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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

Mahaprabhu Manifests The Form Of Varahadeva - Varaha Dvadasi

Gaurasundara - Tue, 03 Feb 2004 06:03:57 +0530
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1. All glories to Visvambhara, the life of all! All glories to the Lord of Nityananda and Gadadhara!

2. All glories to the Lord who is controlled by the devotees headed by Advaita! O Lord, please grant me the gift of bhakti and deliver this fallen servant.

3. In this way Sri Gaurasundara floated in the ocean of devotional happiness in the land of Navadvipa, accompanied by all His associates.

4. All the Lord's servants were like His very life. He wept while holding their necks and chanting the name of Krsna.

5. On seeing the Lord's love for them, all the surrounding devotees similarly wept.

6. By the sight of that love even dry wood and stone melted, what to speak of His servants.

7. All the devotees left aside their wealth, children, and household, and engaged day and night in kirtana with the Lord.

8-17. Gaurachandra became filled with devotion to Krsna. Whenever the Lord heard any topic about Krsna, He was immediately influenced by that. When the Lord wept for six hours in the mood of a servant, it appeared that the Ganges was flowing from His eyes. When he laughed, He laughed for three hours, and when He lost consciousness, He would not breathe for three hours. Sometimes He would proudly manifest His opulence, laugh, and say "I am He. I am He. Where is that old Nada [Advaita Acharya] who brought Me here? I will distribute the sweetness of bhakti to each and every house." At that time He would weep and say, "O Krsna, Oh My dear!" Then He would tie His legs with His hair. Sometimes He would recite verses in the mood of Akrura and offer dandavat-pranams. While fully absorbed in the mood of Akrura, Mahaprabhu lost all external consciousness and said, "Let us go to Mathura, O Nanda, with Balarama and Krsna to see the royal festival of the bow-sacrifice!" When the Vaisnavas saw the Lord speaking in these various moods, they floated on waves of bliss.
Gaurasundara - Tue, 03 Feb 2004 07:09:25 +0530
18. One day the Lord heard a verse glorifying Varaha. He roared loudly and went to the house of Murari.

19-20. The Lord was greatly affectionate to Murari, just as Lord Ramacandra was affectionate to Hanuman. As Sri Sacinandana entered the house of Murari, Murari reverently offered his obeisances to the lotus feet of the Lord.

21-24. As the Lord entered the house of Murari, He called out, "Boar, Boar!" The stunned Murari Gupta looked all around him. Visvambhara entered the Visnu temple, wherein He saw a beautiful waterpot with a spout. The Lord immediately assumed the form of Varaha and by His own sweet will He picked up the waterpot with His teeth. The sacrificial boar grunted and manifested four hoofs. The Lord then said, "Offer prayers to me, Murari!"

25. Having never seen such a sight before, Murari became stunned. He was unable to find any words to speak.

26. The Lord said, "Speak, speak! Do not be afraid. All these days you did know know that I am here."

27. Murari trembled and humbly spoke, "O Lord, only You know Your glories."

28-29. "He who holds unlimited universes on one of His hoods constantly glorifies You with His thousand mouths. Yet He Himself admits that He has not reached the end, therefore who else is capable of glorifying You?"

30. "Even the Vedas whose injunctions are followed by all in the conditioned world, all these Vedas cannot know You at all."

31. "O Lord, the unlimited universes that we see or hear about are all absorbed within the pores of Your hairs.

32. "You are always full of bliss in whatever You do, so how can the Vedas know your pastimes?"

33. "Therefore only You know Yourself. Others can know You only if You reveal Yourself to them."

34. "To offer You prayers, what qualification do I have?" Having spoken thus, Murari Gupta wept and offered obeisances unto the Lord.

35. Lord Varaha was pleased with the words of Murari Gupta. Displaying anger towards the Vedas, He spoke as follows:

36. "These Vedas mock Me by accusing Me of having no hands, legs, mouth, or eyes."

37. "There is one wretch in Kasi named Prakasananda, who cuts My body to pieces while teaching the Vedas."

38. "Explaining the Vedas, he does not accept My form. All his limbs are afflicted with leprosy yet still he does not come to his senses."

39. "My body is the totality of all sacrifices. Such is its purity that even Brahma and Siva glorify its characteristics.

40. "By the touch of My body, purity itself is sanctified. How is it that this wretch says that My body is false?"

41. "Listen, O Murari Gupta! I will tell you the essence of all philosophies. I will disclose the secrets of the Vedas unto you."

42. "I am the sacrificial Boar who is the essence of all the Vedas. It was I who previously delivered the earth."

43. "I have incarnated to inaugurate sankirtana, and I will destroy the enemies for the sake of My devotees."

44-45. "I cannot tolerate the torture of My servants. Even if such a torturor is My own son, I will kill him. I will cut down My own son for the sake of my servants. O Murari Gupta, I am not telling a lie! Listen attentively."

46. "When I was delivering the earth, she became pregnant by My touch."

47. "I begot a powerful son named Naraka, and I instructed him on religious principles."

48. "My son became a great king, and he properly took care of the demigods, the twice-born, the gurus, and the devotees."

49. "By ill-luck he fell into inimical association with Bana, and began to take pleasure in oppressing the devotees."

50. "I cannot tolerate the oppression of My servants, so I cut My own son to protect My servants."

51. "You have served me birth after birth. Therefore I have disclosed all these truths to you."

52. Hearing the Lord's words, Murari Gupta became overwhelmed and began to weep.

53. All glories to Gaurachandra in the association of Murari! All glories to Varaha, the Lord of sacrifice and protector of devotees!

-- Sri Caitanya-bhagavata, Madhya-khanda 3.1-53
Gaurasundara - Sun, 20 Feb 2005 11:31:15 +0530
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