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The Four Types of Anarthas - - Things That Destroy Devotional Service

Rasesh - Wed, 26 Nov 2003 21:58:38 +0530
Amnaya-sutra (7)
mAyAmugdhasya jIvasya
jneyo 'narthas' catur vidhah
hrddaurbbalyam cAparAdho
'sat-trsnA tattva-vibrhamah

The living entitiy attracted by maya is attributed with four types of anarthas: hrdaya-daurbalya (weakness of heart), aparadha (all kinds of offenses), asat-trsnA (material desires), and tattva-vibhrama (illusion about spiritual knowledge).

(verse 8)
sva-tattve para-tattve ca
virodhi-visaye caiva
tattva-bhramas' catur-vidhah

Sva-tattva-bhrama, (illusion regarding one's own identity),
paratat-tva-bhrama (illusion regarding the Supreme Personality of Godhead), sAdhya-bhrama (illusion regarding the process of prema-bhakti), and sAdhana-brhama (illusion regarding the process of sAdhana) are the four kinds of illusion found in conditioned souls.

Can I please hear some elaborations on these items from the learned pundits who have some views on this topic.