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Sri Radha Lilas - Pastimes

Sri Hari - Wed, 10 Jul 2002 03:42:15 +0530
Is there any information about Srimat Radhika childhood Pastimes? Her Lilas such as how she born and after that?
jiva - Wed, 10 Jul 2002 16:19:22 +0530
Look at  'Sapta-sataka' of Hala ,then ' Gopala-tapani', 'Rk- parisista' ,and ' Padma Purana'.

Also,may be interesting to you that in some vaisnava schools like Radhavallabhis who resemble the Vallabhacaris but are counted as a sub-sect of the Nimbarkas, Radha is the object of independent worship and is sometimes exalted even over Krsna,who figures under the title of Radha's Beloved (Radha-vallabha).So, you can  find more about her in the texts of this school,also.

Anyway,I recommend you to read "Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi",a book well-loved by both schools-Radhavallabhis and Gaudiyas .

Madhava - Wed, 10 Jul 2002 19:09:49 +0530
I have posted something in another thread ( ), and will be adding to it later on.

Everyone, don't forget that today is the disappearance day of Gadadhar Pandit. I'll post more about him later on today.
anuraag - Tue, 16 Jul 2002 02:36:43 +0530
Radhey, Radhey! Namaste dear devotees!

This 'pada' is describing the "Birth Day Celebrations " of my Radharani.

The source of Srimati Radhika's Advent Lila is "Prema-Rasa-Madira" ( by Sri Kripaluji  Maharaj.

Joyously singing this melodious kirtana with faltering voice, devotees can meditate upon the blessed event of Srimati Radhikaji's appearance and transport their hearts and souls to Sri Barsana Dhaam!

kIrti ghar, prakaTI kIrti-kumAri

"O dear blessed souls!
Today is the most auspicious day on the earth planet, because the Supreme Power of Divine Love has appeared as the Darling Daughter of Srimati Kirti Mataji, in her palace at Sri Barsana Dhama.

brahmAdika svastyayan-pATh kara, astuti kara zruti cAri,

On this most special event, Lord Brahma, the cosmic creator and the revealer of Vedas, has arrived to personally conduct the Birth Ceremony and the "Sacred Vedas" themselves have become personified and extolling the Parama Antarangika Svarupa Sakti, the Ahladini Sakti of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna.

Who can chant the Veda-mantras better than 'Veda Murthis', themselves!

nAradAdi viradAvali gAvata, kahi "jaya bhAnu dulAri!"

The great masters of transcendental music, Narada muni, sage Tumbura and other celestial singers are performing the Kirtana and glorifying Radha Rani by their most enchanting heavenly chanting -

"Jaya, Jaya! Sri Bhanu dulari!"

"All Glories to the Darling Daughter of King Vrishabhanu!"

What more sublime Kirtana can be heard by the dedicated souls!

tANDava-nRtya karata zivazaGkara, sudhi budhi dehi bisAri,

The Cosmic Dancer, Nataraja, Lord Sankara Who is famous for the extremely ecstatic dance of Annhilation of the cosmic universe, submerged in His Divine Love trance (Yoga samadhi), is performing the unique dance called 'Tandava Nritya' displaying the wonderful rhythmic waves of blissful motion , gesture and ecstasy!

What more Divine entertainment can be enjoyed by the fortunate souls!

umA, ramA, brahmANI Adika, Arati kuvari utAri

The Divine Consorts of the Trinity, the Pleasure Potencies of Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva -
Uma Devi, Rama Devi, and Sarasvati Devi are performing the Arati Ceremony, delightfully waving the lamps of light, adoring Baby Radhika Devi.

What more Auspicious scene than the collective worship by the three opulent Goddesses can be witnessed by the surrendered souls!

lakhata 'kRpAlu' jnAnijana ikaTaka, puni puni kahi "balihAri!"

In the concluding verse, the Rasik-Poet, Prema Rasa-Acarya, Kripaluji declares the most astonishing event of all.
The Paramahamsa Jnani Saints, who are absorbed in the Bliss of Impersonal Brahman, renounced their Spiritual Rapture of 'Nirvikalpa Samadhi' (Trance of the Absolute Reality).
Realizing the Bliss of Divine Love, they are attracted to the Personified transcendental charm of Srimati Radharani, and exclaiming  repeatedly,

"O Devi Radhike! O Divine Bliss Personified! O Dearest Soul of the Supreme Soul!
Without any reservation, we sacrifice all our Spiritual Attainment and surrender ourselves to Your Lotus Feet eternally!"

boliye, bhAnu-lali kI jai!

Jaya, Jaya Sri Radhey!
Sri Hari - Wed, 28 Aug 2002 01:21:40 +0530
QUOTE(raga @ July 10 2002,08:39)
I have posted something in another thread ( ), and will be adding to it later on.

Radhe Radhe !

When trying to read this again, it is replaying: Sorry , the required files are  missing ?      

Harisaran das
Madhava - Wed, 28 Aug 2002 01:25:45 +0530
Try here:

Looks like some paths got changed when I upgraded the board to a newer version about a month back. I haven't tracked down all the possibly dead links. Let me know if you find any more.
Sri Hari - Wed, 28 Aug 2002 12:31:44 +0530
In this verse Sripada Raghunatha clearly describes how the great Radha jewel emerged from the mine-like womb of Sri Kirtida and how the demigods, sages and human beings were immersed in the pinnacle of bliss when they beheld this pastime of advent. Sri Bhakti Ratnakara describes :

“Behold, O Srinivasa, the village named Ravala! This is the matchless abode of Maharaja Vrisabhanu. It is here that Sri Radhika appeared and thus filled the whole world with bliss. What bliss there is today in Vrisabhanu’s abode, for today Radhika devi appeared from Kirtida’s womb! Her bodily luster, which illuminates all ten directions, removes the affliction of anyone who sees it even once. Her tender body shines brighter than gold. O goodness! Just see the elegance of each of Her limbs! Her mother and father could not remain calm and eagerly stared at Her moonlike face again and again. Shouts of ‘jaya! jaya!’ filled the world and all the cowherdwomen sang auspicious songs. Various musical instruments were tastefully played and all the people danced saying: ‘Very well! Bravo!’ Throwing yoghurt, milk and haldi around on the courtyard they laughed and joked, making many gestures. Great charity was given to the brahmanas and the bards and Ghanasyama was maddened with bliss when He saw this.”

What could this fallen one say but :

"Jay Radhe, Jay Radhe, Jay Jay Sri Sri Radhe......

Sri Radhaavatar Caitanya Deva Ki jayho !

Jay... Goura... Bhakta-vrinda...."

your dasanusasa