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Diksa-mantras and affliated. -

theman - Sun, 03 Feb 2002 12:18:32 +0530
Does one need to know Sanskrit to get a diksa-mantra?

What are the different diksa-mantras?  Why?  What is the science behind them?  History..?

How does one remember so many?
Advaitadas - Tue, 05 Feb 2002 06:45:45 +0530
Dear Theman,

to know Sanskrit is greatly fortunate, even if it is not for learning the meaning of one's diksa mantras. According to Haribhakti Vilas the mantras are 2 - Gopal Mantra and Kama Gayatri. They cannot be revealed to the uninitiated. Since there are only 2, it will not be difficult to remember. However, nowadays Gurus give many more mantras but they are written down on sheets either printed or written. The history of the mantras: They were given by Lord Vishnu to Lord Brahma at the time of creation. But this is superficial. They are beginningless and endless, actually.....