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Nishanta Lila - Some lines in English

morris - Thu, 27 Nov 2003 01:53:46 +0530
As the hero and the heroin upon the play-bed lie,
The sakhis peering through the vines the luscious scene espy;
On Keshiripu's left arm fair Radha rests her head,
And clasped about his neck her golden arms are spread.
Hari's left knee does on Radha's right thigh rest-
Her protruding bosom 'gainst his ample bosom prest.
And by the lustre of their faces,closing cheek to cheek,
The radience of a pair of moons becomes quite dull and weak.
As Dawn his roseate mantle spreads accross the sky,
So now Jatila hangs out her ruddy cloth to dry,
Quickly! quickly then, before she this way comes,
In all haste repair ye both to your respective homes!
Thus with Fear and Doubt and Apprihension mixed,
The couple rise to part,their hearts by Love transfixed.
From the bower they depart and take thier separate way,
Reaching home before the rising of the glorious god of Day.
By anguish and by greif assailed that fate should thus them part,
The sakhis too, in empathy, receive the scorching smart.