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Babaji Vesh Guru - Process, relevance for shishya

nabadip - Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:06:31 +0530
Jai Nitai.
I would like to understand the process of taking babaji vesh guru and the relevance of such a guru to me as a disciple of my guruji who took that vesh from his guru. Do I have any relation at all, except perhaps one of reverence, to my guruji's vesh guru? Is he like a shiksha-guru to my guru?

What clues would one get from the choice of one's guru re babaji vesh guru? My guruj has left the world, so I try to figure out about his decisions and their relevance to me.

My guruji spent two years at the lotusfeet of his vesh-guru, learning the practice, doing seva. What would that imply? What would there be learnt? Is there some kind of test? A waiting period?

Does the line a vesh guru comes in have an importance? What would have been the criteria of choice of my babaji?

Is there a text pre- or de-scribing the process?

Too many questions perhaps, one or two answered will be most satisfying to me.
Jai Nitai.
nabadip - Thu, 18 Dec 2003 10:47:30 +0530
No babajis online, heh?
nabadip - Wed, 05 May 2004 16:27:12 +0530
I'd like to bring these questions up again, maybe one or two of them find an answer in Jagatji's storehouse of knowledge.

Jagat wrote in Haridas das Biography

Harendra Kumar ... took initiation from the renowned Vaishnava acharya Sri Harimohan Shiromani... after only three years of teaching, he began to feel a strong desire to pursue the spiritual life and so began a life of bhajan, living sometimes in Nabadwip, at others in Vrindavan. He came back and taught for a while at Kumilla College, but not long thereafter renounced material life definitively, taking vesh from Sri Sri Giridhari Haribol Sadhu with the name Haridas Das. After that, he remained in Nabadwip and lived on madhukari at his vesh guru's ashram, Haribol Kutir in Poraghat, Nabadwip.

Sri Sri Giridhari Haribol was given this name because of his devotion to chanting "Haribol" in kirtan. Whenever Haridas Das was asked who his father was, he always gave Giridhari Haribol's name and never talked about his previous life or his degrees or academic accomplishments. If anyone asked him about his blood father, he always said with great humility, "He has died, may he rest in peace." Haribol Sadhu left this world in Jagannath Puri in 1944.

From this it seems that the vesh guru has had more affectionate attention than the diksha-guru. This may just have been a special personal relationship.

What does the vesh guru really impart to his vesh disciple? What is his importance in general? How is he revered?