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Geet Gaurangam - Devotional Dance Drama

anuraag - Mon, 15 Apr 2002 00:46:40 +0530
Jaya Sri Radhey!

Namaste all. I have received this request from a devotee gentleman and wondering if any of the members here are familiar with the 'Geet Gaurangam' and be kind enough to contribute more information. Thanks in advance.
Jaya Sri Radhey!

Here's my humble plea: -

On 19th Aug,1983...almost 19 years ago...I attended a fabulous dance drama by a cultural troup from Orissa led by the famed 'Padmasree' Maestro-vocalist Raghunath Panigrahi and his equally famous dancer-wife (I've lost her name).

The entire spectacle was centred around Krishna (probably including Gauranga Mahaprabhu too about Whom I was then totally ignorant).

Highly impressed by the show, and especially by Sri Panigrahi's mind-stealing singing, I was pleasantly surprised, when leaving, to find his songs on tape being sold at the entrance. I bought two. One was 'Geet Govindam', another, 'Geet Gaurangam'.

I played them countless times even though I could not understand, yet increasingly relished them.

One short song in particular, in 'Geet Gaurangam', tugged at my heart. I even transcribed it, sound by sound, very painstakingly, and memorised it.

I want to share it with fact you are the very first person I'm sharing it with!...with the plea that you correct whatever mistakes you may find, and also convey the meanings of the powerful words and lines which sound like Sanskrit (or is it?): -

1] hare kRSNa hare kRSNa kRSNa kRSNa hare hare
vitara pema pIuSaM karuNAmaya kAtare

2] kataivakRta tyaktvamaya sakala sukhaM
nAstimedya kimati saMjitaM

3] pradarza yAtrAbhaktaM praNayojjhala mukhaM
zAnta yasva viraha vancitaM

Repeat [1]

4]aMgenAMga strisa cittena pravisacame cittaM
hAsya nAzam viSamujvalaya jIvana matha nityaM
Repeat [2]

Your grateful servant

anuraag - Mon, 13 May 2002 02:57:31 +0530
Seems like NONE of the GVs here ever heard of the esteemed  'Gita Gaurangam' which was requested by a 'Gour Govinda Sevak'!  sad.gif

Jaya Sri Radhey!
karunamayidas - Mon, 13 May 2002 13:44:26 +0530
I have an audio tape of Geeta-Gaurangam that is chanted with music.