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GBC thread: Snoopers read this! - Why devotees reject ISKCON

Rasesh - Fri, 28 Nov 2003 21:41:08 +0530
I am sure there are probably some GBCs, temple presidents, ISKCON gurus and sannyasis that have found out about this forum and the raganuga movement of Sriman Madhavananda das. I would like to take the opportunity to address them and offer them the chance to join the discussions here and offer their views, objections and advice.

Mainly, the points I want to make are concerning the issues facing ISKCON today and why this raganuga movement is rapidly becoming a serious threat to their cult. The actual number of disciples of Srila Prabhupada that support and assist the GBC are probably less than 5%. The vastly overwhelming majority of Prabhupada disciples are thoroughly disgusted with the GBC, ISKCON guru system and the condition of current day ISKCON.
They are turned off by the bureaucratic strongarm legislation that is being churned out of the annual GBC convention in Mayapura every year. They are turned off by the ISKCON guru mill that is rubber-stamping one guru after another. They are turned off by the politics and duplicity that has become the characteristic feature of the GBC. They are turned off by the propaganda campaign to recruit thousands of new devotees into a troubled society plagued by infighting and internal turmoil.

The result of all this repulsion and disgust for the GBC and the current condition of ISKCON is that devotees are looking for an attractive alternative. They are looking for a simpler, less bureaucratic, less political and more aesthetic form of Vaishnava society. They are fed up with strong-arm big-guns and petty bureaucrats trying to legislate the course and character of the Sankirtan movement. They are fed up with charismatic leaders who use position and power to push forward personal agendas for personal ambitions. In summary, most all the old and mature devotees of the Krishna conciousness movement are thoroughly disgusted with the GBC, and the movement is now being taken over and overrun with new "mushroom" devotees who are being kept in the dark and fed a diet of manure.

This is a warning to all the bureaucrats and politicians of ISKCON. This raganuga movement is a real threat to your cozy lifestyle of "Vyasasana potatoes". If you don't clean up ISKCON and stop all this bureaucratic wrangling and personal ambition, your whole movement is just going to melt away and you will be left behind with your mouths hanging open wondering what happened to Srila Prabhupada's movement.

ISKCON is rapidly becoming a very ugly cult of bureaucrats and cookie-cutter gurus. You might think that you are doing so great in Eastern European countries, Russia and former Soviet states, but you are losing ground rapidly in the USA, Canada and Europe. All you are setting up in Russia and the former Soviet states is the groundwork for a major revolution and ISKCON disaster as these"mushroom" devotees eventually find out the truth and turn on ISKCON en masse. Then you will see that all your great advances in those countries was nothing more than a facade, a fiasco and fallacy.

ISKCON BEWARE! Your society is poised for disaster. Your cult is under assault and you seem to be poorly armed to defend yourself as your bureaucracy and politics have no power or influence on the vast majority of devotees who reject and despise your authority. If you don't take some drastic measures soon to turn ISKCON around and make it competitive in the new realities of the 21st century, you will be left in the dust of a movement that is moving ahead despite your efforts to maintain your bureaucratic authority and political strongarm approach. whistling.gif
Govindaram - Fri, 28 Nov 2003 23:24:09 +0530
is this a Vaisnava forum? unsure.gif

must be (talking to myself) sad.gif
Rasesh - Sat, 29 Nov 2003 00:27:31 +0530
QUOTE(Govindaram @ Nov 28 2003, 05:54 PM)
is this a Vaisnava forum? unsure.gif

must be (talking to myself) sad.gif

That's because you are the only Vaishnava in here.

Govindaram - Sat, 29 Nov 2003 00:42:30 +0530

That's because you are the only Vaishnava in here.

I must be dreaming. ohmy.gif
Rasaraja dasa - Sat, 29 Nov 2003 03:30:27 +0530
Dear Madhavanandana das,

Dandavats. All glories to the Vaisnavas.

Can you please do something about this post. I don't believe in censoring people but at the same time this is not the proper environment for such a rant.

I personally agree that there are many problems within ISKCON and that ISKCON management is, in many ways, its own worst enemy. At the same time I realize that if I am not willing to do anything constructive to help cure the issues at hand or, at least, work to purge these same issue within my own heart then I am simply a part of the problem.

I am tired of hearing about "them". Who exactly is “them”? Was there no bureaucratic strong arming or politically motivated individuals during Prabhupada’s time? Of course there was. Was Prabhupada completely free of these tendencies? I can’t say for sure but reading about many of the things he has said about other Vaisnavas I would say he was not free of these same tendencies. Turned off by “the propaganda campaign to recruit thousands of new devotees into a troubled society plagued by infighting and internal turmoil”? From all that I have read, heard and experienced this was a reality of ISKCON since day one and is a reality of any institution.

These types of posts will turn this site into a garbage heap of rhetoric. I know that many on this site fell in love with this site because of it’s focus on the writings of the Acarya’s, in assisting their personal attempt to understand and better cultivate their practices of Raganuga bhakti, to share the obstacles and, most importantly, the unique opportunities presented by the Acaryas to overcome these obstacles we face.

I want to learn to cultivate a soft heart, a service attitude and a deep appreciation for the Vaisnavas. This is a paramount step in our aspirations to serve Sri Radha. Psts like the one by KB do not help us attain such a goal.

Aspiring to be a servant of the Vaisnavas,
Rasaraja dasa
Madhava - Sat, 29 Nov 2003 03:37:58 +0530
We'll close this thread now. I'll move it aside sometime tomorrow. Yes, let us try to keep politics out of the forums, at least when unsolicited for. If someone comes here for a campaign against us, and there are legitimate poinst made, they may be addressed, but unsolicited politics are really not a very good idea here.