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Various Questions on Raganuga-bhakti - FAQ 1.

Madhava - Mon, 22 Dec 2003 09:33:46 +0530
To find answers to most common issues related with raganuga-bhakti, please visit

Table of Contents


- A General Examination of Bhakti
- Two Varieties of Practice Vaidhi and Raganuga
- The Nature of Raganuga-bhakti
- The Specific Flavours of Raganuga-bhakti


- Eligibility for Devotion
- Eligibility for the Practice of Raganuga-bhakti
- Eligibility for Hearing Narrations of the Lord's Pastimes


- Initial Stages of Practice
- Remembrance of Sri Krishna and His Associates
- Internal and External Service
- External Practices
- Internal Practices
- Sri Caitanya and Sri-Sri Radha-Krishna

Please feel free to ask questions about raganuga-bhakti after having browsed through the essays on that website.