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Rukmini's Message -

Madanmohan das - Tue, 02 Dec 2003 02:48:30 +0530
Rukmini says:- Having heard, O immortal lord, most handsome in all the worlds, of your excellences- which, entering deep into the heart through the aprtures of the ears, dispels all agony, O beloved one- as well as your charming appearance, which vouchsafes to those that can see all the blessings sought for by their eyes, my mind has been set on you, abandoning all sense of shame. (Bhag 10.52.37)

zrI rukmiNy uvAca
zrutvA gunAn bhuvana-sundara zRNvataAM te
nirvizya karNa-vivarair harato'Gga-tApam |
rUpaM dRzAM dRzimatAm akhilArtha-lAbhaM
tvayAcyutAvisati cittam apatrapaM me ||

Trans.Gita Press edition.
anuraag - Sun, 13 Jun 2004 23:29:53 +0530

shruthvA gunan bhuvana sundara shrunva thAm thE nirvishya karnha vivarai: harathOngathApam | roopam drushAm drishimathAm akhilArtha lAbham tvaiychyutha Avishathi chittam apathrapam mE ||

Having heard O immortal Lord, most handsome in all worlds, of Your excellences - which, entering deep into the heart through the apertures of the ears, dispel the agony of the hearts, O beloved one-as well as of Your charming eyes, my mind has been set on You, shame having fled away from it.

kA tvA mukunda mahathee kula sheela roopa vidyA vayOdra vinhAdhAmabhi: Athmathulyam |
dheerA pathim kulavathee na vrunheetha kanyA kALE nrusimha naralOka manObhirAmam ||

What noble, firm and high-born maiden, O bestower of liberation, will, not on her coming of age elect You as her husband-You, O lion among men, who are Your own compeer in point of pedigree, good disposition, comeliness of form, learning, youthfulness, opulence and glory and ravish the mind of all mankind.

thanmE bhavAn khalu vrutha : pathiranga jAyAm AthmArpithashcha bhavathOthra vibhO vidEhi |
mA veerabhAgam abhimarshathu chaidhya ArAd gOmAyu van mrugapathEr balim ambujAksha ||

Hence you have indeed been elected by me as my husband, O darling, and this body has been bestowed on You. Pray take me to wife here. Let not Sisupala forthwith touch this share of a hero like a jackal defiling the quarry of a lion, O lotus eyed Lord.

poorthEshta daththa niyamavrutha dEva vipra guruvarchanAdibhi: alam bhagavAn parEsha: | ArAdhithO yadi gadAgraja Ethya pAnhim gruhnhAthu mE na damagOsha suthA dayOnyE ||

If the almighy Lord (Narayana), the Supreme Ruler, has thoroughly been propitiated (by me) through works of public utility, sacrificial performances, charitable gifts, religious observances, fasting, offering worship to Gods, the Brahmanas, elders and so on, may Sri Krishna (the elder Brother of Gada) and not others such as Sisupala come and espouse me.

shvObhA vinitvamajithOdvahanE vidarbhAn guptha : samEthya pruthanApathibhI : pareetha: :
nirmathya chaidhyam agadhEndra balam prasahya mAM rAkshasEna vidhinOdvaha veerya shulkAm ||

Duly reaching Vidarba incognito at a time when the marriage is going to take place the following day, O invincible Lord and surrounded by the generals of Your army and completely crushing the forces of Sisupala and Jarasandha, marry me perforce according to the system prevalent among the Raksasas, winning me as a prize of valour.

antha : purAntharachareem anihathya bandhoon tvA mudvahE kathamithi pravadAmupAyam | pOrvEdhyu rasthi mahathE kuladEvi yAthrA yasyAm bahir navavadhOr girijAm upEyAth ||

If You urge, "How can I marry you without killing your relations, living as you do within the four walls of the gynaeceus?", I tell You beforehand the means. On the eve of marriage a grand processing will be taken out to Goddess Ambika (our family deity), in which the young bride has to go out to see Goddess Parvati.

yasyAngri pankajarajas napanam mahAnthO vAjhchanthi umApathi rivAatmathamO apahathyai | yarhyambujAksha na labhEya bhavath prasAdam jahyAmasoon vrathakrushAn shatha janmabhi: yAth ||

If however I do not secure Your grace, O lotus eyed Lord - a bath in the dust of whose lotus-feet great souls like Lord Siva seek to obtain for dispelling their darkness-I shall lay down my life, (already) withered through fasting, (each time I am reborn ) in the hope that the grace may be secured (even) through (say) a hundred births.

Brahmana UvAcha

ithyEthE guhya sandEshA yadudEva mayA hruthA : | vimrushya karthum yachhAthra kriyathAm thadanantharam ||

These are the secret messages brought by me, O Sri Krishna, considering them, whatever is worth doing in this connection may be done without delay.

namasyE thava ambikE abheekshanham svasakthA nayuthAm shivAm yooyAth pathir mE BagavAn Krishna thadanu mOda thAm ||

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