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Radha-Govinda temple inauguration -

Gaurasundara - Mon, 19 Jan 2004 07:41:48 +0530
VNN is carrying a story about the Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple Inauguration. I notice that nothing much is spoken about the particular set of deities for this temple. I am assuming that the original deities of Radha-Govinda are staying in Jaipur and a replica set is being installed?
It also raises questions about whether the new temple accurately resembles the original, how would anyone know?
adiyen - Mon, 19 Jan 2004 10:51:57 +0530
No no, this does not appear to have anything to do with Sri Rupa's Govindaji (although the VNN correspondent may want to spin it that way).

Rather, it is Sri Krishna Balaram Swamiji's new Temple, made in the style of the original Govindaji Mandira, ie: red sandstone blocks with no mortar. The design appears to be different, though.

It is said that KB Swamiji comes from a respected Brajbasi Brahmana family. He was once a leading Iskcon figure, though barely in his 20s, till he became troubled about the legitimacy of the Society's claims, at least since the death of BVPrabhupad.

He seems not to have questioned the Parampara/Diksha issue as yet (Brajabasis are not as concerned about this as Bengali Gaudiyas, tending to believe that Brajbasi birth is more important than diksha), but his well-written books are solidly based on the Bhakti shastras and therefore contain many good points, some of which led him to split from Iskcon.

Here's an example off the website:

'The Rama-Paddhati states: "There are three ways to chant japa. Those who chant out loud receive one time benefit. Those who chant murmuring and moving their lips receive one hundred times benefit. But those who chant within the mind get one thousand times the benefit of chanting japa out loud" ' (Rama paddhati? What's that? For Rama Bhaktas perhaps).

I had the honour of sharing a kitchen with him once and was very impressed with his sincerity and intelligence.

Have a look at his website linked tru the VNN article. The temple looks quite impressive.