhakti, no one can possess it."

101. "Please control Yourself and get up. Glance mercifully on Your intimate associates and distribute this wealth to whomever You desire."

102. "Anyone who maintains the slightest hatred of You is never dear to Me even if he worships Me."

103. Nitai regained consciousness by the Lord's words. He became filled with bliss on seeing the six-armed form.

104. Know for certain that Ananta, in whose heart Gauracandra resides, is nondifferent from Nityananda.

105. The manifestation of the six-armed form is not astonishing, for all such manifestations are pastimes of His various incarnations.

106. When Prabhu Raghunatha [Rama] offered oblations to His father, Dasaratha, he directly accepted them.

107. If that was wonderful, then this is also. Know for certain that they are all Krsna's sporting pastimes.

108. The svabhava of Nityananda Svarupa is that He cannot give up dasya-bhava for even a moment.

109. The svabhava of Laksmana is to always serve Sita-Vallabha with His mind, life, and wealth.

110. In this way the mind of Nityananda Svarupa is always pleased in the service of Sri Caitanyacandra.

111. He is the unlimited independent Lord and the cause of creation, preservation, and annihilation.

112. At the time of the final dissolution, the Lord in his form of Ananta remains undisturbed. This is the truth of the Vedas.

113. Yet the svabhava of Sri Anantadeva is to remain constantly attached to the loving service of Lord.

114. In every yuga and in every incarnation, it is His svabhava to remain the servant of the Lord.

115. In His incarnation as Laksmana, Ananta is the younger brother always engaged in serving the Lord.

116. Although He gave up eating, drinking, and sleeping to constantly serve the lotus feet of Sri Rama, He was still unsatiated.

117. Although in His incarnation as Balarama He was the elder brother, He never gave up the mood of service from within His heart.

118. He addresses Krsna as 'Svami,' or Lord. His mind never deviates from this bhakti.

119. Know for certain that the Lord who is known as Ananta is nondifferent from Nityananda Prabhu.

120. Therefore anyone who discriminates between Nityananda and Balarama is certainly a fool.

121. One who disrespects the seva-vigraha certainly commits an offense to Lord Visnu.

122. Although Kamala [Laksmi] is worshipped by Brahma and Shiva, her natural tendency is to serve the lotus feet of the Lord.

123. Lord Sesa is endowed with all powers, yet it His svabhava to serve the Lord.

124. Therefore by glorifying such svabhava, Prabhu achieves the greatest pleasure.

125. It is the svabhava of the Supreme Lord to remain controlled by His devotees. The Lord takes special pleasure in glorifying His devotees.

126. Both Visnu and the Vaisnavas take pleasure in glorifying each other's svabhava, therefore the Vedas describe the pastimes relating to these.

127. I write the glories of Visnu and the Vaisnava according to the evidence given in the Puranas.

128. The sole thoughts and words of Nityananda Svarupa are: "Caitanya is the Lord and I am one of His servants."

129. Day and night no words came from His mouth other than: "I am His, and He is my Lord in all respects."
Gaurasundara - Tue, 03 Feb 2004 10:41:53 +0530
130. "Anyone who glorifies Me along with Lord Caitanya is actually My servant and will certainly achieve Me."

131. He has personally seen the six-armed form of the Lord, therefore I am describing these topics for His pleasure.

132-134. On a higher level, Nityananda always sees the pastimes of Sri Gaurasundara in His heart, and They certainly both always see each other. Yet Sri Nityananda serves the Lord by acting in accordance with the pastimes of Their incarnations. Who can understand His pastimes? Prabhu thus accepts service from Himself, as sung about and described in the Vedas, the Mahabharata, and the Puranas.

135. The activities performed by Prabhu are called 'Veda.' The four Vedas sing of those activities while avoiding all contradictions.

136. Without engaging in bhakti-yoga, no on can understand this. This is known to a few people by the mercy of Gauracandra.

137. The Vaisnavas are eternally pure and full of knowledge. Their quarreling is simply part of their pastimes.

138. If someone who has lost his intelligence and does not understand this worships one and offends the other, he will be destroyed.

139. Just as a foolish person who worships the feet of a brahmana and then beats him on the head goes to hell, one who worships the Deity form of Lord Visnu and then disrespects that Same Lord who is residing in the hearts of all jivas also goes to hell.

140-141. What to speak of being violent towards the Vaisnavas, if one causes pain to ordinary jivas he is considered a fallen low-class person. Even after worshipping Lord Visnu, if a person gives trouble to other jivas, his worship becomes fruitless. Such a person suffers unlimited miseries.

142. The worship of persons who do not know that Lord Visnu is present within the heart of every jiva is certainly prakrita.

143. Their worship is like someone who washes the feet of a brahmana with one hand and beats him on the head with his other hand.

144. Consider carefully, have such persons ever been benefited, or will they ever be benefited?

145. It is sinful to commit violence against other people, yet it is a hundred times more sinful to offend a Vaisnava.

146-148. Those who worship the Deity with faith but do not respect the devotees; those who do not show compassion to those who are foolish, wretched, and fallen; those who worship one avatara and do not worship other avataras; those who perceive a difference between Krsna and Ramacandra; and those who have no love for Balarama and Shiva are, according to the scriptures, the lowest of all devotees.

149. A devotee who faithfully worships the arca-vigraha but does not behave properly towards Krsna or other devotees is called a prakrita-bhakta. [SB 11.2.47]

150. In the course of these topics, I have described the symptoms of the lowest devotees, Thus Nityananda became filled with bliss on seeing the six-armed form of the Lord.

151. One who hears this narration of Nityananda's seeing of the six-armed form of the Lord is freed from bondage.

152. After regaining external consciousness, Nityananda began to weep. It appeared that a great river was flowing from His two lotus eyes.

153. Thereafter Mahaprabhu instructed everyone: "Now that the Vyasa-puja ceremony is completed, begin kirtana."

154. One receiving the Lord's order, everyone became blissful. Suddenly the sound of Krsna's names vibrated in all directions.

155. As Nityananda and Gauracandra danced together, the two brothers became fully intoxicated and forgot Themselves.

156. All the Vaisnavas became overwhelmed in ecstasy. In this way the ceremony of Vyasa-puja was joyfully performed.

157. Some danced, some sang, and some rolled on the ground. Some tried to catch hold of each other's feet.

158. The mother of Caitanya Prabhu is the mother of the universe. She watched the entire incident from a solitary place.

159. Whenever Mother Saci saw Visvambhara and Nityananda, she considered: "These two are my sons."

160. The Vyasa-puja ceremony was the most blessed event. Only Lord Ananta is capable of describing it.

161. I am only trying to describe some of Lord Caitanya's pastimes in the form of sutras, for one is benefited by glorifying Krsna in any way.

162. The entire day was passed in the happiness of the Vyasa-puja ceremony as all the devotees danced in the association of Visvambhara.

163. All the exalted devotees became intoxicated with bliss and cried while exclaiming: "Ha Krsna!"

164. In this way after revealing the truth about His own devotion, Visvambhara and His associates became peaceful.

165. Visvambhara said to Srivasa Pandita: "Now bring the naivedya offered to Vyasadeva."

166. Srivasa Pandita immediately brought all the foodstuffs before Prabhu, who served everyone those remnants with His own hands.

167. Being served by the hands of the Lord, all the exalted devotees blissfully honored the prasadam.

168. The Lord called everyone who was inside the house and personally gave them prasada.

169. Those servants and maidservants of the Vaisnavas thus received that which the demigods headed by Brahma feel fortunate to obtain.

170. All these wonderful pastimes took place at the house of Srivasa. Therefore who can describe Srivasa's good fortune?

171. In this way, various pastimes were regularly performed in Navadvipa but the people were not aware of this.

172. Accepting Sri Caitanya and Nityananda Prabhu as my life and soul, I, Vrndavana das, sing the glories of Their lotus feet.
Gaurasundara - Tue, 22 Feb 2005 03:56:48 +0530
Something for contemplation TODAY.
Madhava - Thu, 21 Jul 2005 09:07:39 +0530
Though this was posted for Nityananda Trayodashi, I believe the actual occasion described takes place on Guru Purnima, or Vyasa Purnima - today. smile.gif