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Bhagavad Gita - Appearance of lord shiva

Hare Krishna - Thu, 27 Nov 2003 19:09:17 +0530
Dear all exalted Devotees,
My dandavats to everyone.First of all let me join everyone in glorifying madhavananda for his tremendous job.Please keep up the good work.Dear madhavanandaji thanks a lot for those books remember i got it from your friend in USA.I am the same Anil Nair.

I have one question.How do i find a bonafied guru.How do i know he is bonafied.Because when i meet him and stay with him i will be judging him thru my imperfect senses because the greatest rascal that i am.So how will i know that i have met a bonafied guru.

My second question is from Bhagavad gita.I was reading a shloka from chapter 10 verse 8.where it says lord shiva was born from the forehead of Narayana .But i was under the impression that he was born from Brahma.And it also mentions about 11 rudras,8 vasus and 12 adityas.Who are these.Where can we find information about them.

I know this is all very irrelevant to all the devotees here but i just want to know because it could be useful for preaching.Eagerly waiting for everyones reply.

Radhe Shyam.